Announcing the Alpha-1 Kids Education Fund 

The Alpha-1 Association is pleased to announce the establishment of an Alpha-1 Kids Education Fund with a gift of $50,000 from Alpha-1 Kids. This Fund will provide the resources to continue and expand programs and services of Alpha-1 Kids by the Association for parents and Alpha-1 children and adolescents. "The needs of families and kids with Alpha-1 is an area that must continue to be addressed", stated Don Rabush. "We are happy to entrust the Alpha-1 Kids program to the Association and know that it will grow and thrive in future years."


Jennifer Childress According to Marlene Erven, Executive Director of the Alpha-1 Association "The Education Fund will provide funding for programs such as the Seigman Scholarship program that offers full travel scholarships to families with newly diagnosed children to the National Education Conference and for travel scholarships to education days, the development of educational materials, and support programs for Alpha-1 children and adolescents."  


"We are excited about the opportunity to expand the program and services offered to parents and families with Alpha-1 children," stated John Castillo, Chair of the Alpha-1 Kids Committee. "The Committee is undertaking a needs assessment to help determine the needs of parents and kids for program development. We invite parents to contact any of the Alpha-1 Kids committee members to provide input or volunteer your assistance in the program."   


For more information about the Alpha-1 Kids Education Fund and the program, please visit Alpha-1 Kids at: If you would like information on the Seigman Scholarship program please contact or call: 1-877-3463212.  Contributions may be made here to support the Alpha-1 Kids Fund.