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Social Action:
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Oct 7, 9:15 AM)
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Fair Trade:
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Building and Grounds: Could use help reorganizing Nielsen House, the Fellowship Hall, and the former nursery! 
Worship:  next meeting Oct 9, 6:30 PM

Religious Education:
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Board of Trustees:
Oct 20, 9:00 AM 
Annual Service Auction
The Annual NUUC Service Auction will be held immediately following the service on October 7!  

Don't miss this exciting way to compete, er, rather connect with your fellow congregants!  

Miss Merrily will be our Puppet-Auctioneer, and she has declared a one-day suspension of the "no food in the sanctuary" rule!  

We will be providing food for auction participants - plan to join us for the auction immediately following service!  The auction will begin at 11:45.  You can see the catalog of items that will be sold at  

If you would like to bid but cannot be present at the auction, please contact to get a proxy bidder. 
Upcoming Worship:
Living Our Faith- "Deeds not Creeds":


SACSocial justice work has historically been an integral part of Unitarian Universalism. In the NUUC covenant, we pledge "to serve humanity" and one of our congregation's proposed core values is to "focus on social justice, equality passions, and community outreach." Through our Social Action Committee, our congregation has contributed generously to a variety of social causes including Guest at Our Table, the school supply drive, and Montana de Luz. Individual members of the congregation also participate in many social action projects independent of the church such as the summer lunch program at a local school and the Nepal mission. However, participation in SAC meetings as well as activities such as the Pride Parade or Crop Walk has been very limited this year. The SAC will be meeting on October 7, 2012 at 9:15 am to discuss the future of the committee. One possibility being considered is to identify a single issue that would provide the opportunity for members to become actively engaged in an ongoing project within our community. The scope and impact of social action projects depends on the support and participation of the congregation. If you are interested in becoming involved in revitalizing the Social Action Committee, please plan to attend the meeting on October 7th. If you would like to be involved, but are unable to attend, please contact Pam Patsch ( or Tracy Steinbrenner (
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Fall is here and with the turning of the weather and the trees comes a bustling active church. Read all about it here!

By Rev. Susan Ritchie


Nothing makes a minister happier than a busy church building during the week.  Tomorrow night, Oct. 2, three beautiful things will be happening in the evening.  For one, a delegation of the Worship Committee, Laura Howe, and myself, will greet representatives from our religious neighbors, including the Sri Sai Saba Temple (just down the road on Lewis Center), the Jain temple, the United Methodist church (on Lewis Center), and the local Baptist congregation (which meets in the school).  The Worship Committee was the source of this exciting intiative to be in better cooperation with our neighbors.  This is after the Prayer Circle, conducted by our Commissioned Lay Leaders Allison Fagan and Teri Cornell, and at the same time as the start up meeting for parents of youth who will take the "Our Whole Lives" sexuality education course (I can't tell you how many young adults who had taken this course in high school tell me that it literally saved their lives). 


And stay tuned for more.  Once the "Our Whole Lives" calendar is solidifed, I will let you know the specifics about my plan to personally offer a number of adult education opportunities during the same time period, each on themes of UU and religious identity, and each planned so that one might attend all or just one or two.  Our stewardship pledge campaign officially kicks off the third Sunday of October, as well, so you will also see more information about that soon.  And, most exciting of all: our first ever Halloween party, Oct. 28.

To Life!




 By Lily Shahar Kunning, Director of Religious Education

Hello, everyone. We had a great meeting/discussion about RE after church on 9/23/12 and I am excited to get to know you all (adults and children/youth alike) over the next few months and help make the RE Program a source of pride and delight for everyone.  

Below, I share a summary of what was discussed and what will be happening soon (and what we need to move forward). Since people in attendance requested many forums and repeated information (to make sure everyone knows about what is happening), this note is posted on the RE board, on Facebook, and has been printed as an insert in the order of service.


Meeting Notes


Vision of curricula and implementation: emphasized topics include development of a UU identity and acting on that identity with social action, art and performance. Child-driven curricula that helps develop leadership and planning skills. Bringing in outside speakers and tapping the congregation for their outside skills.   Students will be appreciated for who they are and what they bring, as will all volunteers.   


More multigenerational worship, especially planned and led by the children/youth themselves- starting with Chalica 12/2.  


More communication was requested in as many forms as possible from RE program to congregation: new bulletin board, regular lay views, handouts, and RE Rep of the Day brought back to help.          


That the safety policy (specifically the two adults per room policy) must be met or classes will be merged or cancelled for that day. We have some dates that this is a possibility for the fall and need volunteers to ensure this does not happen.     


The Safety policy is going to be upgraded and reviewed by the RE Committee, in consultation with Julianna Nemeth (who is a professional and has volunteered for the job - thank you, Julianna!) This process, which ends in Board approval, will start in November.     

The parents and teachers assembled agreed that they would be comfortable moving the all the children's programs to Nielsen House once it was determined all the safety policies could be met in this circumstances.  Volunteers are needed to help with moving furniture, toys, and supplies--contact Lily if you can help. 


Lily (the DRE) has volunteered to be the second adult at Nielsen in the nursery during choir practice (8:30-10:25). There will always be an additional adult with the babysitter for extended services from now on, after church meetings, and any time there is a need for babysitting when there is no RE happening.     


Soon, there will be "busy bags" available in the vestibule for parents whose kids are with them during the service. These are bags continuing small toys and activities. They are being sewn by Sarabeth Petras (thank you!) and will be filled and placed there as soon as they are ready.     


Parents requested the reinstitution of the position "Re Rep of the Day". The RE Rep of the Day will have several duties: together with the DRE s/he will stay at church the first 5 minutes of worship to direct people with children to what they need to do to enroll kids in RE and get them to class. We will then walk them over to Nielsen, where teachers will already be. The RE Rep of the day will make sure attendance sheets are taken for each class, and that each class has the amount of materials needed to complete the lesson plan. They will give the attendance sheets to the DRE. The RE Rep of the Day is also a last-minute substitute for any teacher who cannot come at the last minute. We will be asking members of the RE committee to create a schedule for the RE Rep of the Day.     

We need more volunteers: for the RE Committee (which will be in charge of revamping safety policy and more!), for an RE Rep of the day each week, and for substitute teachers (see RE bulletin board for specific vacancies that need filling) and we need male-identified volunteers to teach OWL (Our Whole Lives Sexuality Curriculum). If you can fill one or more of these roles- please contact Lily ASAP!

If you are available to fill the myriad positions we have available, I want to hear from you. Together, we can make RE an amazing place for our children and youth.


Lily Shahar Kunning, DRE 

MarleneMusic Notes
By Marlene Metz Hartzler, Music Director 

Greetings! The NUUC Choir is in full swing with rehearsals and performances every Sunday. Almost every week I say to someone "I love my job," and I really mean it. It's a joy to work with talented musicians. They show up to early Sunday morning rehearsals. They bring ideas, enthusiasm, and deep caring for one another. Members of the congregation, I have a challenge for you: this month, say a heartfelt thank you to someone in the choir.
Word is getting out about the special music we have at NUUC. I was contacted by two groups this summer about collaborating, and I invite you to mark your calendars now for these new and exciting musical events:
1.      Friday, November 9 at 7:30PM. The Full Sound Chamber Group will be playing at concert at NUUC. This professional group has played concerts throughout Central Ohio and will be performing selections from the classical string quartet and quintet repertoire. Admission is free and a goodwill offering will be accepted.  
2.      Sunday, February 24 at 4:00PM at Asbury United Methodist Church in Delaware. Our NUUC Choir will be joining the Asbury Choir on their Concert Series. Stay tuned for more information about the program. This concert will be free and open to the public with a goodwill offering gladly received.  
Molly Watson has graciously agreed to conduct the choir and run rehearsals while I am at my sister-in-law's wedding this month. Molly was a choir director at a church in Sunbury before joining this congregation, and we are incredibly lucky that she has volunteered to take over while I'm on vacation.  
Here's a sneak peak at the music being planned for this month:
October 7: Molly Watson directs the new (to us) composition "The Way of Peace," a setting of a familiar hymn to new words. The choir has fallen in love with this song, and I know the congregation will too!  
October 14: Teri Cornell leads this lay service about the death and illness of her father. The choir will sing "Breaths" from the new teal hymnal.
October 21: "You Are the New Day" is a modern composition for unaccompanied voices.
October 28: Kurt Zielenbach will be the soloist as the choir sings "Heleluyan," a Native American chant.  
Musically Yours,
Marlene Hartzler, Music Director
Treasurer's Report, August 2012
By Koraleen Stavish, Board Treasurer

Outlined below is a summary of the financial report presented to members of your Finance Committee and Board of Trustees for the month of August, 2012:

Actual $ Received and Paid

Budget (Planned Receipts and Payments)

  1. August, 2012
2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means - Fundraising



Total Income



Total Expenses



  1. Year-to-Date
2011 Pledge Offerings



2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means-Fundraising



Total Income



Total Expenses



KoraleenLoose Change Report

Both September and October Loose Change will go to Helpline of Delaware and Morrow county.
Helpline of Delaware and Morrow County is a local toll free crisis support and information referral hotline for local residents.  For more information about  Helpline go to
MinutesBoard Minutes, September 2012

Their was an NUUC leadership retreat with OMD District Executive, Rev. Joan Van Becelaere  instead of a regular board meeting.
VolunteersVolunteers of All Stripes Needed
Our active and vibrant congregation needs volunteers of all kinds to do the work of building beloved community and social justice within our congregation and out in the world. Take a look at the opportunities available and see which opportunities appeal to you!

Religious Education: We need lots of volunteers to make the program run. We need substitutes to fill existing vacancies, act as last minute subs when someone gets sick, male OWL (Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education) teachers, and new members for the RE Committee. We also would like to bring back the RE Rep of the Day and need volunteers for that role as well.
Email Lily for information or to make a commitment.

Refreshments for Social Hour: Can you bring snacks and refreshments for social hour after worship? It requires purchasing items, coming in early for set up, and helping clean up afterwards. Sign ups are in the Fellowship Hall on the bulletin board nearest the kitchen.
With every breath and every step, may we be working to create the Beloved Community we all strive for!

Susan Ritchie and Lily Shahar Kunning
North Unitarian Universalist Congregation