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February 2013

President's Message  


In the spirit of our wonderful organization...shalom, aloha, hola, greetings, ciao, ellohay, blessings, hello, Kyo, xin cho!


It is always a little hard returning from the holiday season. I trust you and your families enjoyed the break, because now we get to hit the ground running to prepare for the upcoming election cycle. Since the last newsletter, our Chapter met in Richardson on January 9. I want to commend the "weather warriors", borrowed from Mr. Murray, for making it to the City of Richardson. I also extend my gratitude to Aimee Nemer and City Manager Dan Johnson for hosting and making each of us feel welcome in their city.


Our guest speaker Scott Murray did a phenomenal job and I know my wrap up of the meeting will not do him justice. Mr. Murray shared how we can achieve peace, prosperity and perfection with the Pyramid of Power. At the top of the pyramid is our purpose. In order to build and see our purpose to fruition we begin with the foundation blocks (characteristics) of passion, preparation, perseverance and positivity. We need to nurture our purpose so we reinforce our foundation with our ability to produce solid and professional works that will make us and those who work with us proud. We are not in the boat alone and at times our purpose is shared with others so our partnerships (relationships) with our team members (personal or professional) and our guiding principles is the mortar that holds and keeps our pyramid strong. Sometimes it is not easy doing the right thing, but if we keep our eye on the goal we can achieve our purpose (goal).


  Power of Pyramid

One thing Mr. Murray mentioned that I will remember is that our success is based on having the right stuff and cultivating relationships. I encourage you to keep the below acronym close to your heart.


R - Relationships, Respect, Responsibility

I - Impactful, Influence

G - Gratitude, Graciousness                                                   

H - Hope, Humble, Humor 

T - Trust (built with integrity and honesty)                


I'm telling you...good stuff was shared at our January meeting. In keeping with integrity, I will share with you Jon Stigliano's (former speaker) definition of integrity. To have integrity, a person must base his/her actions upon a well-thought out framework of moral principles. What he/she does should be the same as what he/she says. So let me ask your actions match what you say?    


Let's keep our Chapter strong! I look forward to seeing you in Watauga on February 20th. Additional information on our guest speaker is included in the newsletter.


As a reminder, we are implementing a new outline for our meetings to allow members sufficient time to network with one another.

11:00 a.m. - Register/Network

11:15 a.m. - Lunch available

11:30 a.m. - Guest Speaker

12:30 p.m. - Business meeting


You will not want to miss the February meeting. Keep an eye out of the registration e-mail that will hit your inbox later this week. 


We will have membership forms for fiscal year 2013 at the business meeting.  If you have not registered, please bring a check for your annual dues.  If you prefer to utilize your City's purchasing card (P-card) visit ourwebsiteto pay for your 2013 annual dues.  Please keep in mind that we need you to complete the membership form and e-mail, mail or fax it to TreasurerJulie Heinze.  

Membership Drive

Hunting season is open, and I am searching for members to join/rejoin the fabulous NTMCA flock!  The new membership year began October 1, 2012, and we are tremendously short of our annual membership goal!  To date, 56 have chosen to fly high with NTMCA into the new membership year.  NTMCA.  If you have not yet renewed, now is the time.  You can do so by ...

1) paying your membership dues on-line.  Be sure to complete an application and mail it to Julie so that we have your contact information!  

2)  Or by mailing your application and dues to the Julie Heinze (address on bottom or application form). 


Download your Membership Form Today!  The cost of our chapter dues is only $30.00.  Please remember when processing your application form online and paying via PayPal, to submit an electronic version of both your application and confirmation from PayPal to Board Treasurer Julie Heinze. 

Committee Drive

We are looking for a few good men/women to support the NTMCA Chapter by serving on a committee. We have a few openings remaining on the following: 

  • Alyce Deering Scholarship
  • Audit Committee
  • Membership
  • Municipal Clerk of the Year
  • Nominating
  • Technology/Communications

Committee descriptions:

 Audit Committee -

  • Examine all NTMCA financial records at the end of the fiscal year using set procedures;
  • Coordinate with outgoing Treasurer;
  • Upon completion, report findings to the President; and
  • Provide article for newsletter (minimum of one per year)       

Membership -

  • Coordinate membership drive and encourage attendance at monthly meetings-utilizing TML membership base-Regions 8 and 13;
  • Work with Treasurer to maintain membership list during membership drive;
  • Provide Secretary "News of Interest" to include in newsletters;
    • Announcements-retirement, relocation, births (children/grandchildren), etc.
    • Achievements-marathon participant, degree, recognition by Council, state, etc.
    • Deaths/illness
  • Manage delivery of arrangements or cards for members (celebration, loss, etc.);
  • Develope guidelines defining serious illness, items of concern, announcements and appropriate level of acknowledgement; and
    • Present to NTMCA Board
    • Present to membership for approval
  • Review guidelines on annual basis  

Municipal Clerk of the Year -

  • Coordinate with Secretary to publicize nominations in newsletters;
  • Coordinate with Historian to publicize nominations on website;
  • Provide articles for NTMCA newsletters (minimum of two per year-second and third quarters);
  • Receive and review nominations;
  • Nominate two (2) chapter members;         
    • Chapter Municipal Clerk of the Year
    • TMCA City Secretary of the Year (meeting all State criteria)
  • Coordinate and submit necessary paperwork for TMCA nominee State Municipal Clerk of the Year; and
  • Responsible for plaques to be presented at June recognition luncheon;
    • Coordinate attendance of City Officials and family members

Nominating -

  • Coordinate with Secretary to publicize nominations in newsletters;
  • Coordinate with Historian to publicize nominations on website;
  • Provide articles for NTMCA newsletters (minimum of two per year-second and third quarters);
  • Receive and review applications;
  • Nominate officers for consideration by the membership for the upcoming year;
  • Committee comprised of three members and immediate past president (non-voting liaison); and
  • Committee meets in July and presents slate of officers to membership in August

Technology/Communications -

  • Review and recommends changes/updates to the NTMCA website;
  • Assist Historian with member pictures;
  • Maintain communication with members regarding matter of interest and importance;
  • Develop outreach programs
Next Meeting - February 20, 2013
Our next meeting will be held in Watauga.
  • Registration for this event will open on Wednesday, February 6th. Please keep an eye out for the registration e-mail.

Our meetings and your attendance at the meetings is vital for the growth and strength of our chapter.  Please consider carpooling to the luncheons. 

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Alicia Richardson, President


Diane Cockrell, Vice President

Julie Heinze, Treasurer

April Hill, Secretary

Amanda McCrory, Historian
Upcoming Meetings 

February 20, 2013 - City of Watauga


March 27, 2013 - Professional Seminar - City of Euless


April 17, 2013 - City of Carrollton


June 12, 2013 - HIlton Southlake


July 17, 2013 - City of Arlington


August 21, 2013 - Host City Needed


September 18, 2013 - Host City Need

Interested in being a host city?

Are you interested in being a host city for a business luncheon meeting?


What is involved with being a host city? 

  • provide location for approximately 30 - 35 people
  • arrange a caterer and coordinate with Chapter Secretary to provide accurate count and Chapter Treasurer to keep within budget

The last few years we have seen an increase in our meeting attendance.  We believe that rotating meeting sites has made it easier for cities/towns to attend.  We would love to come to your city/town to network and conduct our business meeting.

Please contact NTMCA President Alicia Richardson at if you are interested in being a host city.

February 20 Luncheon

City of Watauga

Our next meeting will be hosted by the City of Watauga on February 20, 2013 - Watch for Your Invitation to Register on February 6th. We look forward to seeing you in Watauga to hear one of our favorites: Marti Miller will share "Motivational Mentoring". Anyone who wants to: inspire others to excellence; lead and build momentum; improve the quality of relationships in the workplace, community or home or teach others to excel through the spirit of appreciation and caring. You will not want to miss the opportunity to learn new ways to inspire others in your life.

Upcoming Newsletters

If there is a topic of interest or subject that you would like to see addressed in an upcoming newsletter, please let any of the Board know. If you would like to contribute an article for consideration, please submit it by e-mail to April Hill.  



Certification & Re-Certification

The North Texas Municipal Clerks Association is proud to announce the Certification and Recertification Clerks for 2013. Thank you for the time you've invested in our profession.


TMCA Certification Graduates of 2013

Ceclia Castillo, Irving

Shannon DePrater, Trophy Club

Janice England, Saginaw

Martha Garcia, Arlington

Laura Hallmark, Rowlett

Keesha Lay, Keen

Malinda Nowell, Weatherford

Theresa Scott, Flower Mound

Nicole Seidel, Fort Worth

Pam Sereika, Alvord

Michael Wells, Bedford


Recertification 2012-2017

Dee Arcos, Granbury

Diane Callahan, Highland Village

Art Camacho, Haltom City

Shelly Doty, Cleburne

Krysten Jeter, Dalworthington Gardens                    

Ivy Peterson, Cleburne

Diane Rasor, Newark

Rosa Rios, Dallas


The retired clerks featured in this photo are some of the cornerstones of our NTMCA group.  



Professional Seminar

March 27, 2013


Please join us March 27, 2013 in Euless for our annual Professional Seminar at the Texas Star Golf Course, 14000 Texas Star Parkway, Euless


Guest Speaker

Lisa Carver, Moxie Consulting, Inc


Supported by the following Sponsors:


Speaker Sponsor

Franklin Legal Publishing



Breakfast Sponsor

Kofile Preservation

We are an awesome chapter...let's lead and be a model for our sister chapters.