The Ministry UPDATE from Eric Barger and Take A Stand!

The boxes and packages are spilling over from our foyer into Melanie's office. Some of them contain three new bookshelves to help us organize this thing we call "The Ministry." Most of the packages are holding the lights, stands, microphones, tripods, and the first of two network quality cameras that will soon be used to record my soon-coming video updates.

Though we're planning on shooting and delivering a lot of footage from out on the road (via YouTube, Vimeo, Live Streaming, etc), we have begun preparing the area where I'll be filming while at home in the Seattle area. Here is what it looks like today and you can tell it still needs your help! (Our dog, Maggie, is sitting in the very spot where I'll be filming and she's wondering when we're going to get this show on the road!?)

If you know me at all then you know that this space won't be used to produce filler and fluff! So let's get on with it!

Won't you assist us in filling this picture with all of the equipment, set, software, and other ingredients needed to make our base for the new TAKE A STAND VIDEO PROJECT updates operational?

Still Needed to complete phase 1: $12,000
(That's including enough for the 2nd camera)

All donations - both large and small - are needed and appreciated!

You may give online or by mailing your contribution to the ministry at:

Take A Stand! Ministries
PO Box 279
Spanaway, WA  98387
(Your gifts are tax deductible.)

If you are giving $100 or more I want to send you my three latest DVDs as a "thank you" for your support. Just mark your gift for "Video Project" accordingly. 

Thank you. S
o let's get on with it!
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