by Eric Barger

Part One

Like nearly every politician, Hillary Clinton often invokes the name of God. She did so in her acceptance speech at the DNC convention in July. Politicians from nearly all political persuasions give mention of God, regardless of whether or not they actually understand who they are talking about. For more than two decades Mrs. Clinton has used the word "God" and has referred to "her Methodist faith" in speeches and 
interviews. She once even proclaimed to be "an old-fashioned Methodist (1) However, an examination of her actions and words indicates little in common with Methodist founder John Wesley. In the same Newsweek interview in 1994, Mrs. Clinton identified God as "both he and she" and went on to describe Washington's Foundry Methodist Church, where the Clintons famously attended while Bill was president, highlighting the seating arrangements for the homosexual couples as "in the front."(2)

If asked today, Hillary might proudly repeat much of that and may speak adoringly of her former pastor, Reverend J. Philip Wogaman, and the brand of unbiblical, social religion that she and Bill embraced at Foundry some 20 years ago. However, even while she sat in the front pew at Foundry, any vestige of biblical Christianity present in her life was already being displaced by an influential and seductive form of personal spirituality.

Though somewhat compatible with liberal Methodism around the edges, Hillary's new spirituality came complete with persuasive teachers and powerful, life changing, personal experiences. (I'll focus on that in Part Two of this article.) With her longtime Marxist mindset and progressive Christianity in tow, Hillary undoubtedly felt no restraints as she sought out religious components to complement the one-world globalist worldview she'd begun embracing several decades earlier. What was missing, however, was the discernment or desire to filter through the ultimate truths of the Bible the future teachings and experiences that would soon be presented to her.

Hillary had already fallen victim to one of religious liberalism's most crucial failures. She was likely never warned of the Bible's sobering words concerning following false "gods." Modern liberals avoid such teaching as they replace the sufficiency of Christ with universal inclusion. But regardless of how sincere, when one chooses from the various deceptions found in the politically correct religious smorgasbord today, the truth still remains that Jesus is the only way, that all paths are not equal, and that the accompanying experiences are not from God. But never being warned of such, the religious liberalism taught by Wogaman and others had failed Hillary, as it has millions of others. Leaving her spiritually void and without comprehension or instruction concerning the evil forces lurking in the spirit realm, modern Methodism's liberal theology had never equipped Hillary to avoid this area. On the contrary, liberal religion's bankrupt spirituality was actually driving her toward even greater spiritual danger.

Experiencing a form of Christianity but without the fulfillment of new life through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the guidelines of the Scriptures, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit can be disastrous. Hillary Clinton's spiritual journey appears to be a textbook case of what happens through the failure of dead social religion when it meets a life driven by unbridled self interest. Without biblical input to direct her back to the right path, she turned or was led to whatever spirituality seems to work at a given time - instead of continuing the search for what is right and true. As will be illustrated in part two of this article, when Hillary began associating with New Age teachers and turning to mystical ideas she was being positioned exactly where Satan wanted her. This "angel of light" trap(3) is one of the Enemy's most effective ambushes, enabling him to inflict maximum damage on an individual or upon a whole nation if possible.

And the Media Said Nothing

During the current run up to the election, the usual suspects (NBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times, etc.) have been and will remain silent, but shouldn't responsible members of the media at least mention Hillary's longtime relationship with radical liberals such as J. Philip Wogaman? The answer, of course, is that most in the secular press are in tacit agreement with the likes of Wogaman or perhaps, as they have proven thus far, they'll do anything to cover for Hillary - or both. But are there no conservative writers, reporters, or pundits willing to connect the dots? And what about the Christian media? Is it that they simply just don't know?

It seems to me that Reverend Wogaman's penchant for one-world globalism and his long-held defense that religion was treated far more favorably in the USSR than in our country are certainly newsworthy.(4) Perhaps the current crop of talking heads in the media simply doesn't know that Hillary's former pastor and confidant once claimed that Christians in Russia or China were treated better than Marxists in the United States, or that he's argued that "a World Government may be the only solution." I document these statements and more in the DVD
presentation "New Age or Not - What Difference Does it Make?"(5)  I want to be careful to mention that I'm no fan of relying on the perception that an individual is "guilty" of common beliefs and lockstep thinking with others based on association alone. Pronouncing Bill and Hillary Clinton to be one-world globalists shouldn't be based merely on their attendance at Foundry Methodist when led by J. Philip Wogaman. However, it's fair to consider that the spiritual and geopolitical views of one's longtime pastor could at least be a possible indication of one's own beliefs. Concerning their agreement with Wogaman's globalist ideas, as far as my research has taken me, neither of the Clintons has ever offered any evidence to the contrary. Instead, considering the worldviews of the countless advisers they chose, many of whom were the best and the brightest leftists the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderbergers(6) had to offer and in the way they governed on the world stage for eight years (i.e. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, etc.), the Clintons clearly displayed common like-mindedness with Pastor Wogaman. One has to wonder in hindsight, in what ways did Wogaman influence the Clintons or was it vice versa? Regardless of that or who first sought out whom, these three are fellow travelers, with a history of advancing and advocating for New World Order globalism going all the way back to the 1960's.

Hillary's "Not Methodist" Methodism

If one wonders how Methodism has become the cesspool of theological liberalism and why their seminaries now regularly produce pulpiteers fit only for a heresy trial, look no further than the likes of J. Philip Wogaman. Back in 1998 Wogaman stated that the only absolute is God, but when humans fall into the belief that there are actually absolutes concerning what he called "cultural expressions" (such as heterosexuality or sexual fidelity) then the humans have succumbed to "idolatry."(7) Reverend Wogaman, described as a "Christian ethicist" who spent twenty-six years teaching, including eleven as dean of Wesley Theological Seminary,(8) famously stated from Foundry's pulpit that "the Scriptures, like the Washington Post, contain both truth and error"(9) and preached that the government - not the Church - is the answer for the poor.(10) Under Wogaman's leadership, Foundry Methodist Church in Washington even hosted a conference in 1999 featuring the WORLD FEDERALIST ASSOCIATION, arguably the most prolific Globalist, pro-world government lobbying organization at work in the United States, and the UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE, whose goal was to form a permanent global inter-religious group to be known as "United Religions."(11)

Michael Lerner and "The Politics of Meaning"

Next, what about Rabbi Michael Lerner and the Marxist philosophy of Tikkun Magazine? If you've never heard of Lerner or Tikkun, don't feel bad. Only the nut cases on the left have gleefully pointed out Clinton's connection to Lerner with any regularity. As you might figure, I'm not quite so giddy. In my article from earlier this year, "Obama Had Bill Ayers - Clinton Had Michael Lerner,"(12) I wrote extensively about this and reminded readers that I have personally tracked the Clinton-Lerner connection from Arkansas to Washington, particularly as word of Lerner's influence with Hillary began to surface in about 1993. It was Lerner who spent days and nights at the White House, along the way coining the phrase that became the title of Hillary's 1996 book, The Politics of Meaning. In June of this year, Lerner addressed those gathered for boxer Muhammad Ali's memorial service.(13) This short eight-minute video illustrates that Lerner hasn't changed one bit since his time as leader of the Berkeley (CA) chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the 1960's, to a time in the 1990's when the press dubbed him Mrs. Clinton's "guru," to the present day. Incidentally, I knew Lerner 45+ years ago, at least on the streets during the war protests around the University of Washington in Seattle. That was before he was arrested and held for several months in a California federal prison due to his involvement leading his own anarchist group, the Seattle Liberation Front, and over 2,000 protesters in an assault on the Seattle Federal Courthouse in February 1970.

 1) Newsweek, Oct 31, 1994
 2) ibid
 3) 2 Corinthians 11:14
 6) Three organizations dedicated to constructing a world government. While president from 1993 to 2001, Bill Clinton appointed dozens of members of the three groups to strategic posts in his administration including his Cabinet.
 8) ibid
10) ibid

In Part Two: The Dawning of the New Age and Mrs. Clinton

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