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June 2014

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Guest at Your Table

Thank you, NUUC!  


And the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) will thank you as well.  Our donations to Guest at Your Table came to $2,135.00.  


The UU Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, N.Y., can match every gift of $100.00 or more due to a grant they received.  So their contribution coupled with our effort will give the UUSC $4,110.00 more to help victims of humanitarian crises and to protect human rights around the world.


Your Guest at Your Table coordinators, Ulrike Martin and Marty Keith

Save Your Plastic Bags

Inmates at the Marysville Women's Reformatory use discarded plastic bags to make durable sleeping mats for the homeless.  It takes 900 of these plastic bags to make one mat.

Please save your plastic bags and place them in the labeled box in the Fellowship Hall.

Contact: Carol Focke

Discussion Group

One Sunday a month during the summer months, Rev. Ritchie will join anyone interested in a discussion of Huston Smith's "The World's Religions"  (book widely available from all sellers).  On Sunday June 15, we will discuss the chapter on Islam.   On July 13, we will discuss the chapter on Christianity.   11:45 AM-12:45 AM, Nielsen House, no need to sign up.  

Ways and Means 

Fair Trade Sales 


Share your passion for fair trade and UU-ism with others by giving gifts whose labels proudly display these values.    

If you are interested in volunteering for these opportunities, or if you have other ideas for fundraising opportunities for our congregation, Please contact Becca Morse 


Thank you!


Sign up for the
Kroger Community Rewards card
Do your regular grocery shopping, and earn money for NUUC at the same time!  If you need help signing up. someone will be available on the second Sunday of each month to walk you through the process.  

Did you know?
We are a registered Non-Profit organization at the Delaware County Community Market.  You can buy groceries from Local vendors AND have a portion of your purchase donated to us!  Check it out! 
Rummage Sale - There's a Buzz!


Did you know that NUUC is going to have a Rummage Sale on Friday and Saturday, July 25 and 26!  More and more people are talking about the coming Rummage Sale and planning to help out in some way.  This will be a fabulous rummage sale and significant fund-raiser for NUUC for which we will create a regular "department store" in Fellowship Hall, the nursery, and the sanctuary and fill it to the brim.  So as you do your spring cleaning, please consider setting aside those clothes, books, knick-knacks, tools, dishes, glassware, furnishings, appliances, etc. that you no longer want and donate them to the Rummage Sale.  We'll even have a truck to pick up your bigger items.  Beginning on Sunday June 29th, you can bring your smaller donation items to the church.


Another way to help with this upcoming fund-raiser is by donating some time.  This will be a big 2-day sale that will need 5 days to set up.  We'll need the help of many volunteers to do setup, display, pricing, sales, and cleanup.  Please consider volunteering for one of the tasks needing done.  Finally (but importantly), can you work a shift on the Friday and/or Saturday of the sale?  A Rummage Sale sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  You can contact Bob or Marty Keith with questions or to coordinate donations.


Service Auction - Save the Date!


Ready, Set, Mark your Calendars!

This year's Service Auction will be held on the evening of Saturday, September 27!  This year we are going to kick our heels up and throw a party with fun for the entire family. 

Details will be announced in future newsletters, but we don't want you to miss out on the fun, so be sure to SAVE THE DATE!



Creative Fellowship and Fundraising!

You are invited to help sew and make crafts with Laura Howe and Becca Morse.  The items we make will be sold at the Book Store during OMD's Summer Institute, and proceeds will benefit our congregation and the SI Scholarship Fund.  We will be sewing pouches, bags, and other useful items.  We may also make papercrafts, greeting cards, and other items to sell.  Please join us for an afternoon of creative fellowship!  

Supplies will be provided, though donations are welcome.  Join us at the home of Becca Morse on Saturday, June 14 from 2:00-5:30 pm.  RSVP to for directions.  

Board of Trustees


The NUUC Board of Trustees plans to begin a conversation with various members of the congregation; a conversation about establishing a new Stewardship Committee for 2015.   The Stewardship Committee is integral to the successful operation of our congregation.  In the recent past, we have happily completed years of successful pledge drives, thanks to the organized and thoughtful work of members.  Even more recently, the Stewardship Committee was led by our own, Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie. 


Planning a successful campaign that engages our membership requires a creative and energetic team.  You may be approached by one of your Board members in the coming weeks, because you stand out as a leader, or because you are recognized as a well-respected member of this community.


But, if you already feel eager to bring your talents to the table, please don't hesitate to speak with one of your Board members.  You can contact Jeff Hill, Board President at or Lauren Richards at

Brown Bag Books

Meets at Noon the Third Tuesday of the month.  Get all the details by clicking here.
NUUC Youth Group
For grades 6 through 12
We will meet the
The Youth is also collecting canned foods and gently used children's books for their service project to Appalchia this spring.  Please leave donations in the bins in Fellowship Hall, or contact Melinda Rosenberg below to arrange a pick up.


Contact Kristin Grimshaw 
or Melinda Rosenberg
Ohio Meadville  District of the UUA

   Click here for the Latest News!
You Can Adopt-a-Flowerbed
Sign up is underway!

Again this year we will be doing 

an activity called Adopt-a-Flowerbed.  For this activity, we will divide all the flowerbeds around the church and Nielsen House up into 4-foot wide plots, and people can select one or more plots.  Then you can plant flowers in your plot(s) and care and tend them during the growing season.  


Participants are encouraged to make "catchy" signs for their plot(s).  Some of the names already being discussed include "Betty's Blossoms," "Jan's Jungle," "Grimshaw's Gardens," "Sydney's Square," "Pam's Plot," "Keith's Korner," etc.  We think this activity will be popular for old and young alike.  It will be a particularly fun project to do with your children.


Sign-up is underway!  A sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  Just sign up and select your specific plot(s) from a drawing showing all the available flowerbed plots.  You can sign up for as many plots as you want, with plots being available on a first-come basis.  Plots are now outlined by pink-colored strings and marked with number tags.


Participants in the Adopt-a-Flowerbed activity are asked to abide by the following:


  • Only flowers should be planted, which can be either annuals or perennials. But no bushes or trees (flowering or otherwise) should be planted.
  • No rocks or timbers should be placed on a plot.
  • Participants will be responsible to water, weed, and tend their flowerbed plot.
  • Please leave the plot boundary strings between you and your neighbor so that you and your neighbor will know exactly whose plantings are whose.  But if you have multiple, adjacent plots, you can remove the strings within your plots.

The Building and Grounds Committee is organizing and administering the project.  If you have questions, please contact Bob Keith.


Our NUUC Member Directory is now available online!  Go to the "About NUUC" menu tab on our website, and select "Members Directory."  You'll be asked for a password.  
Please ask Susan in person or via email ( for the password so that we can protect the privacy of our members. Also, please email her a digital photograph for inclusion in the directory if you can!  She will also be roaming around this month, randomly terrorizing people with her camera. 
Social Committee


"Here's a twist to one of our Rev. Ritchie favorites -- you may be a member of Social Committee and not even know it!   However, if you suspect that you are (the signs include a persistent desire to make good coffee, rinse cups, bake treats, open your home to folks for a meal, plan a movie night, or join in the fun at any given time) OR if you would like to learn more about our goals and  help with planning for the upcoming summer and fall, then please contact Eileen Watters for a "virtual" meeting, either by phone or by email.  Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm and caring." or 740-225-5342.  


Susan RevElations!


I have a dim memory of attending Vacation Bible School one July when I was in third grade.  The idea of learning something about past times and far away places during the summer appealed to me.  I didn't quite get what I want: what I remember is coloring in the bathrobe on a sketch of Jesus in a poorly mimeographed coloring book.   But, if the idea of engaging in new things and learning over the summer appeals to you, please be sure to check out our summer Adult Enrichment opportunities, listed below.  You won't be disappointed, or asked to color (unless you want to, of course!).  We're going to talk about writing as a spiritual practice, Islam, Christiantiy, and finally, my book!


With sincere apologies for the extremely long announcement of its nearing publication: my book is finally here!  After numerous delays, Children of the Same God:  The Historical Relationship Bewtween Unitarianism, Judaism and Islam finally came off the presses yesterday.  Thanks to the kindness of our Commissioned Lay Leaders, Allison Fagan and Teri Cornell, we'll have an event to talk about that this summer, too---more details pending (but you can save the date of July 31, 7:30 PM).  Don't forget to check the acknowledgement page for evidence of my enormous gratitude to this generous congregation for supporting me in this process. 


To Life!


From our Music Director




The NUUC Choir will be on a well-deserved hiatus this summer. I am in need of talented soloists, small ensembles, vocalists, instrumentalists, and performers of all ages and levels to provide music at summer worship. I can assist with repertoire selection and organizing rehearsals. 

Of special need are pianists to fill in for Wade on June 29July 13, and August 10. Piano players will be able to select their favorite hymns and will coordinate with me on the other musical elements for the service. 

Please contact me at if interested.


Musically Yours,


Marlene Hartzler, Music Director

Notes from the President of the Board


It is Spring here in Central Ohio, FINALLY!  After this long and brutal winter, we are able to start thinking of flowers, mowing lawns, warm weather and the summer months.  With this warm weather approaching, we also get to start thinking of what is coming up in the congregation.


First of all, Music Sunday is coming soon, that service where we celebrate the musical talents of our members, their children and our own outstanding choir.  It is one of my personal favorite of all of our services.


Second, look to start seeing some more programs implemented by the Threshold Committee.  We are instituting a "Thanks from the Board" program to honor those unsung heroes of NUUC that work tirelessly to insure that we offer the programs that make NUUC a home to us all.


Finally, our new addition is coming closer to reality.   We will be starting to work with Bruce Gardner this summer to begin the process of the addition.  Look for a congregational meeting in early fall to discuss the addition, putting the building up for a vote and starting a capital campaign. 


With the promise of a capital campaign coming up, we are requesting a volunteer in the congregation to lead our stewardship drive.  If anyone is interested in helping us with this very important series of initiatives, please let myself or Lauren Richards, our vice president know.  Please send an email to if you are interested.


Finally, I have not said this before, but I am honored to serve as your President.  We have challenges, but we have many strengths.


Blessed be.


Jeff Hill

New Flower Garden Sitting Area - Eagle Scout Project

In early June, a new flower garden sitting area will be built at NUUC as the Boy Scout Eagle Project of Christian Wade of Troop 243 in Worthington. We were contacted by Christian, who was looking to do his Eagle Scout service project in order to complete his Eagle Scout
requirements. He wanted to a flower garden for the church and we accepted his offer.

Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout project involves working on many merit badges plus completing a service project. For the service project, the scout plans, organizes, and manages the project from beginning to end. It includes planning, getting donations, doing fund-raising, obtaining all the materials, getting all the volunteers, and leading the work on the project. There will be no cost to NUUC and we do not have to provide any manpower.

The result for NUUC will be a beautiful flower garden near the front of the church that will have a park bench in which people can sit and relax, enjoy the flowers, and watch the sunset and people biking and walking on the bike trail. Also, the flower garden will be very visible
from the street and will enhance the church's appearance for people driving by or walking/riding along the street. Christian will come with all the materials and 9 fellow scouts to do the work on June 14 and 15.

This flower garden sitting area will be a great addition NUUC and we deeply thank Chrisitan

Adult Enrichment


Greetings.  Marty Keith here.  


Toward the end of my year as Board president, I began to get some ideas for adult RE.  I have not been the only one.  I'm psyched!  In addition to the two covenant groups that have been meeting monthly since early spring and the Spiritual Autobiographical course that ended a short while ago, enrichment opportunities are "comin' up roses" as we move into summer.


I hope you will attend a book talk and signing of Reverend Ritchie's book, Children of the Same God: The History of Unitarianism in Relationship to Islam and Judaism, Thursday, July 31 at 7:30 PM.  This stimulating event is being planned by our  Commissioned Lay Leaders, Allison Fagan and Teri Cornell. 


One Sunday a month during the summer months, Rev. Ritchie will join anyone interested in a discussion of Huston Smith's "The World's Religions"  (book widely available from all sellers).  On Sunday June 15, we will discuss the chapter on Islam.   On July 13, we will discuss the chapter on Christianity.   11:45 AM-12:45 AM, Nielsen House, no need to sign up. 


My own "course," "Mindful Writing," based on The Pen and the Bell-Mindful Writing in a Busy World, had its first session on May 19.  People may attend any one of the sessions without having to commit to them all.  The sessions are "Opening the Senses: Details! Details!" on June 2 (6:30 pm); "The Moments In-Between, and Maybe Not So In-Between" on June 16; "On Gratitude" on July 7; "Dwelling in Our Bodies" on July 28; and "On Grief and Mortality" on August 11.


 I'm excited about the next session, "Opening the Senses."  It's all about observation and details.  I can't believe that when I was a teenager and "had" to read a novel for school, I'd skip many of the descriptive passages just to get on with the story and finish it.  Now I know that what is in those descriptive parts can mean so much and give all kinds of clues.  As writer Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew puts it:  "I dig down into the details: these jumbled jars...the shriveled red hides of sun-dried tomatoes within glass jars.  The hard beans, black and navy and pinto, feed me with their beautiful waiting bodies long before I pour them into the pot.  Abundance greets me each time I enter the [pantry], and I respond with reverence."  Observance, and writing about what we observe, can lead to a feeling of spirituality.


So, everyone who enjoys writing in any form for any reason-you want to sort your thoughts or leave a memoir for your family, or you love writing and need it like the air you breathe and the food you eat (I'm this person; can you tell?)--then please join me in Fellowship Hall at 6:30 pm on June 2nd.  I'm just as gung-ho about the other sessions!

Threshold Committee (TCC) - Update



Thank you for all your comments that you dropped into the "buckets" of the wishing/idea well!  The "buckets" have now overflowed onto long white pages below each bucket where your ideas have been placed in large print for all to read.


Be sure to take a look (it's on your right as you walk to the Fellowship Hall) and notice some of the similarities of our ideas.   Hmmm...does it look like we'd like to socialize more, get to know each other better?  How about all those Adult Enrichment ideas?  And those Youth ideas, wow!  And also, notice those ideas that are only mentioned once.  Pretty impressive.


We invite you to add more comments on the white pages.  Just pencil in your thoughts - add your support for an idea, or add a new idea perhaps spawned by one that you read on the white pages.  Let us know what you're thinking.


This well of ideas gives TCC a lot to work with.  And we are working on these ideas... and then some.  In fact, we're happy to report that some of these ideas are already in progress.  When they're completed, we'll put a gold star on them, and celebrate!


Your TCC,

Sydney Schardt, Bob Keith, Jen Aultman, Cathy Rodeheffer, Laura Howe, John Rodeheffer, Kim Poderys

News from your Social Action Committee (SAC) - June 2014 Newsletter



June 20-21, 2014 in Columbus - This year's theme is Created Equal.  The festival is at Goodale Park on Friday, June 20, 2014 - 4pm-11pm and Saturday, June 21, 2014 - 11am-8pm.  Pride Parade is on Saturday, June 21st beginning at 11am.  The parade begins at State and Front Streets, travels up High Street and ends at Buttles Ave.  If you are interested in marching in the parade, contact Gwen Andrix at .


GREAT GREEN PURGE:  A one stop drop for hard to recycle items - Saturday, June 28th, 8am-2pm at the Ohio History Center.  Big Green Head is partnering with SWACO, Habitat for Humanity, Accurate IT Services, The City of Columbus, Goodwill, Furniture Bank, and Franklinton Cycle Works to help dispose of our unwanted "stuff."  They will be accepting hazardous waste, bicycles and accessories, clothing and goods, gently used furniture, household electronics, and remodeling materials.  For a complete list of acceptable items, check the Adventures in Green section of the bulletin board or the Big Green Head website.


SOCIAL JUSTICE LIBRARY:  The Social Action Committee has started a lending library of books and DVDs on social justice issues such as immigration, poverty, LGBTQ, environment, and human rights.  Some of our books include:  Behind the Kitchen Door; A Place at the Table; The Death of Joseline; No Impact Man; and Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash.  Our DVDs include: Chasing Ice; A Place at the Table; The Hungry Tide; and On Faith and Fracking.  Check out our selection on the bookshelf in Fellowship Hall and please consider donating appropriate books or DVDs to add to our collection. 


SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE BULLETIN BOARD:  Check out the folding divider in Fellowship Hall with information about upcoming SAC activities as well as issues and actions at the local, state, and national level.  If you have information about social justice issues you want to share with the congregation, please post it on the bulletin board or email it to Pam Patsch at


HELP WANTED:  Our Social Action Committee has some ambitious and creative ideas for this year, but we need your help.  We would love to have new (or returning) members on the committee to help us brainstorm and implement activities related to social justice.  We also welcome people who are unable to commit to being on the committee on a regular basis, but are willing to help with a specific project.  Contact Pam Patsch at if you are interested in getting more involved in social justice at NUUC.


NEXT SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING will be on Sunday, June 1st following the service.


 Treasurer's Report of April 2014 Results


May 27, 2014


April 2014 financials for the month show Income of $12,092 which is $1,170 under budget.  Expenses of $12,088 are $1,233 lower than budget resulting in actual income exceeding expenses by $4. 


April YTD financials show Income of $48,635 which is $4,411 lower than budget.  Expenses of $49,563 are $3,719 better than budget.  YTD we have spent $928 more than our income.  Pledge offerings are $4,045 less than budget after four months.  


On the positive side, spending has been lower than budget in most areas, and the areas that are over budget reflect timing difference between actual expense and a budget spread evenly over the 12 months.


Isn't this weather great!! Summer is upon us and soon many of us will be off on our vacation plans.  When you are on vacation, Please continue to send your pledges to the church as our expenses continue even as attendance reduces in the summer month.  AND Enjoy the vacation.  We look forward to hearing about it when you get back.


Jerry Schardt, Treasurer



North Unitarian Universalist Congregation


Month ended April 30, 2014




2014 Pledge Offerings




Non-Pledge Offerings




Rental Revenue




Ways and Means-Fundraising









TOTAL Administrative - Church




Building & Property Insurance




Building Mortgage




Building Property Tax




TOTAL Building R&M




TOTAL Building Utilities




TOTAL Committees




TOTAL Compensation








Pledge Canvass












North Unitarian Universalist Congregation


YTD ending April 30, 2014

2014 Pledge Offerings








Non-Pledge Offerings




Rental Revenue




Ways and Means-Fundraising




Service Auction




TOTAL Ways and Means-Fundraising













TOTAL Administrative - Church




Building & Property Insurance




Building Mortgage




Building Property Tax




TOTAL Building R&M




TOTAL Building Utilities




TOTAL Committees




TOTAL Compensation








Pledge Canvass
















From Your Board of Trustees Meeting   


Click here for minutes from the March 2014 Board meeting (draft only not yet appoved)


 Click here for minutes from the April 2014 Board meeting (draft only not yet approved)




From the Leadership Council


Click here Minutes from the May meeting of the Leadership Council