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What Every Christian Should Know About Seventh-Day Adventism and Israel in the Last Days

Dr. Ben Carson's run for the Republican nomination for President has drawn the spotlight to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Are they just another orthodox group who happens to worship on Saturday?

Read what Eric discovered and find out what every Christian should know about the SDA position on Israel and where all other Evangelical's stand according to Adventist doctrine and their "prophet," Ellen G. White.

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We are making good progress towards our goal of producing regular, informative, and inspirational video updates and making them available to viewers around the world both online and through DVD. Praise the Lord!

My long-range vision is to deliver both bite-sized and extensive presentations intended to both challenge and inspire the Body of Christ and also to reach the world with the Gospel message in the most popular and prevalent format of our day - Internet video.

As always, my topics will aim to be relevant and timely and will revolve around the three themes Take A Stand Seminars have focused on for over 30 years: Apologetics/Discernment, Current Events, and the Study of Bible Prophecy.
As a step of faith concerning our budget and income, I am staying off the road to concentrate my efforts on our video project for the next month. Equipment purchases are being made and the cameras, lighting, set materials, electronics, wiring, and the various tools needed are coming into place. Before long we'll flip all of the switches and these up-to-the-moment online video reports will become a reality. 

But when that day comes (hopefully in February) the real work will begin when each week I'll be researching, writing, producing, and filming these segments meant to address the challenges of our times from a biblical perspective.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this project thus far but we still need your help! Besides the physical work and the learning curve in adjusting to the new gear we've acquired, we need another $15,000 right now.

If God is leading you to make a special gift toward this project we could use your help right now.

There is still more equipment to purchase and also our ongoing budget to meet and just like every other month during these three+ decades of ministry, we are completely dependent on our friends and partners who understand the importance of Take A Stand! Ministries and support the work.

All donations - both large and small - are always appreciated and accepted joyfully before the Lord!

You may give online or by mailing your contribution to the ministry at:

Take A Stand! Ministries
PO Box 279
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Watching and waiting for Him!
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Eric & Melanie at the Garden Tomb,
Jerusalem, November, 2015

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