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Ripley Grier StudiosOctober 2012
Fall leaves

October!  Well it sure didn't waste any time getting to the jacket-weather phase. Good thing we New Yorkers love to accessorize. It also seems like no one wasted time breaking out their costumes, although in this town, it's hard to tell a costume from someone's general wardrobe. Lots of cool stuff happening here at RG-HQ. Blazing high-speed internet is wired up in all studios on the 16th and 17th floor. Five bucks an hour for upload and download speeds that will make your hair blow back like a supermodel in a photo shoot. A whole new line of soups are cooking up at the cafe, and be sure to stop by and warm your hands with fresh-baked scones and cookies in the morning!

John Norman
Ripley Grier Studios
In the Spotlight: A Class Act NY
Class Act Kids

"A Class Act NY" is one of New York's premier studios for classes and workshops for kids interested or already working in the performing arts.
A Class Act NY's mission is to enrich children's lives through the magic of the performing arts in a fun, safe and supportive environment! Our instructors include prominent Broadway, Television, Film Stars as well as Casting Directors and Talent Agents who will provide your child with a memorable and invaluable education.

They  offer a wide variety of programs for kids of all skill levels including:

  • Musical Theatre
  • On-Camera (T.V., Commercial, Film)
  • Voice Over
  • Private Coaching (Acting, Voice, Dance, including Tap)
  • Evaluation Lessons
  • Agent & Manager Showcases
As Artistic Director Jessica Roufe says, "It's very important to me that our classes be held at a professional kid-friendly space that is both functional, attractive and in tip top shape. We've been using Ripley studios for our agent, casting director and Broadway programs since 2005 and couldn't be more pleased with the facilities!
Not to mention, the friendly and helpful staff at Ripley makes you feel like you're a part of the RG family!"

class act 1
Disney Star, Jason Earles Teaches Workshop


Cougar Go See COUGAR!
A new musical directed by Lynne Taylor-Corbett
From the creator, Donna Moore:

"When I first heard the term "Cougar' eight years ago, I was doing stand up comedy and writing 'The UnBalancing Act", a show about my divorce- and I thought, "How come we have to place a derogatory name on an older woman? I mean, what do you call an older MAN who's linked with a younger woman? I've researched it...It's called MAN!""
Come enjoy this modern affirmation of the power of "grown-up women"!

Info and tickets available at

Check out the NEW 939 8th Ave! 

  2A Door and Mural

Our boutique studio location in the heart of the Theatre District is better than ever. Newly renovated with fresh paint, gorgeous floors, 2 brand new studios on the second floor, and of course, the comforting feeling of home we bring to everything we do. Studio prices and descriptions can be found HERE.
New Work from RG client  
Darlene Violette! 
Darlene Mae
"Goodness Had Nothin' To Do With It Dearie" 
(An Homage To Mae West and The Golden Age of Hollywood)

Darlene Violette as Mae West

For Reservations Visit

or call 212 757 0788 after 4pm

ALL @ 9:15PM



Patrica Ripley Fitness! 
Now in her 40th year teaching, Patricia has restructured her class to includes a beginner weight lifting section to slowly increase stamina and strength, so necessary in preserving and increasing metabolic fitness. The class is a low impact fitness class with a comprehensive warm up, leg and hip strengthening, core stabilization with abdominal integrity, and a cool down stretch to end the class giving you a endorphin filled calmness.  Her class fee is $15.00 per class with 10, 20 and 50 classes at a discount. She also offers a beginner/intermediate Yoga class on Saturdays at 11;15. for $10.00 per class.  Her classes have been filling up (allowing no more than 10 per class) so please email her at patripleyny@gmail.com if you wish to get more information or to reserve a space.  They are held at Ripley-Grier Studios 131 West 72nd Street on Monday morning, Tuesday & Wednesday evening, Friday& Saturday morning.