November 7, 2012 - Business Meeting Recap

In the spirit of our wonderful organization....shalom, aloha, hola, greetings, ciao, ellohay, blessings, hello, Kyo, xin cho!  I would like to express my gratitude to those who joined us on November 7 in Southlake and encourage our members who could not make the meeting to attend our Holiday party scheduled for December 5, 2012.


At our November meeting, guest speaker Ron Hollifield did not disappoint NTMCA members.   He was so energetic and animated in his delivery of "Don't take everything so's not always about you" that you wanted to "pump your hands in the air".  We learned to break through our insecurities and not operate out of fear.  Ron said to remember, "It's not about me and it's not about now."  If we follow this rule we are better equipped to do what is best for our respective municipality.  In other words, don't take everything so personal and look at the bigger picture.  If we are not careful we can let a thought, comment, lack of knowing "being privy to" information take us into a downward spiral, which keeps us from being effective in our job.   Ron's experience as a city manager was evident when he shared anecdotal stories about municipal government. Ron is the first of many great speakers for our 2013 Empowerment Series. 


In chapter business, the members approved action on the following items:

  • September 12, 2012 minutes;
  • September and October 2012 treasurer reports; and
  • 4th quarter treasurer report

I reminded those present at the meeting of the importance to serve on a committee.  We need everyone's help and I appeal to each of you to apply. Your chapter can make great use of your talents. 

As a reminder, our membership drive is under way.  If you have not submitted payment for your 2012-2013 dues, please complete a membership form and mail your check to Treasurer Julie Heinze.  If you have a purchasing card, your renewal is easy with a few clicks of your mouse.


Audit Committee Chair Diane Callahan informed the membership the committee met on October 10, and there were no significant findings. The committee recommended a review/audit of the Secretary and Treasurer luncheon attendance and payment records by the Vice-President as a check and balance for cash received at meeting and the issuance of invoices related to luncheons and that expiration dates of funds awarded as scholarship coincide with the end of the fiscal year versus calendar year to facilitate tracking of funds. 


We look forward to seeing you in North Richland Hills on December 5.  Look for your invite in your e-mail box later this week.  You do not want to miss the entertainment of Art Camacho and friends. Holiday Committee Chair Laura Bell advised that Community Enrichment Center (CEC) is our selected non-profit organization.  The silent auction is sure to bring in funds for CEC.  If you know of vendors who might be interested in providing an item for the silent auction, please contact Laura Bell. While you are thinking of it...please make sure the date of December 5 and the remaining meeting dates are on your calendar. 


I would be remiss if I did not share with the chapter the two notes received from Norma Grimaldo with the City of Odessa and TMCA President Leann Gallman.  Ms. Grimaldo thanked the chapter for the gift card donated at the TMCA graduation banquet.  TMCA President Gallman expressed her gratitude for our hospitality.  She enjoyed our program in Burleson and our commitment to educating our members.


I ran across this while researching information and it is most fitting for our profession and reinforces Ron's topic. Don't think too much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place.


Alicia Richardson

NTMCA President


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