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IUPUI Research Explores How Reducing Staff Burnout for Mental Health Workers Impacts Patient Outcomes  

The School of Science Honors Program offers students the opportunity to build on the school's challenging curricula through deeper, more engaging learning experiences in the classroom, in the lab, and throughout campus. 

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Recent Study Reduces Casimir Force to Lowest Recorded Level
A research team that includes an IUPUI physics professor has recorded a drastically reduced measurement of the Casimir effect, a fundamental quantum phenomenon experienced between two neutral bodies that exist in a vacuum.
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IUPUI researchers and collaborators at Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered the details of how cells repair breaks in both strands of their DNA, a potentially devastating kind of DNA damage.

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American Psychological Association

Psychologists are finding that boorish behavior can have a lasting effect on well-being. Assistant professor Michael Sliter's research explores hows incivility made a big different in employee performance and productivity. 

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Six Degrees of IU: A Unique Networking Event
Thurs, Jan. 23, 6 - 8pm
Indianapolis Artsgarden
The evening will feature IU alumni who have made an impact in central Indiana, both in their professions and in their communities. Interactive roundtable discussions will allow attendees to ask these alumni experts for advice on networking and career strategies.
Click here to learn more about the Life Health Sciences Career Fair
1st Annual Life Health Sciences Career Fair
Tues, Mar. 4, 10am - 3pm

IUPUI Campus Center 

3 Ways to Participate

1) Job Seeker: This will be an excellent opportunity to meet, greet, and network with employers in the life and health sciences sectors. 

2) Volunteer:  As always, it is the volunteers that make this event possible. We will need volunteers to help students revise their resumes during the weeks leading up to the career fair (February 17 - 28).

3) Employer: Meet students and alumni with science and technology expertise your company needs.  


A little fun...
IUPUI Science Student Music Video
IUPUI science students share their passion for science via music video
Issue: 19December/2013
A message from Dean Simon Rhodes ...Dean Simon Rhodes, School of Science at IUPUI

With 2013 winding to a close, we at the School of Science look back at another successful year in the classroom and community and for our research initiatives.

This year proved to be one of great transformation. The most noticeable change is the dedication of the new Science and Engineering Laboratory Building, Phase I. We're happy to report that many of the research and classroom labs will begin operations in the spring.

This building clearly demonstrates how closely research and teaching are linked at IUPUI. What makes IUPUI and especially the School of Science unique is that here undergraduates can get not only an outstanding classroom experience, but they can do real research for their entire college career. They are tackling real research questions, not just taking laboratory classes. They are investigating disease mechanisms, applying math, physics, earth science, and computer science principles to provide quality of life solutions for the people of Indiana. This optimally positions our graduates for the work place, for professional school, and for graduate school.

A recent report documented that there are 2.4 job opportunities for every person holding a STEM credential in Indiana--despite the poor economic conditions of recent years. At the School of Science, we are proud to be a major contributor to resolving this shortage of highly trained workers. Nearly 90 percent of our students are from Indiana, and about the same percentage go on to their next career steps in Indiana.

We're proud of our accomplishments this year and look forward to working with new partners dedicated to enhancing STEM education and research. I encourage you to become personally involved in shaping this transformation through financial support of the school or involvement in school initiatives. Let's join together to ensure Indiana will be a leader for generations to come.


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Simon Rhodes
Dean, School of Science at IUPUI
selbNew Building Reflects IUPUI's Integration of Research & Education

Click photo to view gallery.

IU President Michael A. McRobbie presided over the November 19th dedication of the Science and Engineering Laboratory Building at IUPUI.
The building is the first nonmedical science academic building to open on the IUPUI campus in 20 years and contains about 35,000 assignable square feet for research and teaching spaces.

Speaking at the dedication, undergraduate chemistry major Devin Bready said that many students at IUPUI have been significantly influenced by their involvement in research. Bready has been investigating the biology underlying acute kidney injury through his research in the lab of biology professor and chair Simon Atkinson whose lab will move from its current location in the medical school to the new building this spring.

"I could have never envisioned that I would have any part in contributing to meaningful medical research," Bready said, "but I now plan to pursue admission to a dual degree M.D./Ph.D. program and eventually have a career in academic medicine."

"With our nation's renewed focus on the STEM fields, bridging the gap between research and education should be recognized as an integral part of educating the next generation of scientists and engineers," added Bready. "This new building will help physically bring researchers to the area of campus where students are taught."

The ceremony featured a keynote address by John C. Lechleiter, chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly and Co., and McRobbie presented Lechleiter an honorary Doctor of Science degree. Lechleiter joined Lilly in 1979 as a senior organic chemist and rose through its ranks to his current position.

"What we're dedicating today is not just steel and stone and glass ... or even new labs and teaching space, as important as they are ... but rather the promise of better lives for millions of people," Lechleiter said.
Center for Urban Health to Lead Research to Create a New Kind of Science Museum
Indianapolis Waterways Will Connect and Inform the Community

The Center for Urban Health (CUH) at IUPUI will serve as the primary research partner on a $2.9 million grant from the National Science Foundation to create sites along Indianapolis waterways where arts and sciences will be used to educate the public about the local water system.  


"We're creating the first science museum in Indianapolis, but it will not be a building. We're using the city itself as a learning environment," said Gabriel Filippelli, director of the CUH.

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Alumni Connection
CEO of Fifth Third Bank Receives Inaugural John T. Hazer Distinguished Alumnus Award
Professor Emeritus John Hazer (left) with IUPUI psychology alumnus Kevin Kabat, CEO Fifth Third Bank
Professor Emeritus John Hazer (left) with IUPUI psychology alumnus Kevin Kabat, CEO Fifth Third Bank
The Department of Psychology presented Kevin T. Kabat, Vice Chairman and CEO at Fifth Third Bank, with the inaugural John T. Hazer Distinguished Psychology Alumnus Award in recognition of the outstanding achievements he has achieved in his career and as part of the community. Following the award presentation, Kabat discussed ways he has leveraged his psychology degree in the corporate world
, emphasizing how important it is for leaders to invest in employee success.

"Our I/O program promotes the scientist-practitioner model, and Kevin has drawn on several of its features to excel in the workplace over his career. He has clearly demonstrated analytical thinking, problem solving, and innovative leadership to rise to the top of his profession," said John T. Hazer, Professor Emeritus in the psychology department.  


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