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Look Who's Gonna Live Longer!!!

Congrats to Mike Garcia, our newest non-smoker! By accepting the RG Stop Smoking Challenge and remaining smoke-free for six months and counting, Mike gets 500 smackers and a set of shiny pink lungs!



Within the first two weeks of June, I went to two different events.  First, on June 6, I went to Digifest  a big outdoor gathering at Citi Field.   Digifest has famous YouTubers coming together at one time.  They have meet and greets and performances.  Other bands or singers also perform as well.   Demi Lovato performed this year.  When I went last year, Fifth Harmony performed.   I was able to meet some famous YouTubers!!

The 2nd event was a big jam session at Nikon Theatre at Jones Beach Saturday June 13th .  It was called the BLI Summer Jam.   Nick Jonas, Walk The Moon, R5, Flo Rida, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and more performed. It was a lot of fun.  I went with my friend Kimberly, it was a warm clear night and we saw some great performances.  

Looking forward this next week to seeing Train and The Fray again at Nikon.  It is a fun venue outside and it is only 25 minutes from my house.

Happy Father's Day  Pop!!      Jeannie 


Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of Ripley-Grier owners Patricia and Butch.


June 2015
Happy Father's Day!
Hey all-
Big shout out to all the TONY winners and noms, especially those we have had the good fortune to host over the years, and huge congrats and love to the incomparable Joel Grey, one of our first loyal clients back when we opened 72nd street studios, for his Lifetime Achievement nod at the Astaire awards last month. Oh! and my favorite holiday approacheth! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of us who have gone without sleep, social lives, and spare cash to rear these magnificent humans. They're totally worth it (reference adorable photo below).

We've been busy as usual here finding new ways to be awesome. Next time you come in to 520, post a selfie on Instagram and tag #ripleygrier and watch it pop up on our big digital display! Instant fame!

See you at the shop.


me and boys Happy Summer,


John Norman

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Haila Strauss
If you are an actor who wasn't born in pointe shoes, you certainly know the feeling. You're in an audition. You nailed your 16 bars and charmed the casting director. You got the callback. You're in your sweats in a huge space with 50 other "actors-who-move-well", and the choreographer saunters in, brimming with energy like she's just drained the nearest Starbucks of it's entire stock. Suddenly she's speaking in what sounds like another language, until you realize it's the moves that you are expected to master in the next 90 seconds, throwing out more step-ball-changes than you can shake a stick at. PANIC. Haila Strauss is here to help. "An actor's vocabulary is very different [from a choreographer's]. It's like teaching people from other cultures to understand each other." Haila is one of those rare creatures in the New York dance world: an actual Native. Growing up in Brooklyn, she studied with Marjorie Mazia, wife of the legendary folksinger Woody Guthrie, and a member of one of Martha Graham's pick-up companies. Later, Haila would study with the master herself, as well as Hanya Holm, and would go on to earn her Masters in Dance at Columbia University. Currently on staff at Marymount Manhattan, where she teaches Movement for Actors and Ballroom Dance, Haila specializes in "performers who are afraid of dance class". She finds her work with actors to be particularly rewarding, as, in her words, "when an actor dances, they will put a subtext to it; WHY they are dancing. It can be quite beautiful."
Haila is available for private coaching, and can be reached through her website

Patricia Ripley: feng shui color chart

Fitness and Feng Shui 

Greetings/Happy Summer!!   Summer Announcement:  Fitness Concepts for Life at Ripley-Grier Studios!


 I am proud to announce the newly formed collaboration of five Master Fitness Teachers under the moniker Fitness Concepts for Life. They are Butch Grier, Cathy Lloyd, Patricia Ripley, Marie Elena Scioscia and Cathy Ward. We have a brand new website:  which is launching this week. These teachers have over 150 years combined experience. You can learn more about the 5 masters, the classes and the class schedules and pricing on the website. You will be able to make reservations via that website using  In addtiion we will have a phone voicemail option:  212 799 LIFE (5433) and access extension 306. That will be up and running also by 6/18.

 This collaboration will provide the older adult fitness student a varied  menu of fitness classes from Yoga, Pilates,  functional fitness, Total Gym circuit training  to the Eric Hawkins (dance) Technique. You will be able to experience each class the first time for $10.00  ($180.00 for 10 after that)

 We have come together to give our older adult students a way to keep in fit by experiencing expert classes geared toward the older adult who wants to stay fit or the beginner who wants to get fit. Start now and continue your fitness journey with us; small classes, experienced teachers, Upper West Side location.


  This is also the month we honor and celebrate our Fathers. Please let the men in your family know how special they are and acknowledge their efforts to embrace their increased responsibility and dedication when they become fathers. Please teach your sons how important is to be a father, and express your gratitude toward those fathers who tried their best to be the fathers they hoped to be.  Happy Father's Day to all!!