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May 9, 2014

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We interrupt our regularly schedule newsletter to bring you some really BIG news!


We, at Jaltemba Bay Life, want to help our advertisers make a bigger and better statement on the web -- and we think our awesome new programming changes and improvements will do just that!


Today, we'd like to unveil the following:

  • BIGGER Photos on Client Webpages
  • BETTER Client Contact Information
  • NEW Layout Changes to Client Webpages
  • and the NEW Long Term Rental Category (from last week)


Advertisers: Please note that these updates WILL affect your webpage! 


We will be manually updating all advertiser's webpages in the next few days, beginning with hotels and rentals. If we have not updated your webpage by Monday, May 12, please email us to let us know.


Read all about it!



Tomorrow, we celebrate Mother's Day here in Mexico, so Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. It is also the first day of Nuestra Seņora del Rosario de Talpa (the Patron Saint's Festivities of Our Lady of the Rosary) in La Peņita. To find out what else is happening, read through the information below and take a peek at our online Community Calendar. 


The next issue of the Jaltemba Bay Life Newsletter will arrive in your Inbox on Wednesday, May 14  just in time for your morning coffee. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog and forum, as we post information, stories and photos there on a regular basis.




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What's Happening

Upcoming Holidays & Events: 

  • May 10 -- Dia de las Madres (Mother's Day)
  • May 10-20 -- Nuestra Senora del Rosario de Talpa (Patron Saint's Festivities of Our Lady of the Rosary), La Peņita
  • May 15 -- Dia del Maestro (Teacher's Day) 
  • May 15-31 -- Vallarta Lifestyle's Restaurant Week, Puerto Vallarta
  • May 17-18 -- Guayafest 2014, Guayabitos
  • June 1 -- Dia de la Marina (Navy Day)
  • June 20 -- Dia del Padre (Father's Day)


Visit our Community Calendar to view all upcoming and ongoing events, classes, music, dinner specials and more posted by business owners and event organizers. Don't forget to add your event... it's FREE!

Mother's Day in Mexico: An Extraordinarily Special Day
by Christina Stobbs
What a special and grand celebration Mother's Day is in this beautiful country called Mexico! The beach, restaurants and streets are overflowing with families celebrating Mother's Day. The local stores are packed with colorful flowers, especially roses. I wonder where they get all the roses from and how expensive they must be for those families on a limited income to purchase.  Read More


Schedule Announced for 2014 Patron
Saint's Festivities in La Peņita
by Jaltemba Bay Life Team
Fiestas Patronales 2014 Poster

Each year from May 10-20, La Peņita de Jaltemba celebrates Nuestra Seņora del Rosario de Talpa (the Patron Saint's Festivities of Our Lady of the Rosary). During these 11 days, the different colonias (neighborhoods) in La Peņita organize themselves and show their devotion to Nuestra Seņora del Rosario de Talpa through several activities, mass, singing, pilgrimages and fireworks.  Read More


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