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Throughout the year when people ask me what to pray about and what specific needs our ministry has I answer "pray for souls to be won, pray that we'll make a difference in the Church, and pray that God meet our needs and financial goals in December." It is no secret that what happens the last two weeks of each year as people give their year-end gifts greatly affects our ministry. This year is certainly no different.

We spend time each December specifically praying about and planning for the year to come and have done so for many years. December is also the only time when we plan in advance to ask our friends and supporters to remember us with their special giving. We might come to you with a particular project or need some other time during the year but December has become the most important month for our budget.

Our year-end goal for this year is $50,000, doubling that of last year. We exceeded our goal in 2014 and once again we need your help here in the last few days of 2015 to meet this years increased figure.

Though we are not ready to announce the details yet, we are sensing that the Lord wants us to begin producing regular video updates or alerts to communicate quickly and effectively concerning the topics and issues the ministry specializes in. We would appreciate your prayers about this and if the Lord leads you, please earmark your contribution to be used for "media."

Won't you please pray about making a generous gift to support the outreach and scope of our work? Knowing you are standing with us is vital as we strategize concerning the future of Take A Stand! Ministries.

You may give online or by mailing your contribution to the ministry at:

Take A Stand! Ministries
PO Box 279
Spanaway, WA  98387

Thank you and may God bless you this month and during 2016!
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Just before Thanksgiving Melanie and I returned from leading our first trip to Israel. There is no way to put into just a few words the impact that this trip had on us and the 35 others who accompanied us. My best attempt at describing it may well be to say that we will never be the same again. As one of our tour guides, Scott Volk, put it, "the Scriptures turn from black and white to technicolor once you've been there." He was right.

There were far too many memorable instances to mention here. Standing amidst the ruins on top of Masada was spectacular. We will never forget how powerful communion was at the Garden Tomb. None of us will forget our impromptu prayer meeting under the shade of a mammoth fig tree by the Sea of Galilee. What an experience as we took in the scope of the Valley of Armageddon, prayed at the Western Wall, saw Mt. Carmel, Golgotha, Bet She'an, Qumran, Tel Dan, En Gedi, and the privilege I had to baptize 15 of our tour members in the Jordan. How does one pick a high point?

Perhaps the morning we spent at Capernaum, in particular walking in Jesus' "home" synagogue, was very, very special. It was there that the Lord cast multiple demons out of a man (Mark 1:21-27) and healed the servant of the centurion (Luke 7:1-10). As I touched the wall near the entrance way by the Seat of Moses it struck me that I was literally standing at the very spot where the Master preached that He was indeed the bread of life (John 6:25-59). I was thoroughly overcome.

We had a marvelous group on the tour who quickly became like a large family and our two guides (Scott Volk and Tisha Michelle) were simply fantastic. Each of us went away with memories and understanding that will last an eternity. We also grew in our love and compassion for Israel and the Jewish people. So, whether or not you have the opportunity to go and experience Israel with us in 2016, I encourage you to make visiting Israel a priority. It will be life-changing!

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