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Attorney Chris Hartman Explains
"The Ohio Open Meetings and Ohio Open Records Act"
Ohio Open Records Act--Sunshine Laws
Thursday March 19, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:25 PM EDT

Deer Park Community Center
7640 Plainfield Road
Deer Park, OH 45236
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Transparency in Government is fundamental to good government.   Government operates best when citizens understand what is going on.   Let the sun shine in!  Our Open Records and Open meetings class is fundamental to your understanding of good government.   If you haven't taken class please do. 


If you need to get information about your state or local government what do you do? What is the proper way to request information so that you get answers in a timely fashion? What are the responsibilities of the township, municipality, county or state government to give you information. What are the consequences if the government will not supply you with your requests. Also discussed will be the Open Meetings--under what conditions can public officials meet. What are the requirements for notification of meetings, what are the responsibilities of public officials.

Attorney Curt Hartman, an expert on Ohio's Sunshine Laws, who has litigated many, many Ohio cases, will present a comprehensive overview of the very important Open Records and Open Meetings act. If you don't know this law you must take this class.  


An addition to this class:   Find out about Ohio's Open Records and Open Meetings Act under siege.   Is the law being dumbed down--and by Republicans?   Get the latest up-to-date information. 


curt hartman 

 Curt Hartman


 Virtual Class

Ohio Open Records and Sunshine Laws is a Virtual Class on www.InstantPresenter.com, or you can attend the class at Symmes Township Branch Library. The codes for participating in this class on-line from you home will be posted on www.empoweruohio.org 6 hours before the class begins. We are limited to the first 100 people loging on to this class so sign-on early.

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