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Issue 58
October 21, 2015

Act Now

Maryland Mortgage Loan Originator License 2016 Renewal Process

The 2016 NMLS Streamlined Mortgage Loan Originator License Renewal Process begins on November 1, 2015, and ends December 31, 2015.  The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation ("OCFR") encourages all Mortgage Loan Originator ("MLO") licensees to review their NMLS record to confirm it is up-to-date and complete, prior to the submission of a renewal application.  All requirements must be satisfied before a renewal application can be submitted.
Actions you must take:

1.  Complete Continuing Education ("CE") requirements.

  • You must complete eight (8) hours of NMLS approved continuing education (including one (1) hour of instruction on Maryland mortgage-related laws).
  • Because it may take up to seven (7) days for a course provider to report a course completion to NMLS, complete your CE requirements as soon as possible.
  • Failure to complete the required CE (and updating your NMLS record) will prevent submission of your renewal application.
 2.     Update & complete your NMLS record before submitting a renewal application.
  • Log into NMLS and confirm that your record is up-to-date to avoid delays.  Failure to update your record will prevent submission of your renewal application.
  • Resolve all outstanding deficiencies or requirements in your NMLS profile.  Unresolved requirements or deficiencies will prevent the license renewal.
Assuming no outstanding issues, a MLO renewal application will be approved fifteen (15) days after submission.  A Renewal Handbook is located in the NMLS Resource Center to assist you through the renewal process.  Additional information about the renewal process is available on the Streamlined Annual Renewals page of the NMLS Resource Center.
For More Information
For more information, please contact Juan M. Sempertegui, Director of Licensing at (410) 230-6102 or via email at 

Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

500 North Calvert Street, Suite 402

Baltimore, MD 21202-3651

410-230-6155 | Office    410-333-0475 | Fax


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