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May 2014

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Montana de Luz

Montana de Luz has openings for service team members interested in traveling to Honduras to work at Montana de Luz, a home for children affected by HIV/AIDS.  


The cost is $1,800 and includes airfare, room and board, transportation, work projects, activities with the children and a cultural day to explore a bit of Honduras!  You only need to bring spending money for souvenirs!  Fundraising assistance is available!

Returned service team members say it is a life changing and affirming experience! You must be 12 years old or older to travel with an adult and 14 years old to travel with a parent's permission.  

The open trip is in July 16-23.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up please email or call 614-848-8077
Spring Spruce Up Day

Mark your calendar!  


On Saturday May 17th, we will be holding Spring Spruce-up Day to get both the church and Nielsen House ready for summer.  We'll be working in the morning and early afternoon and doing a variety of tasks both outdoors and indoors.  Please consider helping out on this day.  You could work for a few hours, half a day, or more... whatever works best for you.  Any help will be appreciated.  


If May 17th doesn't fit your schedule, you can select a task and do it when you can.  Look for the sign up sheet and list of tasks posted in Fellowship Hall.  If you have any questions about this event, please contact a member of the Building & Grounds Committee (Bob Keith, Brad Dana, Barry Fagan, Roger Orwick, John Rodeheffer, Jerry Schardt, or Gary Rusk).  

Ways and Means 

Fair Trade Sales 


Share your passion for fair trade and UU-ism with others by giving gifts whose labels proudly display these values.    

If you are interested in volunteering for these opportunities, or if you have other ideas for fundraising opportunities for our congregation, Please contact Becca Morse 


Thank you!


Sign up for the
Kroger Community Rewards card
Do your regular grocery shopping, and earn money for NUUC at the same time!  If you need help signing up. someone will be available on the second Sunday of each month to walk you through the process.  

Did you know?
We are a registered Non-Profit organization at the Delaware County Community Market.  You can buy groceries from Local vendors AND have a portion of your purchase donated to us!  Check it out! 
The Rummage Sale is Coming

Hey there! 

We're going to have a Rummage Sale on 

Friday and Saturday, July 25 & 26. 


Got stuff? How about some good stuff? Maybe you have some objects of art, glassware, cookware, furniture, clothing, or whatever that you enjoyed once but no longer use. Please consider donating some of your stuff to the NUUC Rummage Sale.

This will be a fabulous rummage sale and significant fund-raiser for NUUC in which
we will create a regular "department store" in Fellowship Hall and the sanctuary and fill them to the brim. We even will have a section for high quality items. So, as you do your spring cleaning, please consider setting aside those clothes, books, knick-knacks, tools, dishes, glassware, furnishings, appliances, etc. that you no longer want and donate them to the Rummage Sale. 


We'll even have a truck to pick up your bigger items. As the event approaches, we can arrange to have your big items picked up and taken to the church. Watch for future notices about this event. For questions or additional information, contact Bob or Marty Keith.

Threshold Congregation Committee (TCC) - Update


More from TCC   

If you haven't had an opportunity to add your ideas to the buckets of the Wishing Well (aka Idea Well), don't delay!  It will be up for only two more weeks.  All of your ideas are valuable - big, little, fun, functional.  We want to hear all of your "wouldn't it be nice if..." thoughts for NUUC.


Your ideas will expand the vision around the framework of TCC strategic goals:  


1. Strengthen our NUUC sense of community.


2. Provide spiritual growth opportunities for all ages.


3. Create a culture of abundant generosity and service.  


4. Expand connections beyond the NUUC community.  


Your ideas will help our congregation as the TCC begins its second year of planning for the future and development of NUUC.  


If you're reading this newsletter with ideas floating in your head, unable to stick a post-it note on a cardboard bucket at the building, just virtually drop your idea(s) into a bucket by emailing to


Everyone on the TCC says "thank you " - John Rodeheffer, Bob Keith, Cathy Rodeheffer, Jen Aultman, Kim Poderys, Laura Howe, Sydney Schardt.


What is a Threshold Congregation?  Threshold Congregations are basically healthy congregations who are poised and ready to strive for the next level of effectiveness.  While "seats in the pews" are one aspect of growth, equally important is the offering of vibrant and challenging worship experiences, welcome and true hospitality, an effective system of governance with effective leaders, loving social action beyond its walls, and the inclusion of everyone of all ages in the work of the congregation.  UUA/CERG (Central East Regional Group) awarded a three-year, non-monetary grant to NUUC in May 2013. 

Board of Trustees


The NUUC Board of Trustees plans to begin a conversation with various members of the congregation; a conversation about establishing a new Stewardship Committee for 2015.   The Stewardship Committee is integral to the successful operation of our congregation.  In the recent past, we have happily completed years of successful pledge drives, thanks to the organized and thoughtful work of members.  Even more recently, the Stewardship Committee was led by our own, Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie. 


Planning a successful campaign that engages our membership requires a creative and energetic team.  You may be approached by one of your Board members in the coming weeks, because you stand out as a leader, or because you are recognized as a well-respected member of this community.


But, if you already feel eager to bring your talents to the table, please don't hesitate to speak with one of your Board members.  You can contact Jeff Hill, Board President at or Lauren Richards at

Brown Bag Books

Meets at Noon the Third Tuesday of the month.  Get all the details by clicking here.
NUUC Youth Group
For grades 6 through 12
We will meet the
The Youth is also collecting canned foods and gently used children's books for their service project to Appalchia this spring.  Please leave donations in the bins in Fellowship Hall, or contact Melinda Rosenberg below to arrange a pick up.


Contact Kristin Grimshaw 
or Melinda Rosenberg
Ohio Meadville  District of the UUA

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You Can Adopt-a-Flowerbed

Again this year we will be doing an activity called Adopt-a-Flowerbed.  For this activity, we will divide all the flowerbeds around the church and Nielsen House up into 4-foot wide plots, and people can select one or more plots.  Then you can plant flowers in your plot(s) and care and tend them during the growing season.  


Participants are encouraged to make "catchy" signs for their plot(s).  Some of the names already being discussed include "Jan's Jungle," "Grimshaw's Gardens," "Keith's Korner," etc.  We think this activity will be popular for old and young alike.  It will be a particularly fun project to do with your children.  

A sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  Just sign up and select your specific plot(s) from a drawing showing all the available flowerbed plots.  You can sign up for as many plots as you want, with plots being available on a first-come basis.  Plots will be outlined by pink-colored strings and marked with number tags beginning Sunday May 11th.

Participants in the Adopt-a-Flowerbed activity are asked to abide by the following:


  • Only flowers should be planted, which can be either annuals or perennials. But no bushes or trees (flowering or otherwise) should be planted.
  • No rocks or timbers should be placed on a plot.
  • Participants will be responsible to water, weed, and tend their flowerbed plot.
  • Please leave the plot boundary strings between you and your neighbor so that you and your neighbor will know exactly whose plantings are whose.  But if you have multiple, adjacent plots, you can remove the strings within your plots.

The Building and Grounds Committee is organizing and administering the project.  If you have questions, please contact Bob Keith.


Our NUUC Member Directory is now available online!  Go to the "About NUUC" menu tab on our website, and select "Members Directory."  You'll be asked for a password.  
Please ask Susan in person or via email ( for the password so that we can protect the privacy of our members. Also, please email her a digital photograph for inclusion in the directory if you can!  She will also be roaming around this month, randomly terrorizing people with her camera. 
For this mowing season, the Building and Grounds Committee plans to handle the mowing
using the same approach as last year, which will avoid us having to contract out the mowing
and save about $2,900 in the budget.

Our plan is for the B&G Committee to handle the
mowing on a rotating basis with some help from the congregation. B&G Committee members
will mow 3 weeks of each month, and the 4th
handled by a different volunteer from the congregation. This approach will spread the work so each committee member will mow only once a month, and each congregational volunteer would mow just one time during the season. Our approach will keep everyone's work
commitments reasonable.

The area to be mowed includes both the church yard (bounded by the driveway and the parking lot) plus the yard around Nielsen House. The southern field at the rear of our
property and the west side of the parking lot are excluded and will be mowed using a different
arrangement. We have a riding mower, which is used for almost all of the mowing. For a few
small, tight areas, which the riding mower cannot handle, we use a push power mower.

Therefore, we would like to get 1 or 2 volunteers from the congregation each month to
mow one time in the season. The mowing season runs from mid-April through early
November. But volunteers from the congregation will be needed only for the months of May through October, which is 6 months. Two of those months have 5 weeks and will require 2
volunteers, so we need a total of 8 volunteers.

Please consider volunteering to mow one time this season. If would like to help the church
handle the mowing, you can sign up on the mowing sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.

Just pick a date that works for your schedule. If you have questions or would like more
information, just contact Bob Keith at 740-369-1919 or .

Social Committee


"Here's a twist to one of our Rev. Ritchie favorites -- you may be a member of Social Committee and not even know it!   However, if you suspect that you are (the signs include a persistent desire to make good coffee, rinse cups, bake treats, open your home to folks for a meal, plan a movie night, or join in the fun at any given time) OR if you would like to learn more about our goals and  help with planning for the upcoming summer and fall, then please contact Eileen Watters for a "virtual" meeting, either by phone or by email.  Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm and caring." or 740-225-5342.  


Susan RevElations!


I wonder how you might be celebrating your May Day?  I had thought to write to you of the customs of the Celtic Beltane, that ancient celebration of fertility, sexuality and joyful mayhem.  I had thought to say how pale our modern observances are in comparison.


But friends, I attended the Cher concert last night, and am happy to say that pagan exhubrence is live and well. Senseless extravagence, just because we can--is yet possible, be it manifest now in the glittered costumes and impossible headresses and twenty foot columns upon which to raise our own fertility goddess, now 68 years young.  It was perfect.  May Day is simply more burlesque than NPR, which is exactly as it is intended. 


How might you greet the spring?  Where might you find irrespresible life? 


To Life!


From our Music Director


Music Sunday is May 4! This is our annual celebration of music
in worship. I am outrageously excited about the program this 
year, which will feature the following performers:
* The NUUC Choir will sing "Elijah Rock" a traditional Spiritual,
arranged by Moses Hogan.
* Kurt Zielenbach will be performing "A Simple Song" from Mass
by Leonard Bernstein.
* Emily Liede will make her NUUC solo debut singing and 
playing "Piano Man."

* The Aultman girls will sing "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen."

* Noella Morse and Rosemary Hartzler are preparing a flute 
duet arrangement of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."
* Galen Morse is working on something special with his 
teacher, Wade Jones.

* Violin virtuoso Elowen Conley will be playing "The Boy 
Paganini Fantasia."

* Amelia Petras will sing "Happy Working Song" from 

* Alex and Jason Burlison will offer a medley of songs on their

The NUUC Choir will continue to sing at worship services during
the month of May, but will be on summer break June-August. Soloists and small ensembles (of all ages!) are invited 
to perform at worship services throughout the summer. Please
see me to discuss repertoire and dates.
Musically Yours,


Marlene Hartzler, Music Director

Notes from the President of the Board


It is Spring here in Central Ohio, FINALLY!  After this long and brutal winter, we are able to start thinking of flowers, mowing lawns, warm weather and the summer months.  With this warm weather approaching, we also get to start thinking of what is coming up in the congregation.


First of all, Music Sunday is coming soon, that service where we celebrate the musical talents of our members, their children and our own outstanding choir.  It is one of my personal favorite of all of our services.


Second, look to start seeing some more programs implemented by the Threshold Committee.  We are instituting a "Thanks from the Board" program to honor those unsung heroes of NUUC that work tirelessly to insure that we offer the programs that make NUUC a home to us all.


Finally, our new addition is coming closer to reality.   We will be starting to work with Bruce Gardner this summer to begin the process of the addition.  Look for a congregational meeting in early fall to discuss the addition, putting the building up for a vote and starting a capital campaign. 


With the promise of a capital campaign coming up, we are requesting a volunteer in the congregation to lead our stewardship drive.  If anyone is interested in helping us with this very important series of initiatives, please let myself or Lauren Richards, our vice president know.  Please send an email to if you are interested.


Finally, I have not said this before, but I am honored to serve as your President.  We have challenges, but we have many strengths.


Blessed be.


Jeff Hill

Marty Keith invites you on a literary venture! 


 As a proposed follow-up to "Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography," led by Dick Leavy, Marty Keith invites you on another literary venture.  You do not have to have done the spiritual autobiography course to participate.  During this new exploration, ideas and exercises from The Pen and the Bell-Mindful Writing in a Busy World, by Brenda Miller and Holly J. Hughes, may help you find your "deeper self" and express it in words.  The sessions will have you noticing aspects of your life and details around you, and appreciating them!  Sign up on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall, or by emailing Marty at


            Projected sessions, one every two weeks, will be


1.     "Lectio Devina"  (really tasting and enjoying your favorite readings)

Suggested date and time:  May 19, 6:30 pm


2.     Opening the Senses: Details! Details!

Suggested date and time:  June 2, 6:30 pm


3.     The Moments "In-Between," and Maybe Not So In-Between

Suggested date and time:  June 16, 6:30 pm


4.     On Gratitude

Suggested date and time:  July 7, 6:30 pm


5.     Dwelling in Our Bodies

Suggested date and time:  July 28 (skipping Rummage Sale week!), 6:30 pm


6.     On Grief and Mortality

Suggested date and time:  Aug. 11, 6:30 pm

News from your Social Action Committee (SAC) - May 2014 Newsletter


TAKE ACTION ON HUNGER SURVEYS:  Following our March service on hunger and the movie, A Place at the Table, the Social Action Committee sought input from the congregation to help us plan follow-up activities to address hunger in our community. We are exploring opportunities with organizations in Delaware to become involved in direct service activities. Some of our ideas include assisting with the community garden located near Woodward Elementary School; serving meals at Andrews House; assisting the Mobile Market with the distribution of fresh produce and dairy products; helping with the summer lunch program at Woodward Elementary School; and participating in the Support Through Empowerment & Partnerships (STEP) program to create pathways out of poverty through education and support. If you are interested in getting involved in a community service project, please attend the next Social Action Committee meeting following the service on May 4th or contact Pam Patsch at


LOOSE CHANGE DONATIONS:  In recognition of Earth Day, our April Loose Change offering was donated to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth (UUMFE).  The vision and purpose of UUMFE is to make Unitarian Universalism a leading voice in environmental justice, to create quality resources to educate and inspire adults and children, and to make advocacy and witness for Earth central to our faith.    Additional information about UUMFE is posted on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  You can also visit the UUMFE website and Facebook page.


In May, our Loose Change Offering will be donated to Mothers Helping Mothers (MHM) in honor of Mother's Day. Mothers Helping Mothers (MHM) is a non-profit organization serving teenage and young adult mothers and their children. Their overall goal is to equip families with necessary tools to succeed in their daily lives, prevent cyclical homelessness and teen pregnancy. They are committed to assisting these mothers with overcoming barriers to economic growth, academic advancement, personal and professional development and life skills. They aspire to be the nation's leading community resource center for homeless pregnant teen mothers in need of safe housing and independent living support. 


At MHM, mothers become independent while learning to make healthy choices that will positively impact their lives and the lives of their children. MHM provides the following services to all teen and young mothers and their children: Individualized Caring and Confidential Case Management; Health Screenings HIV and STD Testing; Safe Housing (to those who qualify) ; Educational Resource Center; Parenting Classes; Mentoring and Life Skills; and Pregnancy Prevention Programs.  Additional information about MHM is posted on the bulletin board.  You can also visit their Facebook page or website at


SOCIAL JUSTICE LIBRARY:  The Social Action Committee has started a lending library of books and DVDs on social justice issues such as immigration, poverty, LGBTQ, environment, and human rights.  Some of our books include:  Behind the Kitchen Door; A Place at the Table; The Death of Joseline; No Impact Man; and Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash.  Our DVDs include: Chasing Ice; A Place at the Table; The Hungry Tide; and On Faith and Fracking.  Check out our selection on the bookshelf in Fellowship Hall and please consider donating appropriate books or DVDs to add to our collection. 


SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE BULLETIN BOARD:  Check out the folding divider in Fellowship Hall with information about upcoming SAC activities as well as issues and actions at the local, state, and national level.  If you have information about social justice issues you want to share with the congregation, please post it on the bulletin board or email it to Pam Patsch at


HELP WANTED:  Our Social Action Committee has some ambitious and creative ideas for this year, but we need your help.  We would love to have new (or returning) members on the committee to help us brainstorm and implement activities related to social justice.  We also welcome people who are unable to commit to being on the committee on a regular basis, but are willing to help with a specific project.  Contact Pam Patsch at if you are interested in getting more involved in social justice at NUUC.


NEXT SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING will be on Sunday, May 4th following the service.

 Treasurer's Report of March 2014


March 2014 financials for the month show Income of $14,800 which is $1,538 over budget.  Expenses of $12,226 are $1,095 lower than budget resulting in actual income exceeding expenses by $2,574. 


March YTD financials show Income of $36,544 which is $3,241 lower than budget.  Expenses of $37,478 are $2,484 better than budget.  YTD we have spent $934 more than our income.  Pledge offerings are $3,119 less than budget after three months.  


On the positive side, spending has been lower than budget in the following areas: Minister Professional Expenses, Office Supplies, Repairs and Maintenance, and Religious Education (Budget increased from $500 to $1,000 annual at March Board Meeting).


North Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Month ended March 31, 2014





2014 Pledge Offerings




Non-Pledge Offerings




Rental Revenue




Ways and Means-Fundraising




Service Auction




TOTAL Ways and Means-Fundraising









TOTAL Administrative - Church




Building & Property Insurance








Building Mortgage




Building Property Tax




TOTAL Building R&M




TOTAL Building Utilities




TOTAL Committees




TOTAL Compensation








Pledge Canvass















North Unitarian Universalist Congregation

YTD ending March 31,2014





2014 Pledge Offerings








Non-Pledge Offerings




Rental Revenue




Ways and Means-Fundraising




Service Auction




TOTAL Ways and Means-Fundraising













TOTAL Administrative - Church




Building & Property Insurance




Building Mortgage




Building Property Tax




TOTAL Building R&M




TOTAL Building Utilities




TOTAL Committees




TOTAL Compensation








Pledge Canvass















January minutes pending