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   Rob and Lauren Hudson Discuss
"What Every Student Needs to Know About Business, Free Markets and Capitalism"
What Every Student Needs to Know About Business, Free Markets and Capitalism
Tuesday February 25, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST
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Connections Church
7421 E Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45243
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You've seen this book covered on the News...  


The course will cover how capitalism and free markets fund our schools, our government, and our charities, while providing our jobs and opportunities. Attendees will learn about things which help capitalism and free markets and things which hurt, along with basic information about supply/demand and market principles. The information will be provided in an entertaining way, partly through the characters in Rob and Lauren's book, Our Best Tomorrow.  


Starting young this information will increase our children's ability to achieve financial independence through education, hard work, and perseverance lessons and values we know, but sometimes get lost in our ever increasing political environment. How successful can our youth be in America? If we create the best business climate in the world, there is no limit.


Whether you start rich or poor, in America, by casting aside false notions of utopia and embracing the principles of hard work that made America great, anything is possible.  For our youth, education on free enterprise is essential.  In addition to telling the remarkable story of the father-daughter book Our Best Tomorrow, the authors will share the dozen things which every student should know about America's economic system and how to get ahead, instead of being left behind.   


Speaker Bio 


Rob Hudson is a partner in the law firm of Frost Brown Todd, LLC, where he helps businesses grow and comply with the law. He has served as Chair of Northern Kentucky's two largest business organizations - the Northern Kentucky Chamber and the Covington Business Council. Rob is a regular columnist on business and community issues. He has written two best selling books on business topics, including A Better Tomorrow - Fighting for Capitalism and Jobs in the Heartland. Rob has received several civic and community service awards, including Northern Kentucky's Frontiersman Award, for distinguished lifetime service.


Lauren Hudson is an 8th grader at Turkey Foot Middle School. She is a Duke Scholar, a state finalist in speech and drama competitions, an elite soccer player, an AAU basketball player, an accomplished pianist, and has served in the state honor choir. Lauren co-authored Our Best Tomorrow - Students Teaching Capitalism to America, a current Amazon bestseller. Rob and Lauren have appeared together on a wide range of media outlets, including regional print, radio, and national television. They have appeared on Fox and Friends and on The Stossel Show on Fox News.




Virtual Class   

"What Every Student Needs to Know About Business, Free Markets and Capitalism" is a Virtual Class on www.InstantPresenter.com or you may attend the actual class at the Connections Church.  The codes for participating in this class on-line from you home will be posted on www.empoweruohio.org 6 hours before the class begins.  We are limited to the first 100 people loging on to this class so sign-on early. 

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