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September 2014

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Miss Merrily Summarizes the  September Newes, and will she take the Ice Bucket Challenge?
Miss Merrily Summarizes the September NEwes, and will she take the Ice Bucket Challenge?
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Save Your Plastic Bags

Inmates at the Marysville Women's Reformatory use discarded plastic bags to make durable sleeping mats for the homeless.  It takes 900 of these plastic bags to make one mat.

Please save your plastic bags and place them in the labeled box in the Fellowship Hall.

Contact: Carol Focke

Ways and Means 

Fair Trade Sales 


Sunday, September 14th!


Share your passion for fair trade and UU-ism with others by giving gifts whose labels proudly display these values.    If you are interested in volunteering for these opportunities, or if you have other ideas for fundraising opportunities for our congregation, Please contact Becca Morse at  

Thank you!


Sign up for the
Kroger Community Rewards card

Do your regular grocery shopping, and earn money for NUUC at the same time!  If you need help signing up. someone will be available on the second Sunday of each month to walk you through the process.  

Did you know?
We are a registered Non-Profit organization at the Delaware County Community Market.  You can buy groceries from Local vendors AND have a portion of your purchase donated to us!  Check it out! 


Service Auction - Save the Date!


The NUUC Fall Service Auction will be held on Sunday, November 23, 2014 immediately following worship.  


This annual fundraiser will be held the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Please donate your baked goods, services, dinners, and artworks to be auctioned off in this exciting (and ever so slightly competitive) annual event.    Look for more information on how to participate in your Order of Service, Special Announcements, and future newsletters! 


Note: the Auction will NOT be held on the evening September 27, as previously announced.

Adult Enrichment


North Unitarian Universalist Congregation is moving into the fall with several Adult Enrichment programs in place.  The two covenant groups, one led by Sue Frederick and the other by Teri Cornell, are doing well.  

 In addition, because "Mindful Writing" has had its last session, the other writers and I have decided to continue with "Mindful Writing II: Writing to Wake the Soul," beginning September 22, 6:30 PM.  After that, our sessions of thought-and-word-sharing will be the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 PM.  We're looking forward to it!  Come join us!  

 Finally, although a specific date has not been chosen, a class, "How to Give a Service," will be offered in November.  Dick Leavy will be one of the facilitators.  


I would like to add that if anyone would care to be on an Adult Enrichment Committee, or has any suggestions, to please contact me.  


The New Classes are:



What Moves Us: Unitarian Universalist Theology.

This program explores the life experiences of both historic and contemporary Unitarian Universalist theologians, highlighting that which caused in them a change of heart, a new direction, new hope, and a deeper understanding of their own liberal faith. Taught by Rev. Ritchie, every other Thursday, September 25, Oct. 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Nov. 20, 7:00 PM-8:30 PM in Fellowship Hall. Sign up required (so Susan can be in touch with you about some brief but required homework), either on the sign up bulletin board in Fellowship Hall or by email: 


Comparative Religion: Paganism. A discussion of the theology, history, and practices of pagan traditions. Sept. 14, 11:45 AM-1:00 PM, Nielsen House, Taught by Rev. Susan Ritchie. Sign up required (so Susan can be in touch with you about some brief but required homework), either on the sign up bulletin board in Fellowship Hall or by email: 




Marty Keith

Brown Bag Books

Meets at Noon the Third Tuesday of the month.  Get all the details by clicking here.
NUUC Youth Group
For grades 6 through 12
We will meet the
Contact Kristin Grimshaw 
or Melinda Rosenberg
Ohio Meadville  District of the UUA

   Click here for the Latest News!
Social Committee


Thanks to all who have donated a few minutes of their time to prepare the coffee and snack items for our time after service.  Your time and effort means much to those who enjoy visiting in Fellowship Hall after service! 


Susan RevElations!


This Sunday is our special, annual intergenerational service celebrating the start of the new church year, which we mark with a Water Celebration. This year our theme is the multigenerational character of our congregation, and how our living tradition moves through generations. We will also install our new Director of Religious Education.  For the Water Celebration, if you like, bring a vial of water that represents somewhere you have been or something you have learned over the summer. During the service, we will join the waters together to represent our coming together as a community.  


This will be a different sort of fall for me in that for the first time in many years, I personally will not be going back to school.  I have resigned my position as a faculty person at the Starr King School for the Ministry.  While there is much that I will miss about teaching, I am very much looking forward to a saner schedule, and fewer distractions from my primary work in the congregation.  This year marks my 18th anniversary with the church, and I look forward to learning ever more ways we might grow together.  Towards that end, Rev. Joan Van Bacelaere, our regional contact leader, will be conducting a "Re-Start Up Workshop" for the board and myself on Sept. 20, where we will explore the shape of our ministries together and enter into covenants that give shape to our lives together.


May we have a rich year.


To Life!


Reminder--All Member Registration

Were getting ready for the start of the church year, and want to make sure we have everything we need to serve each other better.

If you would please complete this brief form for us:

Click here to register

This survey has 3 important goals. It asks you to share: 1) your updated contact information, 2) your specific interests in contributing to our community, and 3) religious education registrations for your household's children/youth (if any). Thank you for your time in providing this information-- it helps our NUUC community thrive!

Please register any children who might attend our religious education programs even once or twice--it is vital that we have parent contact information and know of any special needs.

Threshold Committee (TCC) - 
Update Just For Us UUs

 WE Did It! In April, TCC asked for your ideas at the Wishing Well and... <drum roll>... we are excited that those ideas are happening. For instance...

Hire a DRE: YES! Jen Aultman became our part-time DRE in August.

Have more food events, more outdoors stuff. Possibly, both for once: YES! Eileen Watters headed volunteers on the Social Committee and offered a Salad & Dessert Potluck and an outdoor August Ice Cream Social. Thank you!

Adult RE classes: YES! Marty Keith has organized writing workshops, discussions of various religions and is planning a bunch more offerings in the fall.

Lecture/discussion on Susan's new book: YES! A book signing was hosted for Susan by Allison Fagan and Teri Cornell. Susan read excerpts from her book and fielded Q&A. If you're interested in even more discussion, let Marty Keith know as an Adult RE offering.

There are many more ideas to be fulfilled. As committees gear up for this year, even more things will be happening. And remember, there is no time limit on ideas - please feel free to add to the list under the Wishing Well as something comes to your mind. This is a great way to help our fellowship grow in ways that help us all. Or you can also let anyone on Threshold Committee*
know your idea. We'd love to hear from you,

Sydney Schardt, John Rodeheffer, Bob Keith, Cathy Rodeheffer, Laura Howe

* What is a Threshold Congregation? Threshold Congregations are basically healthy congregations who are poised and ready to strive for the next level of effectiveness. While "seats in the pews" are one aspect of growth, equally important is the offering of vibrant and challenging worship experiences, welcome and true hospitality, an effective system of governance with effective leaders, loving social action beyond its walls, and the inclusion of everyone of all ages in the work of the congregation. UUA/CERG (Central East Regional Group) awarded a three- year, non-monetary grant to NUUC in May 2013.


Notes from the President of the Board


As we wind down the summer and start heading into fall, my favorite season of the year, I keep reminding how we are starting to celebrate the fruits of our labor this year with Labor Day and into the holiday season. Ingathering is almost upon us and my favorite Sunday is coming up when the congregation literally goes to the dogs, Animal Blessing day.

It has been an exciting August for NUUC. First of all, the phenomenally successful rummage sale was awesome and our Board shout outs are going to Bob and Marty Keith for all of their hard work in this initiative. What rummage sale would be complete without the skits during services. The installation of Jen Aultman as Director of Religious Education is a major success for the congregation. We are all looking for great things to happen in our RE program in the upcoming year.

The major thing to announce are issues with the building expansion. I don't know if any of you have noticed, but there is a tax levy coming up on the ballot in November to extend Home Road from Route 23 through the Delco property behind the church up to a round-about on Lewis Center Road. This is going to have impact on how we design the facility. More to come as we discover what that impact is going to be. The board made the decision to hold off on building plans until we see what is happening with that major initiative for the county.

Given that this Sunday gives a whole new definition of the "Dog Days of Summer", quoting Miss Merrily, "It is better to serve than be served". Have a great month.
Blessed be.

Jeff Hill 


From our Music Director




Bravo! and Thank You! to the many musicians who helped with special music during the month of August: John Rodeheffer, Holly Kessis, Wade Jones, Sarabeth Mahusky-Petras, Amelia Petras, Traci Aquara, Rebecca Morse, Joan MacLaughlin, Karen Hedden, Sue Frederick, Marty Keith, Scot Hardin, Tom MacLaughlin, Darlene Tschudy, Bob Keith, Nathan Morse, and JB Lawton.

Choir rehearsals for the 2014-15 season begin Sunday, September 7, at 9am. Current and prospective members should pick up a folder of music prior to the first rehearsal. We will be singing "Jubilate Deo" for Ingathering; please take a look at the music and be ready with your parts on September 7. The fall repertoire includes many favorites from previous years, several new titles, and a few surprises.

The NUUC Recorder Ensemble will meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 1:15pm. New members are always welcome. 

Here's a quick look at what the choir is preparing for services this month:
9/7: "Jubilate Deo"
9/14: "Two Shaker Songs"
9/21: "There Is a Balm In Gilead"
9/28: "The Lone Wild Bird"

Musically Yours,


Marlene Hartzler, Music Director

News from your Social Action Committee (SAC) - September 2014 Newsletter


SAC-RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: We will be offering 2-3 informational events in the coming year on social justice topics. Each event will feature a primary presenter to provide a brief overview of the issue; representatives from 3-4 local organizations that are positively addressing the issue; and the opportunity to engage in a social action.  Our first event, "Dollarocracy: The Influence of Money on our Democracy and what we can do about it," will be in October.  Look for more information in the coming weeks.


UU JUSTICE OHIO (UUJO): Join UU's from around Ohio at the UUJO Justice Assembly on November 8th at First UU in Columbus.  This year's theme is"Get Smart on Organizing" and will feature Democratic State Representative (and UU) Nickie Antonio, West Shore UU, and lobbyists from UUJO allies and partners such as the ACLU and Equality Ohio offering guidance on how to impact issues before the Ohio General Assembly.  Issue Group workshops on Immigration, Economic Justice, Criminal and Racial Justice, LGBTQ, Environment, Voting Rights, and Reproductive Freedom will promote education, service, and advocacy through lobbying, litigation, media, public witness, and civil disobedience.  Following the Justice Assembly, there will be a UUJO Standing on the Side of Justice Rally, Get Smart on Crime, which will provide UUJO members and allies an opportunity to engage in a public witness event promoting action on mass incarceration, reentry, and the death penalty.  Program workshop details are posted on the UUJO website and the SAC bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.

SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE: Thank you for continuing to support the School Supply Drive benefiting the students served by the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Department.  Your donations included pens, pencils, glue sticks, crayons, erasers, scissors, rulers, markers, colored pencils, highlighters, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, pocket folders, binders, backpacks and money for a $325 Meijer gift card for more supplies.  These donations help give many students the supplies they need that they may not have had available to them otherwise to start the school year, giving them a positive beginning.  Your support of the students and the importance of education are truly appreciated by the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Department.

LOOSE CHANGE OFFERING:  Our September Loose Change Offering will be donated to The Healing Art Missions (HAM).  NUUC member, Joe Cameron suggested this charity as a recipient.  HAM was founded by Dr. Tracee Laing and is based in Granville, OH.  "Healing Art Missions exists to support those in need around the world. Beginning in 1998, we have been supporting the people of Haiti in the areas of health, nutrition, education, housing, and social justice. Our work is committed to fostering the dignity of the individual, respecting the ways of the community, and reflecting the strength of a loving God.We are a group of people from all walks of life committed to sharing our talents, resources and good fortune with those less fortunate."  You can find more information about HAM on their website at or on the SAC bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.

SOCIAL JUSTICE LIBRARY:  The Social Action Committee has started a lending library of books and DVDs on social justice issues such as immigration, poverty, LGBTQ, environment, and human rights. Check out our selection on the bookshelf in Fellowship Hall and please consider donating appropriate books or DVDs to add to our collection. One of our recent additions is The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander.  This book was the 2012-2013 UUA Common Read.  Alexander, a civil rights advocate and attorney, asserts that Americans of color are disproportionately and intentionally impacted by crime fighting policies and systems in the U.S. such as "the war on drugs" and the incarceration system.  Alexander will be speaking at Ohio Dominican University on September 18, 2014 at 7 pm. The event is open to the public; however, seating is limited so be sure to register on the ODU website.

SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE BULLETIN BOARD:  Check out the folding divider in Fellowship Hall with information about upcoming SAC activities as well as issues and actions at the local, state, and national level. If you have information about social justice issues you want to share with the congregation, please post it on the bulletin board or email it to Pam Patsch at

HELP WANTED:  Our Social Action Committee has some ambitious and creative ideas for this year, but we need your help.  We would love to have new (or returning) members on the committee to help us brainstorm and implement activities related to social justice.  We also welcome people who are unable to commit to being on the committee on a regular basis, but are willing to help with a specific project.  Contact Pam Patsch at  if you are interested in getting more involved in social justice at NUUC.


Treasurer's Report of July 2014 Results August 26, 2014


A special thank you to the Aultman and Morris families as their children helped count and roll the quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies from the loose change offering this month.

July 2014 Income was $14,886 which is $1,625 better than budget.  Expenses were $13,811 and ($465) higher than budget resulting in income exceeding expenses by $1,075.   July YTD financials show Income of $87,102 which is $5,730 lower than budget.  Expenses of $88,998 are $3,885better than budget.  YTD we have spent ($1,897) more than our income.  Pledge offerings are ($7,579) lower than projected.  Overall spending has been lower than budget in most areas.


We received news that both the UUA and OMD dues increased with their new fiscal year.  UUA will be a $55 per month increase and OMD dues increase $41 per month.   The new DRE will have no expense impact on our spending as gifts are projected to cover her salary and benefits through the end of 2015.


Monthly  July 31, 2014






2014 Pledges



Non-Pledge Offering



Rental Revenue



W & M Fundraising







TOTAL Administrative



Bld & Prop Ins



Bld Mortgage



Bld Property Tax



TOTAL Building R&M



TOTAL Building Utilities



TOTAL Committees



TOTAL Compensation






Pledge Canvass
















2014 Pledges






Non-Pledge Offering



Rental Revenue



W & M Fundraising







TOTAL Administrative



Bld & Prop Ins



Bld Mortgage



Bld Property Tax



TOTAL Building R&M



TOTAL Building Utilities



TOTAL Committees



TOTAL Compensation






Pledge Canvass









Board of Trustees

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Leadership Council

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