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Employee of the Season: 
Tatiana Marnett!!
In a company that is as large as we have become in the past 25 years, there are many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it hum along. Tatiana started with us back in 2005 as our very first book-keeper. She had her work cut out for her, as our book-keeping process before that involved piles of ledger books, several bottles of wine, and four trained hamsters. Tatiana swooped in, cleaned house, taught us all how to properly file expense reports (NO COCKTAIL NAPKINS!!) and now we don't know what we would do without her. The hamsters were put out of work, but we hear they have found gainful employment in the Congressional Budget Office.  
Long Beach Fundraiser!
Friends of the arts

On October 29th, the Long beach public schools were flooded during Hurricane Sandy. Every school was severely damaged and some are still not open.  The children of Long Beach have weathered the storm but many have been displaced and the ensuing confusion and emotional impact is still a very current issue for students, parents and teachers.

 The Music & Arts Departments of these schools were hugely affected, with the loss of equipment (musical instruments, band uniforms, music stands, art supplies and other teaching tools) necessary for the cultivation  of artistic and musical expression. Having an outlet for children to be creative and experience art is undeniably important, especially in these difficult times.

  We at Ripley-Grier have organized a fundraising effort specifically designed to help revive the Long Beach Music & Arts Departments. Donations will be accepted at all three RG locations from April 22nd until June 22nd.

  In supporting these school programs, we validate and express our gratitude to those that taught us and nurtured our dreams when we were in school.



Thank you,

Patricia Ripley and Butch Grier



Patricia Ripley Fitness
Spring into Fitness in functional fitness classes with Patricia Ripley.  Or take a calm, relaxed" Yoga of the Old Masters" class with Butch Grier.  Patricia has incorporated some of the power moves that she learned at her Crossfit Gym into her world famous aerobic, abdominal, hips, legs and stretch sections.  It is a non-stop, (but low impact) class with 80's and 90's music.  Call her at 212 799-5433 ext. 204 and leave a message or email her at patripleyny@gmail.com for more information. 


May  2013 (Our 26th year!)
Birds! Flowers! Tony Nominations!
Hey all- It's been a lovely Spring so far, and just keeps getting better. I'd like to congratulate all the Tony nominees, especially RG client (and dear friend of mine) Ethan Popp (nominated for his orchestration of Motown). I remember Ethan logging 10 hour days in studio 16A, pounding away at the piano, trying to land his first Broadway gig. Way to go, man. I love this town!

Oh, and mother's day is coming up! Buy that lady some flowers, would ya? After all, she's the one that sat through all of your impromptu one-performer musicals in the living room (or was that just me?).

Director of Ops
Ripley-Grier Studios
Client Spotlight:
John Guarnaschelli,
On The Common Ground
We are always delighted by the wide range of clients that we serve at the studios. Along with the usual theatre and dance folk, we have the honor of hosting martial arts classes, business meetings, exercise groups, seminars, as well as unique gatherings such as On the Common Ground, a wonderful men's organization who we have known for over 20 years. On The Common Ground and John Guarnaschelli have been clients of ours since the first day we opened at 939 Eighth Avenue back in the early 90's.  On The Common Ground likes to call itself a Non-Organization for men here in NYC.  In its various weekly groups, men are invited into what is hoped becomes a life-long exploration of themselves, their individuality, and their masculinity such as each man defines it, as well as their relationships with one another, with their loved ones, with their friends and relations, and finally with today's world.  OTCG has no pre-concieved agenda about how to accomplish this, but rather invites each man to explore and define for himself.  Anyone interested should attend the open meeting that occurs every other Tuesday (, or contact John Guarnaschelli personally at johnguarn@aol.com

John Guarnaschelli is a graduate of Yale University, and a former teacher of Military History.  Retrained as a psychotherapist at TRISP and PGCMH after retiring from College teaching, he presently conducts a private practice (at special rates!) in mid-town Manhattan.  He feels he became involved in the Men's Movement and launched OTCG because he had the most to learn, the farthest to go.  With thanks to Ripley Grier, he is still learning!
on the common ground logo  www.onthecommonground.org/
Client Spotlight:
Broadway Triple Threat 

One of the best things about being at RG is the energy of young people who come here to get their first start in the business. This month we are pleased to feature our friends at BTT, who will be coming to RG520 this summer. Broadway Triple Threat is a highly acclaimed one-week BTT Logo musical theater intensive for young talent who want to step out of the chorus and into the spotlight through intensive training with leading Broadway professionals.  Their highly focused program is designed for young actors ages 12-15 and 16 & up who want to advance their talent and artistry in singing dancing and acting.  (Admission is by audition only.)

Small classes assure individualized attention, while a supportive and respectful ensemble atmosphere encourages confidence in stretching creative abilities and taking on new challenges.  Students who feel strong in one discipline but who may wish to enhance or gain confidence in another area will particularly benefit from this well-rounded program.

Learning from Broadway veterans helps to instill the craft and conviction required to fully express and project a character through song, dance and acting.  Gifted teachers will help students to interpret the intentions and nuances of book, lyrics and dance steps to create complete characterization.  Always present is a sense of the joy, passion and satisfaction that accompanies musical theater performance when the actor successfully tells the story.

For more info, go to www.broadwaytriplethreatnyc.com 

Advertize At RG:
Three Thousand Eyes on your Ad, Every Day. 
Ripley-Grier is happy to announce an opportunity for you and your organization to advertise directly on our very visible walls.  We are offering discounted rates for our current teachers and tiered pricing based on visibility and traffic flow in each area. Beginning in June, we will be designating different areas for related services, including photographers, printing and graphics, coaching, and other services for performers.
There will be common areas for complementary advertising for our current teachers as well as discounted rates.  Look for our June newsletter for further announcements, size and price structuring.