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Ripley-Grier Newsletter                                                                                November 2013
Hope you had a wonderfully spooky and sugar-addled Halloween, and are looking forward to the impending Thanksgiving/Hanukkah combination that the fates have given us this year. Seeing as how TG is one of the three days of the year we are closed, we'll most likely spend the day pining for all of you and wishing we were giving you great deals on beautiful space. Actually, grandma got a little irked last year when we skipped dinner to tune the livingroom piano, so maybe we'll just eat until we're semi-comatose, and dream of providing you with stellar customer service...

We are thankful for so many things this year,
especially coming through the hurricane season safe and sound. Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters in the Philippines weren't so lucky. Please help us to support them in our upcoming fundraising efforts, in recognition of their suffering, and in remembrance of our own struggles of last year. We also continue to be thankful for and humbled by the continued loyalty and support of our great community of artists. Happy fall, joyous Festival of Lights, and we'll see you at the shop! me and boys
-John Norman
Head Turkey Carver
Ripley-Grier Studios
Spotlight: The Tango Company
New York is the world's sexiest city, and tango is, by far, the world's sexiest dance style. RG has been proud to host The Tango Company as one of our premier clients for over a decade. Carlos Caņedo began performing as a professional artist at age 15 and has performed throughout Argentina, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the United States, both as a dancer and as a musician. Carlos moved to New York City in 2000 and began performing in the cast of SWANGO, TANGO Y VIDA, as well as with Sandra Antognazzi in FUSION TANGO. He has also choreographed cast members of the hit Broadway show FOREVER TANGO in his own company. Carlos is now choreographer of SPOTLIGHT ON TANGO, and TANGOS FROM GARDEL TO PIAZZOLLA (for which he received enthusiastic reviews from the NEW YORK TIMES). The Tango Company's mission statement, from their website is "to make this dance accessible to everybody that wants to learn it and to help them reach that Divine state that this dance can put one in...Tango can be sweet, rough, lighthearted, violent. The technique we teach is subtle and relaxed, yet strong and dynamic....Allow us to teach you our discipline and help you cultivate your own." For more info, visit
Get Your Karate on!

Shinkyokushin Karate New York (SKNY) is a karate club that practices Kyokushin Karate, a Japanese style of full-contact karate rarely practiced in schools or gyms in the US.  Led by Tetsuya Sato, a Japanese native, second-degree black belt and karate instructor for nearly 20 years, SKNY started offering karate lessons for adults at Ripley-Greer studio over 2 years ago.  Classes are twice a week (Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons) and consist of basic training, step work, sparring, and kata (techniques).  Students of all belt levels practice together, and classes are modified to meet the students' skill and conditioning.  Sato also encourages interested students to participate in regional karate tournaments.  Most recently one Sato Dojo student won the top prize at an open karate tournament in Montreal, Canada.  Although the number of kyokushin students in the US is small, this style of karate is hugely popular around the world, and frequently foreign visitors to NYC will come practice at Sato Dojo while they're in town, either for work or vacation.

 According to Sato, "My students love coming to Ripley-Grier for karate classes.The staff are super friendly, but most importantly for karate, the studios are very clean.  I really appreciate that."

For more info on SKNY, please visit 

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Ripley-Grier salutes those who have served, including our co-founder: former Marine and Vietnam veteran Butch Grier, this Veteran's Day.

And remembers those who never made it home.

New Space! Great price!

Announcing the newest member of our family, studio 17O! A cozy 6 x 8 space with a full-size Yamaha "Portable Grand" keyboard for only $11/hr!


Breaking the Cycle is an organization that mentors at-risk boys in New York City, giving them the tools they need for success. For their second annual Tap Intensive, they have an all-star faculty, including Billy Elliot's Thommie Rhetter, refreshments, a tap shoe drive, and much more. Reserve a spot by clicking HERE and filling out the form.