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April 2014 
16W Gets a Face-Lift

Nobody wanted to tell you, 16W, but you were starting to show your age. Nothing some new carpet, swanky chairs, and a fresh coat of paint couldn't fix, though! Girl, you look FINE! And even though you're still only $23, ain't nobody gonna call you "cheap". "Inexpensive", maybe, but never cheap... 
Rg Staffers Get $$ for Doing Good!

Nothing says "we think you're awesome" like cold, hard cash. Congrats to Jim Ku, our employee of the season, for landing 200 smackers for that honor, and to Logan Manfredi for his $500 prize in our RG Stop-Smoking Challenge! Logan has been cigarette-free for 10 months! Doesn't he look shiny??!!

Patricia and Jeannie are on Vacation!   

But they will be back next issue with Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, and cheeky teen-age cultural commentary! 

Welcome to SPRING. This is especially exciting to fashion-conscious New Yorkers, as we get to put away our lumpy coats in favor of sexy jackets. The Tribecca Film Fest is just around the corner, HuffPo has a great list of 29 must-see films. Very excited about "Match" starring Sir Patrick Stewart as a NYC choreographer. If anyone else sees it, keep it to yourself, as I will be watching it in 8 months on DVD after I put my kids to bed....
Oh! And for those of you that call looking for "Anything. Just a room. A tiny room. A closet!!!" Well, we've got your closet coming! A teeny little space (or "Cozy" if you are an NYC real-estate agent) up on the new 17th floor, 17P will be available in a few days for only 8 bucks an hour. Now you can warm up, nail the audition, and still afford that dollar slice.

me and boys Be well-
Spotlight: New York School of T'ai Chi Chaun
RG520's First Client!

Way back in 1999, The New York School of T'ai Chi Chuan was looking for a new home, and we welcomed them into our new 520 8th avenue location as our very first client. I sat down this week with teachers Steve Shulman, George Kormendi, and Debby Swayne, who, between the three of them, have over 70 years experience in this ancient martial art.


The New York School of Tai Chi Chuan was founded in 1976 by Patrick Watson, a student of the revered Professor Cheng Man-Ch'eng, who brought T'ai Chi to the west in the mid 20th century. I asked Steve about the connection between T'ai Chi and the martial arts world at large.

"There are two kinds of martial arts: 'Hard arts' and 'Soft arts'. Hard arts deal with force meeting force, and soft arts, like T'ai Chi, are more about internal energy. It's about sensing where the other person is going, either physically or psychologically, and helping them go there....just not at you." As a meditative practice, T'ai Chi aims to help the student  "wake up the body". As Kormendi put it, "It's about learning to listen. The one who is more aware gets to make the choices." 


As for making their home at RG520 for the past 14 years, Shulman says "We really like it. It's a reliable, fantastic space, and we love all the different energies."


T'ai Chi is a great compliment to any performing arts training regimen. Centering the body, clearing the mind, and making strong choices based on self awareness is the foundation of the creative process. Come check out NY School of T'ai Chi at RG520, Monday-Wednesday nights in studio 16U. Full class schedule is HERE.  



In Memoriam
The daughter Catherine Green, of one of Ripley-Grier's most valued, long-term clients passed away last fall at the age of 27. She had been battling auto-immune disease since she was 16 years old. In this brave young lady's own words, "If my life makes a difference for someone else, if research into my disease can help others...then everything I have to go through will have been worth it. Please help us make Antonia's wish a reality by joining Ripley-Grier in donating to the Barbara Volcker Center for Women and Rheumatic Diseases. You can send checks to

Hospital for Special Surgery
C/O Brooke Bryant
Major Gifts Officer
535 E 70th st
NYC, 10021
Please make checks payable to "Hospital for Special Surgery - Barbara Volcker Center" and indicate that your gift is in memory of Antonia Green.