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"Evolution & Creation:
Conflicting or Compatible"

Evolution and Creation: Conflicting or compatible?
Wednesday October 15, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Realkirt Auditorium
1301 Western Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45203
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Many Americans view science and religion as incompatible, concluding that acceptance of evolution precludes religious faith. The lecture addresses whether evolution is in conflict with creation or whether there is a valid way to reconcile the two. Much of the controversy can be linked to insufficient understanding of what science is, how it differs from religion, and what is meant by evolution.


The lecture distinguishes science from religion, clarifies various meanings of evolution, and presents the evidence for evolution and the mechanisms by which it occurs.  Beyond the fossil record, Dr. Kelley also examines the Biblical creation accounts and creationist approaches such as Intelligent Design to assess the compatibility of evolution with faith-based perspectives.


What you'll learn: The difference between

science and religion, differing definitions of evolution, evidence supporting evolution, the implications of intelligent design and implications of biblical creation accounts

Speaker Bio

Patricia Kelly has been a Professor of Geology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington since 2009. She has been called a distinguished Lecturer on Evolution and Society by the Paleontological Society  






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