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Part Two - Chasing the Spirits

This is the Dawning of the Age of...

Though the account of exactly who, where, and when it happened, at some point pre-1993 Mrs. Clinton began entertaining a number of new, hip, alternative spiritual mentors who were ushered through the doors of the White House. Michael Lerner,1 who the Clintons had known since their days in Little Rock, was just one of them. Out of public view and generally protected by a silent media, Clinton's new spiritual journey was about to take a new perilous turn, eventually finding apparent validation in some of the most potent spiritual experiences the Evil One can offer up. Now, more than two decades later, to state that Hillary Clinton is an entrenched, practicing New Age follower is not the frivolous opinion of an opposing partisan but one backed by the facts.

Longing for something tangible due to the failure of false religion and knowing that the social gospel wasn't helping the pain and public humiliation that her husband's philandering had brought, Hillary was ripe for Satan's pickings and he didn't waste the opportunity.

Voices from the Grave

Though it might be hard to pick which one, perhaps the most troubling aspect of her days as First Lady is Hillary Clinton's entrance into the world of the occult through spiritualism, sťances, and necromancy (i.e., communication with the deceased). Because the media has avoided revisiting any of this as of late, I can imagine some readers might be inclined to reject any such statement. However, when Hillary was regarded as just the kooky, eccentric, politician's wife, even some in the mainstream media, such as Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, probed and documented Hillary's involvement with the dark arts. Few today may remember the revelations concerning Hillary and mystic occultism that surfaced more than 20 years ago. Many more who will vote this fall weren't even alive yet or were themselves in diapers when the Clintons resided in the White House between 1993 and 2001. That being the case, it seems only right that they might be interested to know what Mrs. Clinton was and still is dabbling in.

Back in the day, CNN reported on TV and in print about Hillary's conversations with the dead, but as far as I can tell they have conveniently forgotten to mention any of it during this election season. It could be that the current editors and producers at CNN are simply unaware that such an account is still on their website right now.2 But even if they are aware, it appears they are so deeply in the tank for Hillary that sacrificing any credibility they may have ever had is worth ignoring this story to protect her - at least through November. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a report, but just imagine if a 20-year-old story implicating Donald Trump and the occult were to surface. It would have more legs than a thousand centipedes!

Those in charge of handling Bill and Hillary in 1994 knew how damaging a story about alternative spirituality and occult practices by the First Lady could be. Reportedly going on strict orders, Clinton White House aides attempted a complete media blackout concerning what transpired and who was in attendance during a mysterious retreat held at Camp David over New Year's weekend. They knew it wouldn't be good if the public were to hear anything pertaining to the event and what would be taking place. Instead of asking solid biblically-based men and women of God to meet with them, the Clintons summoned a number of leading New Agers. They needed comfort and counsel due to recent personal and political failures, such as losing both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections (remember "The Contract With America?") and the resounding defeat Hillary's universal health care plan had experienced. One can but imagine the help the Clintons' marriage needed right about then, too - Whitewater, Vince Foster, Bill's multiple affairs, etc. Enough said.

Regardless of the veil thrown over the Camp David retreat by Clinton's people, Bob Woodward, who was made famous through his reporting of the infamous Watergate break-in decades earlier, made psychic Jean Houston national news two years later when he wrote of the Camp David retreat and her working friendship with Hillary Clinton in his book The Choice.3 The ad text for Houston's book, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live our Greater Story,4 states, "Mrs. Clinton, Woodward reported, connected most enthusiastically with Dr. Houston and anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson when they met with the Clintons at a Camp David retreat that also included presentations by Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, and Stephen Covey. Dr. Houston subsequently consulted regularly at the White House, especially helping Mrs. Clinton with her bestselling book, It Takes a Village."Where, I'd like to ask, is your voice now, Mr. Woodward?

Marianne Williamson6 has become perhaps the best-known New Age author presently living and Tony Robbins7 has long been known for leading thousands of people to walk barefoot across a bed of hot coals - a practice I believe made possible only by demonic intervention. Wouldn't a great reporter's question for Hillary be,"Secretary Clinton, did you engage in fire walking with Tony Robbins at Camp David in 1994?" Since Clinton has been avoiding unscripted press conferences like the plague, don't hold your breath to hear that one anytime soon.

Because of a silent and mostly complicit media, Americans really don't know what they are getting if they elect Hillary Clinton this fall. Have we fallen so far as a people to accept a president involved in spiritualism, sťances, and necromancy? Do we not care to examine the series of sťances Hillary began conducting in the spring of 1995 with New Age teachers and authors Jean Houston and Mary Catherine Bateson in the rooftop solarium of the White House? It was in the first session with Houston and Bateson that Hillary received what she once called "inspiring communications" from an entity identifying itself as deceased former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Again, Bob Woodward detailed this aspect of Hillary's spirituality in chapter six of The Choice.8

As Hillary received communications from the spirit world in these sessions, she reportedly spoke as if she actually were Eleanor Roosevelt9 and then would give her own response back. In reality, this is nothing short of a running conversation with demons but it is also a description of the actions of someone exhibiting demon possession. Aloof to that reality, however, these sťances served as powerful validating experiences for Clinton made possible because of her quest for power and her ignorance of the Bible. Her claim of being an "old fashioned Methodist" certainly doesn't hold up but Hillary's tutelage into the occult by such New Age luminaries as Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston appears to be bearing dark fruit to this day. Hillary's alleged contact with entities claiming to be Mrs. Roosevelt and deceased former Indian Prime Minister Mahatma Ghandi10 are chuckled at by many, discounted by others, but display breathtaking spiritual deception to those aware of the Bible.

It is fascinating that during the first solarium sťance Jean Houston suggested Hillary try to contact Jesus Christ. Clinton refused.11 Considering the host of entities reportedly claiming to be Jesus, if a counterfeit had been conjured it's easy to imagine how much deeper Hillary's personal deception could have instantly become. Notice I haven't even mentioned Hillary's longtime penchant for Hatha Yoga, a practice that opens one up to a pantheon of demonic Hindu gods.12  New Age believers may or may not understand exactly what is happening but there is an addiction of sorts that comes along with practices like channeling or yoga. I believe it's a demonic rush caused by interaction in the spirit realm. While it's true that to varying extents these practices do work, nothing can justify contact with spirit beings considering God's Word forbids it. Just because a technique "works" doesn't make it right or good.
One should be asking by what spirit are spiritual experiences being manifested? If the answer isn't "God" because the Bible verifies it, then the emphatic answer is Satan. There are no benevolent unattached spirits just floating around doing nice things for whoever comes into their space. You are either tapped into God's eternal and supreme power or you are prey for Satan's deceptions and the consequences.

Since those days, both Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston have denounced Hillary Clinton as a fraud and no friend of the feminist cause. Regardless, Hillary remains in contact with "Eleanor." Bill Clinton told a crowd as late as 2012 that "Eleanor" was still speaking and giving advice to Hillary - while she was Secretary of State.13

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