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Social Action:
(next meeting-
Sept 2, 11:30)
Fair Trade:
Needs volunteers for sales!

Ways and Means:
Rummage Sale Wrap Up 

Building and Grounds: Could use help reorganizing Nielsen House, the Fellowship Hall, and the former nursery! 
Futures Committee:


Worship: next meeting Sept 9, 8:30 AM

Religious Education:
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Sept 9, 9:30):
Fall RE begins Sept 16

Board of Trustees:
Sept 22, 9:00 AM 
Service Auction
Get ready for the NUUC Service Auction!  

Save the Date!  The annual NUUC Service auction will take place on Sunday, October 7 after Church services.

What, you might ask, is a Service Auction?  It's a rather fun event to raise money for the church and also connect with one another in both healthy competition and then in service to each other.  
Each year, members of the congregation place offerings of services to be rendered to the highest bidder.  The types of services to be offered are limited only by your imagination and talents.  

Services can be offered by members of all ages and abilities.  Popular services offered in the past have included: 
  • Babysitting 
  • Yard work
  • Painting rooms
  • Organizing assistance
  • "Dinner to your Door" Meal delivery
  • Cooking classes
  • Knitting classes
  • Belly Dancing workship
  • Bread-of-the-month delivery
  • Custom-made jewelry or clothing
  • A night out at Shadowbox
  • Dinner Parties
  • "Behind the Scenes" tour of COSI  
As you can see, we have a wide variety of talents to offer one another.  The service auction can't happen without you!  

Your services (or your healthy competition in seeking to purchase those services) is what makes the event possible.  Please consider donating a service to help make this event a success.  
Also, we need volunteers to help set up the auction, to act as "Proxy Bidders" for people who would like to purchase but are unable to attend, and also to help things run smoothly during the auction.  

Over the next several weeks, keep an eye out in the bulletin for announcements regarding the service auction.  

If you have service donations that you would like to submit (Or Request!), Please email, with "Service Auction" in the Subject line.  If you would prefer to submit your donations in person, please put them in writing and give them to Becca or Nathan Morse.  Thank you!
Upcoming Worship:
After the Labor Day weekend, we welcome everyone back with our all ages Ingathering (Water) Ceremony on September 9.

Starting Sept 16, Religious education for Children and Youth resumes, with all classes (and the nursery!) meeting at Nielsen House.
Rummage Sale
Wrap Up:

RummageRummage Sale a Big Success


Our recent 2-day Rummage Sale on August 10 and 11was a big success.  Preparing for the sale involved setting up a store in Fellowship Hall during the 4 days before the sale.  We received so many items that we quickly completely filled Fellowship Hall and had to expand to the nursery room.  With more and more donated items coming in, we finally had to expand into the sanctuary.  We slid all the pews together, which cleared about half of the sanctuary floor space.  We had enough items to completely fill the sanctuary space and had some items displayed in the yard.


We had gross sales of $3121.04 from the rummage sale!  In addition, we took all the leftover books to Half Price Books and got an additional $262.50, making the total revenue $3,383.54 so far.  Also,we have taken the leftover high quality clothes to two consignment clothing stores in Granview and Delaware, so we'll have some additional sales in the coming months.  After the expenses of newspaper advertising and truck rental, the net proceeds are currently $3,049.38 and will go higher with the proceeds from the clothes on consignment.  The proceeds of the rummage sale will go into NUUC's general budget and help close this year's budget shortfall.


The rummage sale was a major event and took the work of many people.  We give a large thank you to all those who donated the many items, both big and small.  We also thank those who worked for 4 days to get ready for the sale by doing room and table setup, sorting and displaying items, and pricing items.  A big thank you goes to the crew who used a rental truck and vans to pick up large items at people's homes, putting in long hours on Thursday and finishing up on Friday.  We also thank the many people who handled the sales during the 2-day sale.  In addition, we thank the people who cleaned up the building after the sale on Saturday.  They did an amazing cleanup job.  When people arrived for the Sunday service, they couldn't tell that a rummage sale had occurred.  Special thanks goes to Marty and Bob Keith for all their work to make the rummage sale happen, from initially proposing this fund-raiser, planning and organizing it, and putting in many hours during the 6-day rummage sale week.


After the rummage sale, donations were made to various charities and groups of the leftover items that weren't going to be sold.  We donated children's clothing to Montana de Luz.  We also donated items such as glass bells, vases, decorative bowls, collectable dolls, glass figurines, etc. to the gift shop of County View of Sunbury, which is a nursing home.  The remaining leftover items were donated to Goodwill Industries.  We would also like to thank Darlene Tschudy for her donation to NUUC of the large sectional sofa and coffee table that didn't sell at the rummage sale.  The sofa and coffee table are a welcome addition to the living room at Nielsen House.

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Summer is drawing to a close- and Ingathering is almost here! read on about exciting happenings!
By Rev. Susan Ritchie


When the New York Times reporter left a message that he wanted to talk with me "about the Unitarian Universalist Association," I freaked out a little.  I don't usually regard my thoughts as having a sinister bent, but I did instantly think "scandal," and called all around Boston for information and advice.  Imagine how foolish I felt when the reporter reached me live, and his question was whether or not UU churches still closed their doors in the summer.  Must have been a really slow news day, one of my students said.   


It is true, that as a holdover of 19th century New England culture, many Unitarian churches locked the doors for the summer as everyone (well, everyone who belonged to the vacationing classes) fled the cities for the hills and the Cape.  For a while the custom here in the Midwest was to stay open, but with only lay lead services.  All that changed about ten years ago with the feminization of the ministry.  With more women entering the profession, expectations about ongoing care and availability changed rapidly.  I personally gave up my "summers off" in 2001, because I realized I really was working year around (so much that I just couldn't let go to seed for two months!) but the perception still was that I was out there sunning myself on the Cape, staying in a cottage without a phone.      


But even so...we still celebrate the Sunday after Labor Day as Ingathering, the official start to the church year, even though we never exactly stopped.  I think that is a fine thing.  Who doesn't want to participate in the excitement of beginning anew-remember the excitement of buying new school supplies?  I hope you can join us for Ingathering on Sept. 9.  We also celebrate our annual Water Communion then, so if you like, bring a vial of water that represents either your literal or spiritual summertime journey, whether the water be from the cape or not.

I am excited to be starting another year with this fine congregation.

To Life!


Rev. Susan Ritchie PhD
 By Lily Shahar Kunning, Director of Religious Education   

I am thrilled with the plans to really maximize use of Nielsen House this fall and make it the spiritual home of our children and youth. For those unaware of the plan:

This fall, all classes will have their own space at Nielsen and the nursery will also be moving across the street too. There are many reasons for the change:

1. The DRE (that's me!) can circulate throughout all classes easily, making sure curriculum is working for students and teachers, that connections are being made, and the space is being used effectively.

2. When we have age-integrated classes, the location change will help with the process (as well as other inter-age activities I have planned). For example, our first week of classes has each age level making a class covenant with their teachers, then we are all coming together as an entire program in the third week to make an RE program covenant.

3. The nursery will now have easy access to a "potty" without disturbing adult worship or leaving the kids who are still in diapers unattended during their trip to the facilities.

4. If we have a last minute sickness that leaves us short the adults needed to meet the safety policy, we can easily have me or another teacher right nearby.

5. Moving Chalice Children (and their art supplies, small table, and small chairs) and the nursery items to Nielsen frees up much needed space for storage in the main building. There is so much unnecessary clutter in the Fellowship Hall that can be stored in the old nursery and the Fair Trade committee will now have easy access to their stored goods, too!

I understand that change can be scary- but I think this change is a really positive one for children, youth, and adults alike. Feel free to ask any questions and/or give feedback at social hour about the move during social hour or via email!
MarleneMusic Notes
By Marlene Metzler, Music Director 

As we begin the new choir season, I am delighted to announce many news items. In future newsletter articles, I will be letting you know of two concerts (one instrumental and one vocal)- we're in the final planning stages as we speak. Stay tuned and read on....

The first choir rehearsal of the 2012-2013 season is Sunday, September 9 at 9:00AM. Current and prospective members should see me (Marlene Hartzler) for a folder of music prior to the first rehearsal.
Do you have a song in your heart that is aching to get out? This is the perfect time to join the choir. Rehearsals are every Sunday at 9:00, which means just one trip to church each week. Our repertoire is varied and is both challenging and inspiring. We use technology to help us learn pieces so even if you aren't an amazing sight-reader, you can learn the music at home. Come sing a song with us!!  
The NUUC Recorder Ensemble will be meeting the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 2:30-3:30PM. The recorder is a (relatively) easy and inexpensive instrument, perfect for adults who have played another instrument in the past and are looking for a challenge in an instrumental ensemble. Some loaner recorders are available. Current members should see me for new music before our rehearsal on Tuesday, September 4 at 2:30PM.  
I am putting together a YOUTH recorder ensemble to play for the Intergenerational service on Sunday, December 2. Perhaps your child has learned to play the recorder at school and would like an opportunity to play in an ensemble at church. Already we have five youth who will be playing but it would be great to have more. Sheet music for a holiday song will be available soon. Please let me know if your 5-12 year old is interested in participating. We will set up a few rehearsals at a time that is convenient for everyone.
Here's a sneak peak at the music being prepared for worship services in September:  
September 2: Darlene Tschudy and Karen Hedden will be playing a Tschaikovsky flute duet for the musical interlude.
September 9: A quartet of women in the choir will sing "Now I Walk In Beauty."
September 16: The full NUUC Choir will debut Meg Barnhouse's "All Will Be Well," recently arranged for SATB choir.
September 23: To honor the Jewish High Holy Days, the choir will sing the moving prayer "Avinu Malkeynu."
September 30: From the "teal" hymnal, the choir will be singing "Woyaya." Be sure to listen and learn- the congregation's turn is next!  
Musically yours,
Marlene Hartzler, Music Director
LauraPresident's Column
By Laura Howe, Board President


Soon we will have ingathering - a time when we come back together as a full community and reflect on our lives over the summer and reconnect to lead into the next season. I'd like to take this space and reflect on the some things the amazing work our NUUC community has accomplished over the summer.

First a huge thank you to everyone that helped with the rummage sale. Marty and Bob had a vision and planned it.  Many people gave merchandise and helped with the sale.  It was absolutely amazing the amount and variety of things for sale.  It was also amazing that (with some hard work) things were back to normal for service on Sunday.  Thank you

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find the treasurer's report.  You will see that our actual income is less than our budgeted income through the end of July. Typically there is a dip over the summer in pledge income however this is greater than past years. This year's budget was a deficient budget that included some income from capital. When we passed the budget there was a commitment to provide an update to the congregation later in the year. We will have a congregational meeting on September 30 for this purpose.  Pledge statements are in process of going out.  For now, please contribute financially if you can.  Your monetary support is needed.

Hopefully you had the opportunity to attend a Getting to Know You party.  There were a series of parties where we got to know each other in a setting outside of church and provide feedback.  I am exciting about the many possibilities that were identified.

Our worship committee has been reaching out to other faith communities in our immediate area to start interfaith discussions.  The response has been very positive and the first meeting has been set.  It is rather amazing that our little corner of Delaware County has such diversity in faith traditions.  It is something to celebrate!

This year we hired a DRE to specifically focus on children's religious education.  I am looking forward to the coming year in RE as there is new energy and changes.  One very obvious change is location of classes.  I know there will be other changes.  It is exciting.

There are many folks that we the results of their work such as our Buildings and Ground committee and the members that have volunteered to cut grass this summer.  Thank you!

On a personal note I've had the opportunity to work with the Harvest the Power is a lot of good content that I am still working through.   One immediate thing was that should ask the question "Are we doing the right work?"  as well as " Are we doing the work right?".  If you are interested there will be a class later this fall.  We will also be doing the right work in an NUUC leadership retreat in a few weeks.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending.  Working toward our future is empowering. 

KoraleenTreasurer's Report, July 2012
By Koraleen Stavish, Board Treasurer

Outlined below is a summary of the financial report presented to members of your Finance Committee and Board of Trustees for the month of July, 2012:

Actual $ Received and Paid

Budget (Planned Receipts and Payments)

  1. July, 2012
2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means - Fundraising



Total Income



Total Expenses



  1. Year-to-Date
2011 Pledge Offerings



2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means-Fundraising



Total Income



Total Expenses




MinutesBoard Minutes, July 2012
By Mary Ann Wojton, Board Secretary

NUUC Board meeting: August 25, 2012

Attendees: Nathan Morse, Jeff Hill, Kim Poderys, Mary Ann Wojton, Laura Howe, Nina Webb- Lawton. Koralleen Stavish, Marty Keith

Guests:  Futures Committee Members Bob Keith, Gary Rusk, Neil Kirby

Absent: Susan Ritchie
  1. Chalice Lighting by Laura Howe
Quorum Check:  Yes
  1. Acceptance of minutes of previous board meeting
  • Motion to accept minutes by Kim Poderys, seconded by Jeff Hill, Mary Ann Wojton abstained.  Motion passed.
  1. Treasurer's report
  • The pledge offerings year to date are behind where we've been in past August.  We had already passed a deficit budget, planning to use money in savings to cover deficit.
  • Reviewed expenses.  Expenses are not expected to go down, mostly salary and utilities.
  • We have not transferred any $$ from capital yet.
  • Bright spots:  successful rummage sale which wasn't part of Ways and Means plan during budgeting.  Ways and Means still has annual service auction and baked goods auction.  Other fundraisers may be possible.
  1. Minister's Report
  • Pledge reminders will go out late August.
  1. Old Business
  • Worship Committee - interfaith outreach is being discussed, meeting planned in October
  • Rummage Sale -  

Huge congratulations on fundraising, congregation bonding opportunity.  Some shoppers took information about NUUC congregation

  • Membership - Getting to Know You

Last "Getting to Know You" gathering is tonight.  Mary Ann is gathering comments and will analyze.

  1. New Business
  • Plan congregational meeting to share revised budget this fall.
  • Futures Task Force Update
  • Mary Ann motioned, Kim seconded, to remove the knee wall for $0 after speaking with Susan Ritchie.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • RE plan is for all children's RE to be in Nielsen House.  Need to get clarification on babysitting, chalice children
  • Revised Budget

Koralleen will work with Susan and Lily to project income and expenses through December 2012.

Pledge reminders are late going out, reminders will go out and this may prompt annual pledge givers which will help generate income.

Proposed congregation meeting on either September 23 or 30, 2012

  • Social Committee Chair Needed

Laura has someone in mind

  1. Important Dates
  • Next scheduled Board Meeting: Oct 20, 2012-9:00 a.m.   (September repurposed for leadership retreat)
    • Newsletter deadline: 4Th Wednesday Aug 22, Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 28
    • Announcements:
      • Sept 2 (Labor Day) Nina
      • Sept  9 (Ingathering) Marty
      • Sept 16 Nathan
      • Sept  23 Mary Ann
      • Sept  30 Laura
      • Oct 7 Marty
      • Oct 14 Laura
      • Oct 21 Mary Ann
  1. Adjournment

Nina moved, Nathan seconded that the meeting adjourn at 11:45 AM.  Meeting adjourned.

Please put these on your calendar -
  • NUUC Leadership Retreat will be September 15, 2012
  • OMD Leadership Day 2012 will be October 13, 2012 at First Unitarian Church of Cleveland(Shaker Heights, OH)
  • District Assembly 2013 will be a joint venture with the St Lawrence District, April 26-27, 2013. Keynote speaker is Rev. Peter Morales, President of the UUA. Location TBA.
  • General Assembly 2016 will be in Columbus Ohio  June 22-26, 2016
VolunteersVolunteers of All Stripes Needed
Our active and vibrant congregation needs volunteers of all kinds to do the work of building beloved community and social justice within our congregation and out in the world. Take a look at the opportunities available and see which opportunities appeal to you!

Religious Education: We need substitute teachers for all three levels of children and youth: Preschool and Early Elementary, Elementary, and Junior and Senior High School. This would be last minute fill-ins in the case of illness and the like. New curriculum will be debuting this year, as well as more regular communication and support for volunteers. Fall will be a holiday-laden curriculum, and spring will focus on social justice work and artistic expression. Poets and artists from the community are already being lined up to come in and help!

Email Lily for information or to make a commitment.

Refreshments for Social Hour: Can you bring snacks and refreshments for social hour after worship? It requires purchasing items, coming in early for set up, and helping clean up afterwards. Sign ups are in the Fellowship Hall on the bulletin board nearest the kitchen.
With every breath and every step, may we be working to create the Beloved Community we all strive for!

Susan Ritchie and Lily Shahar Kunning
North Unitarian Universalist Congregation