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Worst Headshot Contest! 
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We all have one. That headshot that your uncle's friend's cousin did for you in college. The glamour shot that your mom loved. The old black and white that was just....perfect. Back in 1987. Give us your worst, New York! The only rules are that it MUST be a headshot, and it must be of YOU. No embarrassing your little sister. The 10 best (worst) will be posted on our website and voted on by the masses. The winner will receive a free headshot photo session with Jennap Photography. Submit your headshot by email to
Help us Help Oklahoma
tornado relief

  Here at RG, we have a tradition of reaching out to those in need. Please help us assist those stricken by the recent disasters in Oklahoma by donating a dollar when you visit one of our studios. We can add it to your booking charge at point of sale, to make it easy for you. 


Advertise at RG520!

 Imagine up to 5,000 pairs of eyes on your ad everyday. If your target market includes performers, producers, and creative people of all walks of life, you cannot have better placement than here at Ripley-Grier's flagship facility. We are offering space in our wide, comfortable hallways for framed ads for related industries and those who wish to attract the business of the thousands of consumers who use our facility every day. We're still fine tuning rates and details, and plan to start offering space on July 1st. Call Graham at 212-799-5433, ext 214 for more info.


June 2013
Everybody sing along!

"June is busting out all ooooooover! All oooooover the meadow and the hills!"

What? Come on, it's not too hot to sing! June, technically is the month right in between "when is it gonna get warm?" and "when is it gonna stop being so friggin hot?" We have a bunch of fun stuff going on this month, including our inaugural "Worst headshot" competition! Submit your most ill-conceived attempt at self promotion to for a chance to win a photo session with Jannap Photography!

Oh! And it just wouldn't be summer without a great special on studio rates. From now until labor day, get 30% off when you book from 8-10am monday-friday at 520 8th ave! Restrictions appy, so ask your booking agent for details.


Happy Summer,


John Norman

Ripley Grier Studios
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Wisdom Entertainment


wisdom One of the great joys of working here at RG is when you walk by a room and hear someone with a voice that blows you away. The ladies at Wisdom Entertainment are responsible for many of those moments...
Wisdom Entertainment is a partnership between Laura M. Williams & Verna M. Miles focusing on artist development, music production and artist management. They have over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry that ranges from A&R, Marketing, Promotions, Publishing and Radio. Some of their services include vocal production, which includes teaching harmony & pitch, interview preparation, image consulting and developing marketing strategies for artists' projects, producer budget/all-in budgets. Verna and Laura have worked with such artists as Mandy Moore, B2K, Ruff Endz, Babyface, Jill Scott, Ghostface Killa, and Glenn Lewis, Cam'ron, 3LW, Bebe Winans, Matchbox 20, Shaggy, and Five for Fighting. Previous artists have appeared on national tours; BET 106 th & Park, Showtime @ The Apollo and many more! Laura studied vocal performance at The Ohio State University and later went on to study audio engineering at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts.  Laura's hands-on approach has driven the successful development of Wisdom Entertainment projects and client relations. CO-Founder
Verna M. Miles brings to Wisdom Entertainment managerial and creative experience in A&R and marketing at Epic Records.  Verna received her B.S. from Hofstra University in Jazz/Commercial Music, Vocal Performance. For more information, contact




Since Ripley-Grier started out as a fitness studio back in the day, we are always thrilled to play host to exciting and talented fitness visionaries. Broadway dancer Kat Murphy is 
 the creator of KatMoJAM(TM), an incredible high intensity workout that utilizes a combination of Yoga, Kickboxing and resistance movement to create a high octane calorie burn. Here's what some of her (impressive) students have to say:

"As someone who needs to maintain a high level of fitness and flexibility in my work as an actor, most recently in 3 Hobbit films for Peter Jackson and Warner Bros., I have always turned to KatMoJAM for the right workout. It gets you where your body needs to go in terms of high energy, dynamic movement. It has helped keep me injury-free as well as in great shape, and I thoroughly endorse what Kat does for anyone interested in keeping fit!"

Graham McTavish, Actor - "Dwalin" in the Hobbit Trilogy


"Kat is a force of nature. Her body and what she can with it will amaze and astound you. But like everyone must, she works. Hard. And she's as disciplined as she is passionate about what she does. As you might be able to tell by looking at her, Kat Murphy is a physical fitness juggernaut! Take her class. Consider this my challenge to you."

Martha Plimpton, Actress - Raising Hope

Learn more about Kat and her program at