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If you squint and hold your head sideways, you will see the lovely Jenae Hope, whose brooding (and completely unusable) headshot landed her hundreds of votes in our online "Worst Headshot" competition. Congratulations to Jenae, who will be getting FREE headshots taken with the insanely talented Jenna P!
Thanks to all who participated!
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July 2013
Hey all-
Goodness, I remember when it used to be sleepy here in the summer. How times have changed! A big shout-out to Broadway Artists Alliance, Triple Threat, Camp Broadway, and all our other summer-program folks that keep use hopping through the hot months!

And a big congrats to Jenae Hope who won our first "Worst Headshot" competition! She wins a free photo shoot with Jenna P!

And we have some great advertising opportunities for all our valued clients, both in our flagship facility, and right here in the newsletter. Shoot me an email at john@ripleygrier.com for pricing and availability.


Happy Summer,


John Norman

New York's Premier Rehearsal
and Audition Facility


Thommie Rhetter
We first met Thommie when he was in the smash-hit
Billy Elliot, who had their home here at RG for the full run of their Tony-winning show. Since then, Thommie has been investing his time, energy and enthusiasm (which he has more of than most people we have met in 25 years in the business) in teaching young dancers how to shine in auditions and onstage. He has dance students currently invading the entertainment business in every medium from Broadway to film and television. Thommie brings a fresh and positive yet doable and exciting approach to dance and you can see it on the faces of every child as they walk out of the door from his classes.  


Thommie offers weekly classes and workshop opportunities here at RG, teaching three weekly classes: Fun Tap, Broadway Tap and Audition Prep Class.  You can learn more about these classes at www.thommieretter.com. The workshops Thommie offers always reflect what his Showbiz Kids are looking for and usually revolve around upcoming auditions.


In addition to teaching/coaching dance, Thommie is also a songwriter with ownership in the music production company Moho Productions.  Under the direction of musical genius Brandon Jarrett, Moho Productions is able to feature countless artists who have recorded with Moho Productions in a variety of TV movies, films, nationally televised parades and even an upcoming rollercoaster on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.  Since resuming music production in NYC, Thommie has had the pleasure of recording Nickelodeon's Ashley Argota and Jenna Iacono, Evita's Isabela Moner, Matilda's Ava DeMary and Emma Howard, Mary Poppins' Kara Oates, The Grinch's Clara Young, showbiz "IT" kid Adam Dorfman as well as a number of performers from Billy Elliot The Musical!  


If you are interested in developing a relationship with Moho Productions, and their upcoming workshop her at RG, email mrthommie@gmail.com.


"There are many rehearsal facilities in NYC, but none that meet and surpass my expectations the way Ripley Grier does. It's not just because the facility is always clean and has studios that will accommodate every imaginable event. Or because there is a convenient cafe that will even cater to your every need. Or even the fact that they have locations all over NYC. The reason I love Ripley Grier Studios is because of the employees! They have a way of making everyone that walks into the studio feel as though they have arrived at a place they belong.  For that that reason alone, I choose Ripley Grier Studios as my home studio in NYC!" -Thommie Retter 

SPOTLIGHT: voice academy

Voice Academy NY


A one-stop shop for aspiring vocalists and signed recording artists alike, Voice Academy NYC has been making an impact on the local and international contemporary music scenes for many years."We pride ourselves on quick results and continued growth with a track record of successful auditions, showcases, and workshops which landed some of our students recording gigs and work with record producers and TV music houses,"  says Kat Carlsson, the company's founder.   

"We recently moved all our classes to Ripley Grier and everybody loves the positive energy, professionalism and to be in such a dynamic environment and we keep getting comments."


Voice Academy NYC has been called upon by students of all ages from many different countries, as well as artist management companies, tour agencies, TV programs,  The Daily News, and international recording artists.  Clients also include beginners and those who want to sharpen their skills to for auditions, with an emphasis in pop, rock, soul, country,and R&B. Current and former students include an artist at #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts, a cast member of The Lion King (Spain), and a regional semi-finalist on The Voice (China).

Offering private lessons (and some semi-private group classes) classes, Voice Academy instructors enhance students' natural strengths while improving weaknesses, making sure they use their full range of voice without straining and learn to make their own interpretation of the song.  The company even provides a recording studio with Pro Tools, a vocal booth, full production capabilities and songwriting services.


Voice Academy NYC classes are offered Tuesdays through Saturdays (by appointment only)  at Ripley Grier Studios at 520 8th Ave.   Private Lessons are 1-hour long and group lessons, studio coaching, guitar and piano are also available. For more info, visit