The Newsletter November 2015                  
Core UU Beliefs Workshop

Saturday Nov. 21, 9:00 Am-Noon; Coffee, Cider, and Pastry included.  Rev. Susan Ritchie speaks to the essentials of UU belief, and offers some tips for developing and refining your own personal theology.  Sign up on the bulletin board, or online at:

Orientation to Our Congregation
   Join Rev. Susan in the vestibule on Sunday, Nov. 15
, at from noon to 1 PM to discuss more about our congregation, and pathways for involvement!  Please sign up on the bulletin board in fellowship hall, or on line at

(The Empty Bowls project will be offering a soup lunch after worship in case you need fortification before the meeting!). 
Covenant Group
   Do you long for a deeper sense of community? Do you crave meaningful conversation with trusted friends? If so, you might enjoy attending a covenant group here at NUUC. As many of you know, we have a covenant group that meets on the second Monday morning of every month (see Sue Frederick for more information). 

Since weekday mornings do not work for everyone, we are considering forming a second covenant group that would meet monthly either on a weeknight or a weekend. If you would be interested in joining this group, look for the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall, or submit your name to our virtual "bulletin board" at
Mindful Writing

The Mindful Writing Adult Enrichment group is back to its third-Wednesday-of-the-month schedule; therefore, the next session will be November 18, at 6:30 pm, in Fellowship Hall.  Our writing topic is "Belief," the same as NUUC's and Children's RE's theme for November.  We will be sharing original poems and prose about various aspects of "Belief" and having, I have no doubt, an interesting and insightful evening.  Please feel free to join us!  Contact Marty Keith if you have questions (740-369-1919).
Actually, we had two meetings in October in order to plan a service we will be presenting on Sunday, December 27.  Newcomers, note: You do not have to participate in this if you would rather not.  (But of course, you may).  We will be reading some of our favorite creations. 
Ways and Means 

Share your passion for fair trade and UU-ism with others by giving gifts whose labels proudly display these values.    


If you are interested in volunteering for these opportunities, or if you have other ideas for fundraising opportunities for our congregation, Please contact Becca Morse at  

Thank you! 

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NUUC Recorder Ensemble

The NUUC Recorder Ensemble has full wind in its sails once again. We would like to invite you to join our
tootling fun! For more information, contact Becca Morse at 
(or 614-805-6680) 
or Nathan Morse at 

We rehearse together on the second and fourth Fridays of each
month at noon at Friendship Village of Columbus. If you're interested, but the rehearsal time doesn't work for you, just go for Baroque and contact us anyway: 

If enough people are interested in an alternate time, I'm sure we can work out a second rehearsal schedule. Just because a hobby blows doesn't mean it's not fun!
Ohio Meadville  District of the UUA

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NUUC Youth Group
For grades 6 through 12

Contact Kristin Grimshaw
for the meeting schedule!
Brown Bag Books

Meets at Noon the Third Tuesday of the month.  Get all the details by clicking here.

 Touring the allegedly haunted historical house, the slightly creepy wide eyed guide literally cornered me to ask, "are you a believer?"  I was stunned.  Of course, she was wondering if I believed in ghosts, but the question suddenly seemed hugely complicated.  I didn't feel like I could say yes because I was sure whatever I believe in is markedly different than what she believes in.  Saying no seemed equally ridiculous.  I am an intentionally religious person.  My life revolves around a belief.  Yet I wasn't really expecting to see a ghostly arm start up the victrola any time soon, either.  

Our theme this month in religious education and worship is Belief, and
its complicated!

This Sunday I will be preaching about how for UUs, and indeed, most world religions, belief really isn't what religion is about.  And I am offering a workshop on Nov. 21 on "Core UU Beliefs."  Oh my, we have a lot to talk about.  I look forward to it.  

To Life!



It's that time of year again. Soup weather! Each year it is exciting to see what wonderful soups and breads people make for Empty Bowls. Besides eating and having great conversations with friends we are able to support the Mid-Ohio Food Bank from the proceeds from this event. Last year we raised over $500 for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. This year Empty Bowls will be held on Sunday November the 15th from 11:30-12:30 in Fellowship Hall. The proceeds from Empty Bowls go to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

For those of you who are not familiar with the story behind Empty Bowls, I would like to share it with you. Over 25 years ago an art teacher from Michigan wanted to organize an event that his students could organize and be a part of. He came up with the idea that there are many people whose bowls are empty and had his students could make bowls to sell at a fund raiser soup kitchen they set up in their school.

From that one event it has turned into a national annual event. We have been a part of this event for over 10 years with very successful results. I would like to thank everyone who makes this event happen by making soups and donating to Empty Bowls. Again I look forward to all the wonderful soups and company that we will share on November 15th.

Tracy Steinbrenner
Nominate a Favorite Local Service Organization!
Unitarian Universalist General Assembly - June 22-26 in Columbus.
The theme for GA 2016 will be Heart Land: Where Faiths Connect and the Social Witness Theme is Racial Justice. 

The world is increasingly multi-faith. People are crossing borders of religion and spiritual practice to create wholeness in their lives individually and collectively. The racial justice public witness event will engage UUs with local partners. General Assembly 2016 will assemble leaders and communities of many faiths to worship together, learn from one another, and create a new vision of faith that no longer divides us, but connects us to an interdependent future that works for all. 
Nominations are open for the 2016 Service Project.  Every year the General Assembly supports a service project to benefit the local community with a free will donation collected during the Sunday service.  Video, audio, printed or other materials tell the organization's story at the time of the offering.  

We are soliciting your suggestions of what local organization should receive the Sunday morning offering.  For more guidelines and a nomination form, click here.


HOLIDAY FAMILY:  This year we have chosen Montana de Luz for our holiday giving.  Montana de Luz is a faith based organization in rural Central Honduras that provides a home for over 30 children affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition to donating the Loose Change Offering in November, you can also give to the children of MdL with a gift or cash or check donation.  Your donations will be used to allow the children holiday reunions, and for the older children to be able to select one new outfit of their chosing.  NUUC will be providing gifts for Edgar, a twelve year old boy. To sign up to be responsible for one of Edgar's gift suggestions, click here.  You can put gifts in gift bags, but do not wrap them since items must go through customs. Please bring gift items to church by November 22nd to make sure they can be delivered by the service team that leaves in early December.  Check donations with MdL Xmas on the memo line can be made through November 30th.  Contact Erika if you have questions

UU JUSTICE OHIO JUSTICE ASSEMBLY - NOVEMBER 14, 2014, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm at First UU
Columbus: The theme for this year is Working Together for Justice. Morning and afternoon workshops will be offered on Environmental Justice, Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Reproductive Justice, Organizing for Justice, and Corporate Personhood, Social Justice, and Elections. Information will be provided about UUA General Assembly in Columbus in June 2016. Our own, Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie will give the keynote address, "Love is the Doctrine: A Theological History of UU Social Action in the Buckeye State." This is a great 
opportunity to join together in community with other Ohio UU's in the effort to create a more socially just world. More information is posted on the SAC bulletin board. Learn more about UUJO, become a member advocate, access newsletters, and register for Justice Assembly at UUJOwebsite

FAITHIFY CAMPAIGN FOR UUJO: Support the UU Justice Ohio project that seeks to mobilize UUs statewide seeking racial justice in police practices, employment, education, housing, voting rights, health care, immigration, sentencing, decarceration, and reentry for returning citizens by direct engagement with faith based partners, secular allies, law enforcement agencies, elected officials and candidates. Contributions made at between October 3 and November 16 will help meet project expenses 
and count toward a $5,000 matching grant to UUJO from the UU Fund for Social Responsibility.

CARE AND SHARE TIMEBANK POTLUCK - NOVEMBER 15, 2015, 6:30 PM at First UU Columbus, 93 W. Weisheimer Road: Members of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio (IACO) will provide an overview about IACO's history, mission, and community outreach. The culinary theme for the potluck meal centers on food from different faith traditions/worldviews. Join us to share a meal with members of other faith groups and learn about IACO and the Care and Share Timebank. See the SAC bulletin board for more information about the Care & Share Timebank and IACO.

LOOSE CHANGE OFFERING: On the second Sunday of each month, we collect the Loose Change Offering for an organization that promotes social justice. In October, NUUC collected $148.15 for Our Lady of Guadalupe food pantry which serves the Latino community on the west side of Columbus. Families who use the food pantries are hardworking, but need assistance when they are laid off or unable to work due to illness or injury. The families are often undocumented and do not qualify for public assistance. The staff is incredibly dedicated and provides support with dignity and respect to all families they serve. For more information about the pantry see the bulletin board or contact Erika Shell Castro at The Loose Change offering in November and December will be donated to Montana de Luz to help pay for their family reunion when all the kids who have transitioned return to MdL for the week before Christmas to reconnect.  There are bonfires, special holiday traditions and more during that week.  It will also be used to pay for the transportation of the kids visiting their family over the holidays and a small stipend to staff who host children over the 3 week holiday break to help offset the extra expenses of food and other items.  

UUSC FAIR TRADE COFFEE: Shop for delicious Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate after the service on November 8, 2015. Your purchase of Fair Trade products means that workers along the supply
chain are provided a living wage. The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) supports a number of worker-owned, local producers who are in danger of being replaced with multinational corporations that have little respect for workers' rights. Making consumer choices that are aligned with our UU Principles is one way to help create a more just world community. 

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - NO SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING IN NOVEMBER: The Leadership Council is in the process of transitioning from committee based activities to whole congregation, theme-based worship, RE, events, and activities. At this time, there is no scheduled SAC meeting for November.