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May  2012
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Racing is here with 100+ in the Susan Hood Trophy Race!


What a great start of the season! Many boats were on the water these past weekends; it's good to hear a few did long double handed sails looking to tune up for the season. One boat sailed to Cobourg from Port Credit for a first overnight sail in preparation for the Susan Hood. Hopefully we have all been out on the water and tested out our summer entertainment. As part of your review process, we always recommend you check out the various safety regulations that are posted on the Susan Hood Trophy Race, Lake Ontario 300 and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series websites to see some of the new recommendations that have come out since last year. The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group promotse safe racing and have posted multiple links to safety related sites that will be informative in light of the upcoming Susan Hood Trophy Race.


If you are registered and have not received your update, please feel free to contact As you register for this year's race you will receive the full information package including how to pick up your Skippers Bag and Shirt. Good Luck with the start of the season, we look forward to seeing you on the start line. 



Darren Gornall
Chair, Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group

Less than a week to go! 


June 1st is the Coolest Race on the Lake - Susan Hood Trophy Race  

It's been dubbed the Coolest Race on the Lake, because it is cool to be competing overnight during the first weekend in June. It is cool to be on the water and it certainly is cool to hold up the Susan Hood Trophy or one of the North Division Flags at the Sperry Top-Sider Post Race Party.

If you are one of the 20 IRC yachts registered for this year's race to date it is shaping up to be a very hot competition. Likewise the 15 double-handed yachts registered to date are also competing in tough divisions. With 100 boats registered to date, there is still time to sign up and join the action.

Susan Hood Trophy Race Line Honor Celebration

An added bonus for this year's race will be the presentation of Champaign to the Line Honour Winners. Piper Heidsieck Champagne have donated a bottle of their finest Champaign for both PRHF and IRC Line Honour Winners to celebrate their victory. A special thanks to Select Wines and Piper Heidsieck who will also be involved in the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge.



Once again we are expecting record numbers out to start our opening race on June 3rd. Many yachts have already booked their dock space to stay after the Susan Hood Race and many have booked and are planning to sail in on Saturday and enjoy the fun.

Either way it is going to be a crowded start line and lots of fun.


Once again PCYC are putting on a special breakfast for the LOSHRS gang and the first Skipper's Meeting of the year will follow with some great prize give-aways including our popular Mount Gay Rum. Make sure you're there to receive your skipper's bag and all the information you require.


7:00 am Breakfast starts: $10.00 all in,

9:30 am Skipper & crew meeting, Draw Prizes

11:00 am The first warning


Important Notice:

  • The SI's are posted on our website
  • Don't forget your LOSHRS backstay pennant
  • Remember to bring your starting division pennant



The course is the same as last year, PCYC to Clarkson Mark - left to port, then to Dufferin Bell Buoy leaving to starboard and onward to Gibraltar leaving it to port and finishing just east of Centennial Pier.


Any questions call Ian McAllister at 905 823-1071 or email


LOSHRS Registrations are done on-line at



Lake Ontario 300 Challenge


Get registered by June 1st and qualify for a draw for a great sailing tool.


There is less than a week to take advantage of this year's early bird draw prize of an exciting Sailing GPS system manufactured by Sailtimer Inc. Valued at $400.00, this hand held GPS system can make the difference in any offshore race. IT has some great features that can be seen at .


Register here!


Sailing GPSThe winning boat name will be drawn at the Sperry Top-Sider Post Race Reception for the Susan Hood Trophy Race.

Sailtimer is a Canadian company based in Halifax Nova Scotia




True North Yachts to sponsor Post Race Celebration at this year's Lake Ontario 300.


True North Yachts understand this race and are pleased to provide us with a Post Race reception area on their new Hunter Max. This fabulous yacht will be stocked 24 hours with the most desired refreshments and will be docked on the wall in front of the club house and right by the Mount Gay Photo Wall.

This is an exciting new feature that is brought to you by people who know this race, have raced it and have wanted a good cold one at the end.


Line Honors For First Time Participants Sponsored By Gord Honor: Royal LePage


Another new and exciting feature for this year's race is the introduction of a special Line Honor prize that will be awarded to first time participants in the Lake Ontario 300.


Both the Main Duck Course and the Scotch Bonnet Island Course will have a "Line Honor" winner who will be the first yacht to cross the line out of all the first time participants.

The prize is $500.00 and is a great way to encourage new participants into this race. It is an exciting challenge that everyone should try at least once.


Prior to the start of the race you will be confirmed as a first time participant in this race to inform you of your chance to win. You can't be a repeat skipper with a new boat or a repeat boat with a new "Skipper". It's going to be another of our little challenges within the Challenge.


Thanks to Gord Honor: Royal LaPage Realty for making this happen and supporting our race.


Mount Gay Rum - Proud to Launch their new Black Rum at the Lake Ontario 300.


This year Mount Gay will be providing a little twist to their sponsorship with the introduction of their new Mount Gay Black. (due out in Liquor Stores midsummer). This does not change the colour of our traditional hats, but will change the flavour of what we are drinking. With this announcement you can count on some good Dark n' Stormy's being served pre and post race.


The numbers of Mount Gay hats are limited, so please sign up early if you want to be assured of your souvenir hat.

War of 1812 - June 12th 1812.


In commemoration of the 100 year anniversary, we thought we would provide you with some tid-bits of Lake Ontario Nautical History that took place during the War of 1812. It may give you a perspective on the size of this lake when you read about the number of war ships that did battle in various harbours and points on the lake throughout the war. These excerpts and short stories are being brought to you by


Battle Of Sackett's Harbour  

May 31 - 1813


On Thursday evening last, the British fleet, consisting of the Wolfe and the Royal George with 24 guns each,  the brigattine's Earl and Moira with 18 guns each; Prince Regent, Simcoe and Senca schooners mounting from 10 to 12 guns each along with two gunboats and about 40 various flat-bottomed boats and barges sailed from Kingston and on Friday the 28th  of May and appeared off Sacketts Harbour. This fleet was under the command of Sir James Lucas Yeo, having on board 1200 men, under Sir George Prevost.  The day was fair, the wind was light, and at noon became a leading breeze for the enemy's vessels. The fleet hove to at five miles distance transferred their men to the barges for disembarking. They then bore up at about two o'clock with their barges in tow - they had stood their course for  a short time when they discovered a fleet of our barges with troops from Oswego coming round Stoney Point. 


Read the full story here!

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The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group is responsible for the planning of the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge, the Susan Hood Trophy Race and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series under the organizing authority of the Port Credit Yacht Club.
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