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Everyone is aware that exercising our Christian faith in public is becoming more controversial. One reason is that more individuals on the atheist left are becoming emboldened through the sick "search-and-destroy your opposition" mentality that is trending in our culture. Another reason is that from the background, and usually unbeknownst to those caught up in it, Satan is at work agitating to incite individuals in positions of authority to clamp down on religious expression wherever he can. In short, the devil hates the public display of the cross. He's weakened when prayer goes up to God and he loses souls when believers witness about the wonder and saving grace that is available though Jesus Christ. I believe that these reasons are in play throughout the recent events surrounding the suspension of Coach Joe Kennedy, the assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington State. After quietly offering prayer with whoever came to the 50-yard line after games for the past eight years, the school district has put an end to Coach Joe's involvement - and with it his rights of free speech. We've seen reporting on cases like this before, but the Bremerton instance hits particularly close to home.

Back in the mid 1980's I was asked to speak to a school assembly at Bremerton High School concerning the pitfalls of drug use. Note that this is the same school that has made national news recently because it, Joe Kennedy, for praying with his players on the field after games. More on that in a moment.
When my sponsor and I arrived at the school, we were both taken aback by the reception we received before even entering the school. As I recall, I was greeted by the principal and immediately asked if I had a Bible with me. I did not and the response from the school official was "good." 

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