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Ripley-Grier is proud to announce RG Outreach, our umbrella organization for all our charitable and community service programs. If you would like to know more about partnerships and ongoing programs, please contact John at this address
In an effort to get you where you need to go faster, we have added an audition board to the 16th and 17th floors! You're welcome!



This month I got to see my favorite band, R5, in concert twice!  I had general admission and VIP tickets to their concert on June 10th, thanks to [RG General Manager] Stas, but about a week before the concert, I was invited to a private concert for the premiere of their new music video, Rock That Rock. The premiere was only one day before the concert on the 10th. I got to meet them two days in a row! In April, I entered a contest to be in their new video by submitting a photo of me with Ring Pop candy in my hand. Ring Pop then chose 50 people to be in R5's new music video. Some of those people were chosen to go to the premiere too! While you wait for your photo with the band, you can take a photo at the photobooth, get a cool "Rock That Rock" tattoo, or just eat some Ring Pop candy. After that, R5 performed a couple of acoustic songs for the audience. We also got awesome goody bags with candy inside! The next day was the second concert at the Best Buy Theater.  I got to the meet and greet late because I thought it started later. Because of that, I got to take my time while getting my photo with band instead of being rushed.  I was the only one there, and I even got to hang out with them for a little and got some big hugs!   To make the night even better, I got really close to the front with only one girl in front of me, even though I was late!! These two nights were unforgettable and I can't wait to see them for the sixth time on September 26th in New Jersey!!


Go check out R5's new music video "Rock That Rock" on YouTube!!


Jeanne-Michelle Ripley-Grier is the daughter of Ripley-Grier owners Patricia and Butch.


June 2014
Hey all-
It seems like only yesterday that I switched from espresso to iced coffee (my traditional rite of spring) and now summer is upon us! Be sure to take advantage of our July 4th weekend sale! All studios 40% off on July 4th, 5th, and 6th! Yes, we are open on the 4th! We are not, however, open after 6pm on June 28th, as we are giving our staff the night off and taking them to a fancy dinner because THEY ARE AWESOME. Agreed? Agreed.

Oh, and we'd like to give a special shout-out to our friends at the celebrate Long Beach Music and Arts festival, going on Saturday July 12th at Kennedy Plaza in LB. Come out and show your support for their school district's music and art programs. With spending cuts running rampant in our educational systems, these kids need our support!

See you at the shop.


me and boys Happy Summer,


John Norman

New York's Premier Rehearsal
and Audition Facility


Theatrical Bellydance 

Ranya Renée
Recently, we at RG had the singular pleasure of hosting the 2014 Theatrical Bellydance Conference, the brainchild of bellydance luminaries Ranya Renee and Anasma. I spoke with Ranya over the phone after she had recovered from the week-long event, attended by dancers and instructors from as far away as India, Japan, and South America. Ranya's love affair with this art form began when she was in her 20's, a Yale grad and aspiring theatre director who had never felt "in [her] body" until her first bellydance class. "It's such an empowering form, using your body in a very deep way". Modern belly dance comes in many forms, from the traditional style to many hybrid forms that have become popular in recent years. The Theatrical Bellydance Conference, which Anasma and Ranya started in 2010, aims to bring all these dancers together to explore the performance aspect of bellydance, from lighting, to storytelling, to prop usage.
Although Ranya is quick to point out that there are male bellydancers, what many find striking and refreshing about it is the wide variety of body types that are celebrated in this traditionally female dance form. As to this open-ness, Ranya explains "in bellydance, we work from the inside, out. Everybody has an inside."
Explore these links for more information on Ranya, Anasma, and the Theatrical Bellydance Conference 

Patricia Ripley: feng shui color chart

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology for Creative People

There is an affirmation that I learned when studying with Jose Silva and the Silva Mind Method, originally the Silva Mind Control back in the 80's.  "Every day, in every way I'm getting better, better and better"

In my many interactions with folks I would say "how are you?"  I get various responses but the most disturbing was, "I'm ok"  When I first heard that statement it was from an attractive, intelligent, ambitious, healthy young man with a great future..  It shocked me.  I have always responded " I'm great",  "I'm fine and you?"  or "better and better"   If someone said  "I'm terrible, or " I'm not doing so well",  it was an invitation to inquire further.  But  "I'm ok"  seemed sad, seemed unaware of one's own incredibe luck or fate. We always should compare ourselves to others in the world who did not receive the blessings of life, "yet" (more about that three letter word next issue).

In Chinese Culture their are 5 Life Factors that determine our life path and fortune.

They are:

1. Fate/destiny  

Your time in history, country, family type, socio-economic status

2. Luck

Mysterious pattern of influences, patterns of events that affect you

3. Feng Shui*

Placement on Earth/positioning.  How you situate yourself in life.

4. Education and Self-improvement

Knowledge, Character and moral fiber  This invites good people, events and well-being.

5. Charitable acts and good deeds (without the hope of reward) "one good deed a day" Also a karmic path.


*Feng Shui can improve many of the above factors by maximizing the effects of your environment on your life especially your Fate and Luck..  By using Feng Shui principles you can create environments at home and at work to influence your Fate and Luck.  By using "intention" you can move your progress forward in life.  Intentions are like prayers but you don't have to be religious to intend positive results of a creative Feng Shui change in your physical environment..


Next month I will discuss the use of Feng Shui to improve your Health, Wealth and Relationships.

"better and better"