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Ripley Grier StudiosOctober 2014
Fall leaves

Happy Fall, y'all! Time to break out the sexy jackets, eat too much candy, hit the gym to work off said candy, rinse, repeat.

A happiest of birthdays to our Fearless Leader, Patricia Ripley! The theatre world wouldn't be the same without you, and I'd still be temping. Big love.

If any of you get out to LA or Hollywood and need space, check out Space Station studios. Great people and spaces. We wouldn't steer you wrong!

Thanks to all the college kids who stopped by and picked up our FREE Actor's Survival Kit. If you haven't grabbed yours, bring your student ID to any RG location before Friday! me and boys

John Norman
Ripley Grier Studios
In the Spotlight: Brukwine!
It's challenging to say something about the sexy dance/fitness workout Brukwine that hasn't already been said. Only two years old, the program has already been showered with love from Self, HuffPo, and the New York Times. An adaptation of Jamaican Dancehall moves that can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout, Brukwine was created by professional dancers Tavia Bailey and Tamara Marrow back in 2012, when they were asked by students in Taiwan to create a dance-based workout. They brought Brukwine to RG later that year, and we immediately noticed an uptick in very happy - and very sweaty - students here at the studios. Brukwine, with its emphasis on feeling sexy and sassy,  might by the only workout in the city where students are encouraged to wear heels. The name comes from the Jamaican slang "Bruk", meaning to break loose, and "Wine", which refers to the swiveling or "winding" of the hips, which is one of dancehall's signature moves. So what about Brukwine for us guys? "Men are totally welcome!" says Tavia, "But they have to DANCE! They can't just come and watch!" There you have it, guys. Brukwine, though we might wish it was, is not a spectator sport.

You can find out more about Brukiwine by reading their articles in Huffington Post, Self, or The New York Times, and find out about class schedules here at Ripley Grier and other venues by visiting
Feng Shui and Fitness and Me - Patricia Ripley
feng shui color chart

Wow what a month so far!  Experiencing Feng Shui philosophies and principles in many ways.

 Three of our relatives from Arkansas came up for a week, including Butch's Mom who is 87.  We took them to see "The Book of Mormon" and later in their stay,  I took them to the 9/11 Museum.  My mother in law really liked "Mormon",  and the performance got a standing ovation.

 The day before they flew home we went down to the museum.  We took the LIRR and then the subway, an exciting trip for them.  We were all moved by the museum.  As we approached the construction site, I lost it as the memory of going to that place when "The Pile" was being worked on came flooding back.  When we were walking the Trades' footprints in the museum I could have sworn I smelled that particular smell.  The one that had floated up on the wind to the Upper West Side when we lived there after the attack and during the cleanup days.  A lot of scary and sad memories came back.  But there were also reminders of how brave and committed the first responders were and how the city handled itself during that crisis. The bravery of the Flight 93 folks, the sacrifice.  The memorial pools/fountains are magnificent and it feels appropriate and somber.

I remembered the pervasive  'loss of innocence" emotion back then and the realization that the world would never be the same, my world would never be the same.  The dream I had been living in was over and I was crushed.  In time I created another dream life and I keep revising it as I go along.  And life goes on...

    I celebrated my 68th birthday on October 2nd and of course I continue to celebrate the whole month, so cheers to me!!  Jeannie and I went out to Montauk for three days to celebrate both our birthdays. It is a tradition;. a mother/daughter weekend. I went boogie boarding at a beach in town, because my two favorite spots, Ditch Plains and Poles were so crowded.  What a beautiful day that was, the water was still so warm folks were swimming all over town the beaches were full and bonfires sprung up everywhere.  Montauk is a special place in my heart, it is my writing retreat (again in my dreams).

    I  taught two introductory Feng Shui classes this month, on October 9th in Oceanside and October 20th in Long Beach.  They went well and now I am going to plan a class at RG 520.  I'll announce it in a future newsletter.  

    My weight loss plan is slow but steady,  I have now lost 6 lbs and am nearing a weight milestone which I'll speak about next issue.  Advice: as the weather gets cooler, get dressed and get out. The air is clean and refreshing.  Consider signing up for classes or a gym membership and commit to a regular routine, or purchase a piece of equipment that will be used, not stored.   


Have a Happy Halloween and stay safe,

Blessings,  Better and Better,   Patricia


Soup Season is Upon Us!

Rosie has some great new soups at the cafe, just in time for crinkly leaf weather! Come and try our Curried Chicken Chowder, Crab Bisque, Chicken Jambalaya, and more! 


Walter Laughery  


We bid farewell to Walter Laughery, a client of ours for decades, who parted the physical world earlier this month. A warm and elegant man who we all cared for deeply. We'll miss you, Walter. 

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O Captain, My Captain!! 

Captain Derek Jeter's last home game with the New York Yankees was against the Baltimore Orioles on September 25 last month. My dad got tickets to the game. My seat was right inside the foul pole in section 108. Before the game started, I predicted what would happen. I said that the Orioles would score first, but the Yankees would take the lead. I also said that the Yankees would lead until the top of the 9th inning, when the Orioles would tie the Yankees. In the end, I said that Jeter would either hit a home run, or an RBI.  Lucky for me, that's exactly what happened. I even recorded Jeter's winning hit on my phone!! This game will definitely be remembered and I'm very excited that I got to be there. We're also proud that Derek has been a Yankee and ended his career in the manor he chose. A true champion and a gentleman.

Jean-Michelle Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Butch and Patricia.