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April 2013

President's Message  


In the spirit of our wonderful organization...shalom, aloha, hola, greetings, ciao, ellohay, blessings, hello, Kyo, xin cho!


Since our January chapter meeting, we have seen the candidate filing period come and go, and some of us (me included) were able to cancel their election. Although fleeting, I had a sigh of relief knowing that I will not have to split my time between the budget process and conducting an election. I will lift up my fellow NTMCA members that have to juggle both, because I know the time involved during this hectic season. I remind everyone to keep in touch and lean on one another during the next few months. Remember to come up every now and then for some air. A good way to keep yourself grounded is to join your colleagues at our monthly meetings. It is easy to fall back on-I'm too busy, bad timing, too far, short staffed. I believe we have all been there at one time, but if we don't take care of ourselves, most importantly our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states we will eventually find that we are running on fumes. As a chapter, we need to keep one another lifted up. I encourage you to find a fellow chapter member who can be your accountability partner.




I tip my hat to Vice President Diane Cockrell. She has done an excellent job lining up speakers for our monthly chapter business meetings. In keeping with the Board's goal to provide self-empowerment series for members, our February guest speaker Marti Miller was spot on! Ms. Miller is no stranger to NTMCA or TMCA and anyone who has had the fortunate pleasure to meet her can attest to her lively spirit that is contagious. So it should not surprise you that she spoke about "Motivational Mentoring". In our profession, we support the foundation of our entities. As such, we must use our tongues wisely; build trust with one another; help one another; choose words wisely; and pay attention to the little things. She encouraged us to be a champion of leadership. She went on to say that we cannot push someone down and lift them up at the same time. We must never overlook the power of connection.   If you are interested, Ms. Miller has written a book, which will be released soon and is titled "Tell me Something Good". Lastly, I want to thank Zolaina Reyes and Felicia King for hosting the February meeting.




You would think that Marti Miller would be a hard act to follow, and to most that might be true, but Lisa Carver with Moxie Lisa CarverConsulting, Inc. knocked it out of the park (golf course-reference to location of meeting). The Professional Seminar Committee found a true gem in Lisa Carver. She was the sole speaker for our full day seminar and presented two sessions-Managing Multiple Priorities and Competent Leadership through Confident Conversations. She shared a great deal of information with the group and below are some seeds that I will sow: 

  • The Law of Slight Edge - small improvements over time can make a big difference
  • Do not be a barrier to your own enjoyment
  • I will not allow others to put undue stress on me...I will find strategies to deal with the stressors
  • To develop a habit you must have knowledge, skill and desire (K+S+D = Habit)
  • To build effective relationships = competent leadership
  • We can only control our attitude and behaviors

Ms. Carver kept everyone engaged throughout the day with her wonderful blend of humor and presentation style. Everyone walked away with their own nugget of valuable information to assist them in our high-demanding profession. Ms. Carver provided us food for thought and methods to sharpen the tools in our toolkit.


Our professional seminar would not have been possible without the generous donations of our sponsors Kofile Preservation, MCCi and Franklin Legal Publishing. We are grateful for their consecutive (three years) sponsorship of our professional seminar. Please remember to thank our sponsors the next time you see them. A big round of thanks to Mary Supino, city secretary, Arlington; Shannon DePrater, town secretary, Town of Crossroads and Laura Bell, assistant city secretary, Carrollton for organizing an exceptional program. As a reminder, the program is eligible for IIMC credit.    


If you are interested, please contact Mary Supino.


We need you to help us keep our Chapter strong! I will see you in Carrollton on April 17th. Additional information on our guest speaker is included in the newsletter. I'll give you a hint...bring your retention schedules. 

Committee Drive

We are looking for a few good men/women to support the NTMCA Chapter by serving on a committee. We have a few openings remaining on the following: 

  • Membership
  • Municipal Clerk of the Year
  • Technology/Communications

Committee descriptions:


Membership -

  • Coordinate membership drive and encourage attendance at monthly meetings-utilizing TML membership base-Regions 8 and 13;
  • Work with Treasurer to maintain membership list during membership drive;
  • Provide Secretary "News of Interest" to include in newsletters;
    • Announcements-retirement, relocation, births (children/grandchildren), etc.
    • Achievements-marathon participant, degree, recognition by Council, state, etc.
    • Deaths/illness
  • Manage delivery of arrangements or cards for members (celebration, loss, etc.);
  • Develope guidelines defining serious illness, items of concern, announcements and appropriate level of acknowledgement; and
    • Present to NTMCA Board
    • Present to membership for approval
  • Review guidelines on annual basis  

Municipal Clerk of the Year -

  • Coordinate with Secretary to publicize nominations in newsletters;
  • Coordinate with Historian to publicize nominations on website;
  • Provide articles for NTMCA newsletters (minimum of two per year-second and third quarters);
  • Receive and review nominations;
  • Nominate two (2) chapter members;         
    • Chapter Municipal Clerk of the Year
    • TMCA City Secretary of the Year (meeting all State criteria)
  • Coordinate and submit necessary paperwork for TMCA nominee State Municipal Clerk of the Year; and
  • Responsible for plaques to be presented at June recognition luncheon;
    • Coordinate attendance of City Officials and family members

Technology/Communications -

  • Review and recommends changes/updates to the NTMCA website;
  • Assist Historian with member pictures;
  • Maintain communication with members regarding matter of interest and importance;
  • Develop outreach programs
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Upcoming Meetings 


April 17, 2013 - City of Carrollton


June 12, 2013 - HIlton Southlake


July 17, 2013 - City of Arlington


August 21, 2013 - City of Haslet


September 18, 2013 - City of Haltom City

April 17 Luncheon

City of Carrollton

Records Management Discussion  


How long has it been since you had an official from the TSLAC front and center to take your questions? Our next meeting will be hosted by the City of Carrollton on April 17, 2013.


Sarah Jacobson,Manager, Records Management Assistance, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, will address our group. Sarah will address email retention, electronic records management and long-term digital preservation.


If you have specific questions for discussion, please forward those ASAP to Diane Cockrell at


Watch for the registration e-mail next week. You will not want to miss this informative meeting.

Upcoming Newsletters

If there is a topic of interest or subject that you would like to see addressed in an upcoming newsletter, please let any of the Board know. If you would like to contribute an article for consideration, please submit it by e-mail to April Hill.  



NTMCA Officer Applications 


NTMCA Officer Applications are also being sought at this time.  If you are interested in becoming an officer of the NTMCA, please submit your application to the Nominating Committee (Sherry Reeves) by the May 15th deadline.  The Committee will present the slate of officers to the membership at the June meeting.  Should you have any questions regarding the officer positions, feel free to ask any present or past officer. 

Membership Drive
Membership In Numbers
The Membership Committee would like to say thank you to everyone that has renewed their membership for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  The North Texas Chapter is close to reaching the goal set for the year.  Thank you as well to anyone that has reached out to a neighboring City Secretary and invited them to a meeting and to join the chapter.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to complete the membership application and submit your dues today!  Our membership goal for the year is 95 and we are currently at 82 members.  Remember that dues support our activities and programs for the year.  In today's tight budgets more and more clerks are searching for ways to meet the educational requirements of our profession and NTMCA will strive to continue to support the award of as many scholarships as possible. 


If you have ideas or would like to help reach out to potential members, please contact Kim Sutter (City of Euless)  - 817-685-1419 or


Download Membership Form Today!  The cost of our chapter dues is $30.00.

Please remember when processing your application form online and paying via PayPal, to submit an electronic version of both your application and confirmation from PayPal to Board Treasurer Julie Heinze
We are an awesome chapter...let's lead and be a model for our sister chapters.