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March 27, 2014                                                                                                                                   Contact the editor

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Jonah Sachs
Jonah Sachs

Brands need to fundamentally change the way that they tell their stories, says Jonah Sachs, CEO of Free Range Studios and author of Winning the Story Wars. New technologies have reduced communication barriers and challenged marketers to build messages that customers want to share. "The broadcast era is coming to an end," he says. "Ideas get passed one person to another. They move through social networks. It's survival of the fittest. If stories are not powerful and passable, they die." Read more.

Tom Stein
Tom Stein

The BMA regional conference series saw attendance spike in its second year as the B2B Rising-themed event wound its way through nine cities. About 1,200 marketers attended the series--up 50% from the inaugural Go and Grow-themed conferences. Read more.


Marian Robinson
Marian Robinson

By Marian Robinson, VP-Marketing, Swisslog Healthcare Solutions 

"Business marketing presents its own unique challenges," writes Marian Robinson in BMA Colorado's Advice from the Top. "The rules that we must abide by, the roles of our audiences and the restrictions under which we operate tend to be more complex than those of our consumer-marketing colleagues. The content of your marketing messaging is critical to the success of your work. Here's how to ensure that your content reigns." Read more.


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Atlee Valentine Pope
Atlee Valentine Pope

Pope: Establishing marketers as corporate leaders


Corporate marketers have become valuable advisors as companies adopt customer-centric strategies, says Atlee Valentine Pope, CEO and president of consultancy Blue Canyon Partners. "Leading organizations have begun to understand that their job in marketing is to make sure that the voice of customer is dead center in the discussion around strategy and growth," she says. Read more.


Journalists at FinancesOnline.com compiled data from the Pew Research Center, Nielsen and Burst Media, finding that women use social media sites Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram more often than their male counterparts. They are more likely to interact with brands and access news via social media. But their dominance does not extend to professional network LinkedIn. Read more.

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Jeff Hayzlett

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The BMA Speakers' Bureau raises the visibility of marketing leaders who are interested in sharing their expertise with their peers. Register with the Bureau and join the ranks of thought leaders such as Jeffrey Hayzlett, Bloomberg Television contributing editor, and Phil Clement, global CMO at Aon Corp. Visit marketing.org for more information or to create a profile. Free for members; $250 for nonmembers.




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