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Are We Overtesting Our Students?
A Concerned Educator's Perspective
Overtesting Our Students
Tuesday May 5, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

Frame USA, Inc
225 Northland Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Driving Directions
The growth of standardized testing in our public schools should concern every parent, student, educator, business leader, and policy maker in our country. It's mandated assessments on steroids as the number of tests by the Ohio Department of Education increased by two, three and four-fold in just one year!

Powerful testing companies seized the day and $380,000,000 from the federal government to develop standardized assessments for Common Core states. Virtually no vetting took place before contractors and their products were approved. Our students, teachers, and school districts are paying the price. Over-testing generates mountains of "data" used to label, judge and threaten, yet fails to provide 21st-century learning skills students need to attain.


This session presented by Princeton High School Social Studies Chair Jim O'Connor will show why urgent action and advocacy for taking back control of our curriculum and classroom is necessary for America's future.
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