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August 2014

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Ice Cream Social


The Social Committee is organizing an Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social to be held on Sunday August 3rd after the service. In addition to some nice choices of ice creams and toppings, plan to stay a while-- Enjoy a game of croquet or corn hole or simply cool your feet in any number of wading pools scattered across the lawn(for big & little kids)! 

We already have a croquet set being loaned, but if you have a cornhole game you'd like to share or perhaps a wading pool, Please contact Eileen Watters at or 740-225-5342.
Save Your Plastic Bags

Inmates at the Marysville Women's Reformatory use discarded plastic bags to make durable sleeping mats for the homeless.  It takes 900 of these plastic bags to make one mat.

Please save your plastic bags and place them in the labeled box in the Fellowship Hall.

Contact: Carol Focke

Discussion Group

One Sunday a month during the summer months, Rev. Ritchie will join anyone interested in a discussion of Huston Smith's "The World's Religions"  (book widely available from all sellers).  On July 13, we will discuss the chapter on Christianity.   11:45 AM-12:45 AM, Nielsen House, no need to sign up.  

Ways and Means 

Fair Trade Sales 


Share your passion for fair trade and UU-ism with others by giving gifts whose labels proudly display these values.    

If you are interested in volunteering for these opportunities, or if you have other ideas for fundraising opportunities for our congregation, Please contact Becca Morse 


Thank you!


Sign up for the
Kroger Community Rewards card
Do your regular grocery shopping, and earn money for NUUC at the same time!  If you need help signing up. someone will be available on the second Sunday of each month to walk you through the process.  

Did you know?
We are a registered Non-Profit organization at the Delaware County Community Market.  You can buy groceries from Local vendors AND have a portion of your purchase donated to us!  Check it out! 


Service Auction - Save the Date!


Ready, Set, Mark your Calendars!

This year's Service Auction will be held on the evening of Saturday, September 27!  This year we are going to kick our heels up and throw a party with fun for the entire family. 

Details will be announced in future newsletters, but we don't want you to miss out on the fun, so be sure to SAVE THE DATE!


Mowing at NUUC - We Still Need Some Help


For this mowing season, the Building and Grounds Committee plans to handle the mowing using the same approach as last year, which will avoid us having to contract out the mowing and save about $2,900 in the budget.  Our plan is for the B&G Committee to handle the mowing on a rotating basis with some help from the congregation.  B&G Committee members will mow 3 weeks of each month, and the 4th week and sometimes the 5th week will be handled by a different volunteer from the congregation.  This approach will spread the work so each committee member will mow only once a month, and each congregational volunteer would mow just one time during the season.  Our approach will keep everyone's work commitments reasonable. 


The area to be mowed includes both the church yard (bounded by the driveway and the parking lot) plus the yard around Nielsen House.  The southern field at the rear of our property and the west side of the parking lot are excluded and will be mowed using a different arrangement.  We have a riding mower, which is used for almost all of the mowing.  For a few small, tight areas, which the riding mower cannot handle, we use a push power mower.


Therefore, we would like to get 1 or 2 volunteers from the congregation each month to mow one time in the season.  The mowing season runs from mid-April through early November.  But volunteers from the congregation will be needed only for the months of May through October, which is 6 months.  Two of those months have 5 weeks and will require 2 volunteers, so we need a total of 8 volunteers.  We have filled the schedule through July but we still need volunteers in the August-September time frame.


Please consider volunteering to mow one time this season.  If would like to help the church handle the mowing, you can sign up on the mowing sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.  Just pick a date that works for your schedule.  If you have questions or would like more information, just contact Bob Keith at 740-369-1919 or

Brown Bag Books

Meets at Noon the Third Tuesday of the month.  Get all the details by clicking here.
NUUC Youth Group
For grades 6 through 12
We will meet the


Contact Kristin Grimshaw 
or Melinda Rosenberg
Ohio Meadville  District of the UUA

   Click here for the Latest News!

Our NUUC Member Directory is now available online!  Go to the "About NUUC" menu tab on our website, and select "Members Directory."  You'll be asked for a password.  
Please ask Susan in person or via email ( for the password so that we can protect the privacy of our members. Also, please email her a digital photograph for inclusion in the directory if you can!  She will also be roaming around this month, randomly terrorizing people with her camera. 
Social Committee


"Here's a twist to one of our Rev. Ritchie favorites -- you may be a member of Social Committee and not even know it!   However, if you suspect that you are (the signs include a persistent desire to make good coffee, rinse cups, bake treats, open your home to folks for a meal, plan a movie night, or join in the fun at any given time) OR if you would like to learn more about our goals and  help with planning for the upcoming summer and fall, then please contact Eileen Watters for a "virtual" meeting, either by phone or by email.  Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm and caring." or 740-225-5342.  

Board of Trustees


The NUUC Board of Trustees plans to begin a conversation with various members of the congregation; a conversation about establishing a new Stewardship Committee for 2015.   The Stewardship Committee is integral to the successful operation of our congregation.  In the recent past, we have happily completed years of successful pledge drives, thanks to the organized and thoughtful work of members.  Even more recently, the Stewardship Committee was led by our own, Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie. 


Planning a successful campaign that engages our membership requires a creative and energetic team.  You may be approached by one of your Board members in the coming weeks, because you stand out as a leader, or because you are recognized as a well-respected member of this community.


But, if you already feel eager to bring your talents to the table, please don't hesitate to speak with one of your Board members.  You can contact Jeff Hill, Board President at or Lauren Richards at



Susan RevElations!



Breaking News!  NUUC Hires Director of Religious Education!


I am delighted to be writing with exciting news. The North Unitarian Universalist Congregation Board of Trustees is hiring Jen Aultman to serve as our professional Director of Religious Education.


As you likely know, we have been struggling some time with understanding the great need for someone in this role, and yet difficulty in finding someone with the right attributes. It takes a lot to be a DRE-rock solid UU identity, teaching experience, understanding of faith development, and experience in coordinating volunteers- the list goes on and on. In consulting with the denomination's best minds on the topic, I learned that stellar DREs tend to share a profile. They are almost always someone who started as a volunteer in the congregation, but who then began to see the work of religious education as their true calling.


For years I complained to the universe for not sending us such a DRE, organically grown from among us! But now I think the universe has heard my prayers. Jen has had experience teaching all ages in our congregation. She has also taught her previous UU congregation, where she also lead a youth group. The development of mindful spiritual practices in children has been an interest of hers since well before she started her own family. She has been a career long educator, both within and outside of congregations. She has experience in nonprofit administration and in volunteer coordination. As an all-but-dissertation Phd in Anthropology from the University of Virginia, it might seem that her educational background is unusual for a religious professional. And yet, when we speak of her education, I am amazed at its similarity to my own. She has been interested in how groups of people organize themselves around meaning, and meaningful practices.


The board was eager to reestablish this position for this church year as we have become even increasingly convinced that a continuity of care and attention for our families, children, and religious education volunteers is absolutely vital to our ability to retain and attract new members. A DRE is also charged with enhancing the multigenerational life of a congregation-which is something that enhances the experience of everyone, not just those with children or directly involved in children's programs.


We will be in touch again shortly with our funding plan to make this position sustainable. But for now, please join me in welcoming Jen to our small but mighty staff.



To Life!


Threshold Committee (TCC) - 
Update Just For Us UUs

NUUC is hosting a workshop on Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, for all of us and for others in our cluster. The workshop (through CERG) offers a choice of courses combining online self-study with in-person conversations and everyone gathers on three Saturdays to discuss all they learned. It's great for continuing education and most of the study time is done at home (yea pajamas!). 

So if you'd like to know more and need an easy way to learn, or if you're ready to go deeper into understanding UU or if you'd like to apply UU beliefs in a broader social context, consider participating... 

here's how it works:

1. Sign up for self-study continuing education - HUULTI

2. Choose your favorite courses from these 6 tracks:
(explore here for details on each track:

Marketing, Branding, Communicating

Trends in American Religion

Theology in UU

Healthy Leading

Leading Change

Building a religious identity as a UU

3. Absorb through a variety of applications: webinar, readings, discussion board, "live" conferences with staff.

4. Learn at your own pace, at your own convenience - morning, noon or night.

5. Attend three in-person gatherings of fellow participants to connect and share wisdom as part of a Community of Practice.

NUUC can participate through a congregation team and as individuals. The Board is encouraging participation of an NUUC team by sponsoring the team registration of $50. There is still an individual commitment of $50 for the semester which includes the three in-person sessions with lunch, snacks and 
all materials.

Registration is open now to allow study time before the first in-person gathering in September. To register and get started, click on: 

For questions, our own Rev Joan Becelaere at OMD ( can help.


Notes from the President of the Board

Good Evening All.

There has been a lot going on at NUUC this month, even though we decided not to hold a board meeting. Yes, we have cancelled several board-sponsored committee meetings, but given we are in the middle of summer, prime vacation season, and Summer Institute, that should be expected.

However, that doesn't mean the congregation has been idle. First of all, a special shout out to Bob and Marty Keith for the rummage sale. It's these projects that help make our congregation financially stronger and without the tireless efforts of our congregants, we will not succeed.

Have a very happy rest of your summer. We will see you in August with the "animal blessing" and our fall ingathering. The next Leaders Council meeting has been rescheduled for August and the next board meeting is Monday, the 18th of August.

Warmest Regards.

Jeff Hill


Rummage Sale a Big Success


Our recent 2-day Rummage Sale on July 25 and 26 was a big success. Preparing for the sale involved setting up a store in Fellowship Hall, the nursery, and the sanctuary during the 5 days before the sale. We first removed all items from the rooms. In the sanctuary we slid the pews together, clearing about half of the sanctuary floor space. We had enough items to 
completely fill all the available space and had some items displayed in the yard.

Our gross sales for the Rummage Sale were $3,266.80! Also, we took all the leftover books to Half Price Books and will get additional money. Furthermore, we retained a hide-a-bed, loveseat, rocking chair, and pottery kiln, which will be sold on Craigslist to further increase our proceeds. And,we will take leftover high quality clothes to two consignment clothing stores in Granview and Delaware, so we'll have more proceeds in the coming months. After the expenses of newspaper advertising, signs, and truck rental, the net amount is currently $2,326.91 and will go higher when the money from other sales are included. The expenses were notably higher than two years ago. We expect the final net proceeds will be about $2,800 after all the post-sales are completed. The rummage sale funds will go into NUUC's general budget as planned.

The rummage sale was a major event and took the work of many people. We give a large thank you to all those who donated the numerous items, both big and small. We also thank those who worked for 5 days to get ready for the sale by doing room and table setup, sorting and displaying items, and pricing items. A big thank you goes to the two crews who used a rental truck and trailer to pick up large items and other donations at people's homes, putting in
long hours on Wednesday and Thursday. We also thank those folks who handled the sales during the 2-day sale. In addition, we thank those who cleaned up the building after the sale on Saturday. They did an amazing cleanup job. When people arrived for the Sunday service, they couldn't tell that a rummage sale had occurred. Special thanks goes to Marty and Bob Keith for all their work to make the rummage sale happen, from initially proposing this fund-raiser, planning and organizing it, and putting in many hours during the 7-day rummage sale week.

After the rummage sale, donations were made to various charities and groups of the leftover items that weren't sold. We donated some boxes of men's, women's, children's, and infants' clothing to SideBySide, which is an organization composed of 4 Methodist churches in Delaware County that will donate the clothing to the needy. Also, we donated bedspreads and blankets to People in Need, which serves the needy in the Delaware area. Some notebooks went to Staples in exchange for a discount off new notebooks for our School Supplies Project. In addition, leftover plastic bags were donated to the women's prision in Marysville to make mats for the homeless. All the remaining items went to Volunteers of America, which sent a crew and large truck to help with the cleanup job after the sale.

Again, our sincere thanks goes to everyone who helped in any manner with this very successful event.


From our Music Director




Bravo and thank you to all the musicians who have performed at worship services in July: Karen Hedden and her flutist friends, Marty Keith, Barb Lubberger, Lauren Richards, Sue Frederick, Carolyn Gross, Prescott Hartzler, Galen Morse, Rosie Hartzler, Eileen Watters, and Darlene Tschudy. Even more great music is being planned for the month of August. Summer time may be a time of vacation, but your NUUC musicians are hard at work! 
ATTENTION NUUC CHOIR- Regular rehearsals for the 2014-2015 season will commence on Sunday, September 7 at 9:00am. Returning members and prospective members should pick up a folder of music beginning Sunday, August 24. Anyone interested in joining this group of singers should have some vocal experience and be able to commit to at least 3 rehearsals per month. We especially need tenor voices, but all parts are welcome. Rehearsals are held once a week on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. New members are asked to contact me via email ( to be placed on the email announcement list.


Musically Yours,


Marlene Hartzler, Music Director

News from your Social Action Committee (SAC) - August 2014 Newsletter


ANNUAL SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE: It's back to school! In Delaware, the first day is August 13. NUUC members and friends have an opportunity to help others by participating in the Social Action Committee's annual School Supply Drive to benefit students who are served by the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Program. The donation of school supplies is one way for the congregation to express its belief in the importance of education to a group of students who are at higher than average risk for failing and dropping out of school.

This program serves approximately 150 middle school and high school students, ranging in age from 13 to 19. A collection box for school supplies will be available at the church through Sunday, August 10th. The #1 needed item are book bags appropriate for middle school and high school boys, and items always needed are paper, pens, pencils and folders. Your donation of school supplies, or money to purchase supplies, will be greatly appreciated. If you choose to donate money, please write your check to NUUC and put "School Supplies" on the memo line. This can be dropped in the offering basket or mailed to: NUUC, P.O. Box 541, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

If you have any questions, please contact Becky Mullis at 614-776-5569 or Thank you for your continued support!

ADVENTURES IN GREEN RECYCLING TIP: Take your old 3-ring binders to Staples and get $2 credit toward the purchase of a new notebook. This is a great way to "go green" and save money. You can even donate the new binders to the school supply sale. No old notebooks - no worries! We have some left over from the rummage sale. You can find them in Fellowship Hall. Take a few for recycling. 

LOOSE CHANGE OFFERING: Our Loose Change offering in August will go to the School Supply Drive sponsored by the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Program.

SOCIAL JUSTICE LIBRARY: The Social Action Committee has started a lending library of books and DVDs on social justice issues such as immigration, poverty, LGBTQ, environment, and human rights. Some of our books include: Behind the Kitchen Door; A Place at the Table;The Death of Joseline; No Impact Man; and Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash. Our DVDs include: Chasing Ice; A Place at the Table; The Hungry Tide; and On Faith and Fracking. Check out our selection on the bookshelf in Fellowship Hall and please consider donating appropriate books or DVDs to add to our collection.

SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE BULLETIN BOARD: Check out the folding divider in Fellowship Hall with information about upcoming SAC activities as well as issues and actions at the local, state, and national level. If you have information about social justice issues you want to share with the congregation, please post it on the bulletin board or email it to Pam Patsch at

HELP WANTED: Our Social Action Committee has some ambitious and creative ideas for this year, but we need your help. We would love to have new (or returning) members on the committee to help us brainstorm and implement activities related to social justice. We also welcome people who are unable to commit to being on the committee on a regular basis, but are willing to help with a specific project. Contact Pam Patsch at if you are interested in getting more involved in social justice at NUUC.

NEXT SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING will be on Sunday, August 3rd at 7:00 pm at Pam Patsch's home at 676 Greenwich Street, Worthington, OH 43085. 

Treasurer's Report of June 2014 

Results July 27, 2014


This month I will be brief with the financial analysis and heavy on my concerns around our level of cash available to pay our bills on an ongoing basis.   June 2014 financials for the month show Income of $12,053 which is ($1,209) under budget.  Expenses of $13,162 are $184 lower than budget resulting in actual expenses exceeding income by ($1,110).


June YTD financials show Income of $72,215 which is $7,355 lower than budget.  Expenses of $75,187 are $4,350 better than budget.  YTD we have spent ($2,972) more than our income.  Pledge offerings are ($6,343) less than budget after six months.  Spending has been lower than budget in most areas, and the areas that are over budget, with the exception of Child Care ($444) and OMD dues ($229), reflect timing difference between actual expense and a budget spread evenly over the 12 months.


Concerns:  July expenses will exceed income by ($1,000) as of today, and that includes the Rummage Sale income of $2,796 to date.  Today July 27 there are not enough funds in our checking account to pay all of our August bills.  And our property and liability insurance of $3,700 is due in early September.  At that point we will have to use our reserves to make ends meet.  The other way to make ends meet is to make sure that your pledge payments are up to date. 


Respectfully submitted,


Jerry Schardt, Treasurer


North Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Month Ended June 30, 2014



2014 Pledges



Non-Pledge Offering



Rental Revenue



W & M Fundraising







TOTAL Administrative



Bld & Prop Ins



Bld Mortgage



Bld Property Tax



TOTAL Building R&M



TOTAL Building Utilities



TOTAL Committees



TOTAL Compensation






Pledge Canvass











North Unitarian Universalist Congregation

YTD ended June 30, 2014



2014 Pledges






Non-Pledge Offering



Rental Revenue



W & M Fundraising



Service Auction



TOTAL W & M Fundraising










TOTAL Administrative



Bld & Prop Ins



Bld Mortgage



Bld Property Tax



TOTAL Building R&M



TOTAL Building Utilities



TOTAL Committees



TOTAL Compensation






Pledge Canvass











The Board of Trustees -- no July meeting