January 2016
Hey all! Hope that you dug out ok! Being from Michigan, this brings back memories of lovely spring days and picnics in the park. The best part is, I no longer have to look at my Christmas Tree out on the sidewalk (you're off the hook, DSNY!)

Happy 10th anniversary with the company to our insanely talented graphic designer Graham McCarty! And happy 29th birthday to Ripley-Grier Studios! (I know, we don't look a day over 16, do we?)

Big shout out to all the colleges we hosted last weekend. I'd like to note that not ONE of them cancelled during the blizzard. Not even Boston! (Of course, in their case, they'd have to go BACK to Boston, so I can understand why they stuck it out). Stay warm out there, troops!

-John Norman
Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios

Meliza Fernandez

Some folks are looking for  a slow, gentle, low impact workout. Killer Bodies is not that workout.
I recently had the opportunity to speak with a funny, sweet young lady with the very descriptive nickname of "Murder Mel". You might think by the sound of this moniker that Ms. Fernandez has created a grueling and intensive fitness regimen that is demanding and challenging, and you'd be right. Meliza says that the most common reaction to the first class is "Oh My God. That was CRAZY." By the third class, she claims, you'll be addicted. With a background as a dancer and teacher for the Miami-based Vixen Workout, Fernandez' Killer Bodies uses easy to learn choreography set to modern hip-hop and R&B, to capture the feel of club dancing while putting her students through an intensive cardio and fat-burning regimen that can show results in the first few weeks. An intense and energetic presence, Meliza started Killer Bodies when she was one month pregnant, and taught up until her due date. Speaking from home with her newborn, she talks about why she chooses our studios over all those other guys: "Ripley-Grier is unlike any other place in the city. It really feels like a family." Welcome to the family, Murder Mel! Please don't hurt us!
Interested students can contact Meliza at bodiesbymeli@gmail.com
feng shui color chart
Patricia Ripley 
Feng Shui and Fitness
Happy New Year!   Wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous and adventurous new year!   

Holiday News:
  We traveled to Tulsa for Christmas;  missed Mom so much especially when we were with family.  Great to have Shayne, Heather and the grandkids in Tulsa this year. We had Christmas dinner at our neice,  Le Ann's, beautiful home. The next day we hosted a fun brunch at the Tulsa Marriott;  gathered with loved ones.
 We headed to Santa Monica for the New Year.  I popped in the ocean one day boogie boarding in Santa Monica near the pier. The water is chilly all year in the Pacific in California, so I mailed my wetsuit and gear out.  It was my first time in the water in California;  a dream come true.  All in all a pretty successful trip.
Current News:
  Whew!  "Jonas"  We missed the worst of you.  Yes, we did get a record amount of snow and we could not travel for a day, but no flooding and no electrical outages. Today, Sunday, is a beautiful sunny day.  We are out shoveling and clearing the snow, but we are also playing, taking pictures, wallking the dog, going to the beach and checking out the beautiful waves.  Everyone is out greeting neighbors; shoveling cars out of deep snow, clearing walkways and driveways.  Hope everyone made it through the storm safely.
Feng Shui:   
  In Chinese astrology this is the year of the Fire Monkey:  birth years 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992,  2004, 2016.  Monkeys are born with superiority complexes.  Clever and full of guile and charm and adroit in self-preservaion.  Extremely versatile and can do well at at almost anything, no challege too great.  Monkeys only trust a few people as they have suspicious personalities.   Lack of recognition often leads to frustration.  Monkeys are, however, very much in demand.  Snakes and Tigers do well to avoid them. This will be a challenging year for them, there is risk of illness and accidents.  They should try to attend as many happy events such as weddings, birthdays, and christenings.  Follow the law and follow the heart.  Detailed planning avoids future problems. Don't over extend yourself, be not too aggressive; it will cause stress.  Carefully planned investments will pay off.  Self-discipline and good deeds wll keep you on the right path.  In the Fall your luck will improve.  Be firm in decisions.  You'll know who your true friends are when the chips are down.
Fitness Advice:
 Do make New Year's resolutions, especially concerning health & fitness.  Reduce stress, don't ignore any signs of illness. Take preventative measures to keep your immune system strong.  Get outside even in chilly weather, keep moving to avoid "cabin fever" and weight gain. Enjoy longer days!  Regards, Patricia
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Happy New Year!!
 Hopefully everyone enjoyed the holidays. During my holiday break from school, I went to Oklahoma to visit family for Christmas. I got some awesome presents including a lifesize model of R2D2 from Star Wars that moves and makes sounds! We left there on the 27th and went to Los Angeles where I was able to visit my friend, Rayleene, who I hadn't seen in months. We went to Universal Studios. I have been there multiple times, but this last trip was my favorite. We got a VIP tour of the studios and went on all the rides. My favorite ride is The Mummy because it is the only roller coaster in Universal Studios. To finish the day,  we did the Universal Backlot Tour VIP style. We got to get out of the tram and go into sound studios and prop rooms.  The next day we went to Six Flags in Valencia. That was my second time going to that park and it was definitely better than my first trip. We went on all of the rides except for Superman (it was closed). My favorite rides there were X2 and Tatsu. They were really scary, but so much fun. I would love to go back soon.  Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Butch Grier and Patricia Ripley.