January - February 2015 
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Hi I just participated in the "Pajama Game "in high school it was my first time being in the pit orchestra.  It was a lot of rehearsal, a lot of fun I hope to do it again. What e had a little bit of a snow delay on one night we had to cancel but we ended up doing a matinee and evening performance just like Broadway. The same weekend was Super Bowl Sunday and one of my favorite teams Denver won!  That was really cool!   Right now were on a plane leaving for Belize to go on the Presidents week vacation!  See you all when we get back!   Jeannie


Hey all! Happy VD!! Oh.....that doesn't quite work......Happy Valentines Day. Anywhoo, Valentine's is the time of year when New Yorkers indulge in chocolate, sentiment, and our favorite competitive sport: restaurant reservations. Good luck, soldiers. And happy Presidents day and Black History Month! 
Exciting news from the cafe! Starting next week, we will be sourcing our regualr coffee from Oslo Coffee Roasters right over in Brooklyn! We'll be getting beans within four days of being roasted by Oslo's team of small-batch artisan roasters Their premium coffee beans come from farmers who use ecologically and socially sustainable practices, helping to support a healthy ecosystem and to provide a fair living for their workers. We couldn't be happier to be partnering with a dynamic and ethical local business! Come in and taste the love, starting 2/15!!

 Be well and warm-John

Happy Black History Month, from all of us here at Ripley-Grier. The world of American art and music would be a ghost of itself, were it not for the contributions of our African American brothers and sisters who struggled against crushing odds and brutal violence, and along the way defined what it is to be an American artist. The struggle continues. We stand with you.

-Rosa Parks
feng shui color chart
Patricia Ripley: 
Feng Shui and Fitness

So as of 2/8/16 we are in the year of the Red, Fire, Monkey.  Last month I gave you the characteristics of this sign in the last newsletter.  To clarify,  even you though you may be born in the Monkey years I noted, in that article, the Chinese year does not start on January 1sr.  So those born between Jan. 1st and Feb. 7th will be in the sign of the year before. This time period of Feb. 8th til March 5th the Monkey will need to be careful if something looks good there could be dangers,  detailed planning avoids future problems*

 We went to a school play last weekend and it was great.  "The Pajama Game" was perfomed by Long Beach High Schoo'sl talented actors, singers and dancers.  Jeannie was in the pit orchestra and reallly loved it inspite of the week being exam week and an many hours of rehearsal including an 11 hour one day rehearsal.

 We are off to Belize with Butch's sisters and spouses for President's week.  We hope to snorkel, paddleboard and take Yoga classes as well as walk along the beaches.  Also some excursions to Mayan ruins and the "Blue Hole" in the reef.  We will all participate in the group lessons offered so we plan to stay in shape while gone.
Wiishing everyone a lovely Valentine's Day!  The days are getting longer, Spring is around the corner.
Do a Good Deed Every Day,  Patricia Ripley