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March 13-15
Join Eric, Bill Salus, John Haller, and Pastor Steve Hubbard for "Decoding the Birth Pangs" Conference at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Click here for more.

Huntsville, AL 
March 19-22 
Dr. O. Wendell Davis hosts Dr. Freddie Young and Eric Barger for The Huntsville Bible Prophecy and Apologetics Conference. The theme:
"Decoding the Blood Moons."
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Update Greetings!

This afternoon (Sunday) I finished our conference at Hilltop Christian Center in the heart of Tacoma, Washington. We had a great time all weekend which included sessions Friday evening on Emergent/Postmodern thinking, an especially great session Saturday morning on Islam which concluded with several people making commitments to Christ and was followed by one of the most unique Q&A times I have ever experienced which lasted well into the afternoon. Today we concluded with my prophetic message "Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Returning Soon" and yet more folks responding to the Lord for salvation. Thanks to Pastor Pana and Tai Mamea and all of the folks at Hilltop for the wonderful reception and opportunity to present what the Lord gave me!

This week its on to Columbus, Ohio where I'll rejoin author Bill Salus and prophetic speaker John Haller at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Logan, OH, March 13-15. We'll begin Friday evening and go all the way through the conference conclusion Sunday night. Hope our friends in the region can join us!

Thanks for praying for us as we prepare for both Logan, Ohio and Huntsville, AL the following week!

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Considering the volume of emails I receive I don't always have the opportunity to give as detailed and in depth an answer as I have here below. However, since I addressed this topic to some extent at our conference this weekend, I am taking the opportunity to share my comments with you here.
- EB

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, March 08, 2015 5:16 PM
To: Eric Barger
Subject: Rick Warren

I am a Sunday School teacher and when I told the class about Rick Warren I was ask what proof I have about his teaching. I have heard it from you and Jack Van Impe, but I need something to show what a false teacher he is. Can you help?


Eric Responds:


Thanks for writing!

I am going to write a few thoughts and then direct you to a menu with a number of articles that contain the information you are seeking.

Please convey to others that I don't relish in speaking adversely about others who profess to be Christians. I do so with trepidation. Several years ago I waited seven months before releasing my findings on Rick Warren. During that time I sought to contact him in numerous ways but received no response. Later, a friend and colleague of mine was actually able to get a meeting with Warren but to no avail and his concerns were rejected. As I outline in my key document, Dr. Warren presents an unbiblical, incomplete plan of salvation in The Purpose Driven Life. Obviously, this is no small, peripheral doctrine. Until he edits and corrects this error (and others) would we want to follow whatever else he offers? Do we think close is good enough and acceptable when it comes to what a man must do to be saved?

Remember: it's not always what teachers say that is necessarily so wrong. How much easier it would be if every page or every statement was riddled with heresy but they are not. While there may be some helpful things found in Warren's book and statements, in the seeker friendly ideas of folks such as Bill Hybels, and the feel good teachings of Joel Osteen, a shocking percentage of Christians seem unable or resistant to recognize that a partial gospel is actually a false gospel in disguise. In reality, it is often the biblical elements which are mandatory but continually omitted that signal a teaching to be "Christian like" but short of the mark. In the case of The Purpose Driven Life, Warren never mentions repentance as a prerequisite for salvation or even the identification of sin and what that is. In the PDL he also avoids any talk of spiritual warfare or the fact that we have a real live enemy which is akin to General Eisenhower avoiding any mention of Hitler in an effort to be "positive." How ridiculous, especially considering that Hitler could only destroy one's body but the devil desires that people join him for eternity!

In short, the church growth notions that have been widely promoted and  accepted are to blame for much of Evangelicalism's slide. Paul Smith has documented this in his insightful book The New Evangelicalism. Once you boil down the teachings of the church growth gurus, such as Warren and Hybels, it becomes evident that they deem it anti-growth to speak about sin, Satan, spiritual warfare, the demonic, righteousness, holiness, and repentance. Why? Because these topics are categorized as "negative" and if addressed by pastors it will result in empty seats on Sunday morning. Few seem understand the real damage done by this notion. If spiritual liberalism that infected the mainline denominations decades ago and its modern resurgence in theological institutions thought to be sound not too awfully long ago weren't enough now the pastor dedicated to preach the whole counsel of God's Word is hamstrung by the various churches in his area who have been willfully victimized by the plague of Church Growth. In a world where growth is the goal if one stands on the Bible's inerrancy, rejects the temptation of offering "here and now" life application messages, and preaches against social ills and sin while presenting the entire Gospel he is viewed as archaic, even a Neanderthal. It is stunning to realize how many evangelicals have succumbed to the spell of success presenting nothing but a feel good gospel, bereft of vital doctrines and understanding so as to fit the "positive" church growth mold. Would the Holy Spirit have men behind the sacred desk ignore biblical truths as if they never existed - all just to fill the seats? I think not. Are we called to draw a crowd? NO. We are called to be faithful to the Word of God and to make disciples. Do we dare alter the message? We must simply deliver it intact.

Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, and Feel Good teaching have one key shared element. As the new, confused evangelicals focus on results instead of building disciples who can weather the storms ahead, they are actually pandering to the self-centered, narcissistic culture of today. In essence, instead of the Church's focus being God, it has become man. When this misguided emphasis reigns it does not and cannot result in healthy, authentic Christians. But worse it is an affront to God. While the Bible is very uplifting spiritual goose bumps and fluffy feelings are not the only result if the Scriptures are taught accurately and completely. Often, the Word brings sorrow, repentant remorse, and stings deeply as God deals with our hearts, attitudes, and lifestyles.

Emergent thinkers constantly call for social justice while methodically redefining terms that relate to our faith. They denounce the Bible's supremacy, bemoan doctrine and sound teaching, and claim the Church has never had it right. The hardcore emergent leaders are heretics plain and simple. But Warren and others embrace them as if they are acceptable and it's not surprising. The Brian McLaren's, Rob Bell's, and Tony Jones' have much in common with Warren, Hybels and Osteen. They refuse to make stands on issues or only do so when so cornered as Osteen was when a gay pride group threatened to picket his church. Many embrace teachings such as Islam as compatible or worthy of acceptance. Rick Warren sees fit to make deals with LA area Imams not to proselytize those under Islam's control (i.e. the so-called "King's Way" document), and also declare that teaching on eschatology and the end-times should be avoided and rejected. Warren is also a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum. As I have documented Warren, Hybels, McLaren, Leith Anderson and others signed the "Common Word" document at Yale University the premise of which declares that our Jehovah is actually Islam's Allah. These "Dominion/Kingdom Now" teachers also throw Israel under the bus claiming that the Church has replaced her and that the Jews have no part in God's plan.

Without even reviewing any of the articles and documents I have amassed on our website over time if I am correct in what I have just written here then there is great reason to consider Dr. Warren's teaching as suspect. I reiterate though, if it was every word he wrote or spoke it would indeed be simpler to spot the problems. But, it is not that easy. This is why I encourage you and those in your class to check out what I am saying and do their own research. Above all, do as the Scripture says and "test everything" (I Thess. 5:21-22).

Finally, we are warned that false teachers are going to arise in the Church (II Peter 2, Acts 20, I John 4, Jude 3-4, and 14 occasions in Jesus' own teachings). If that warning was given to the early church to be on guard how much more poignant might it be for us at the end of the Church Age where we are warned that error will be the norm among those claiming they are Christians?

God bless you as you contend for the authentic faith in these troubled yet exciting times!


Please take time and look through the menu of items under: Apostasy and Troubling Trends in the Church.

Note: my extensive report Examining the Purpose Driven Philosophy is available in print or for electronic download in our online bookstore.

Note also that the opening segment of "Understanding the Times" Radio on February 21st contained our expose' of Rick Warren's recent promotion of Roman Catholicism as compatible with biblical Christianity. Access the program file to listen or download here.

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We play Pastor Jack Hibbs' message from "Understanding the Times Fall 2014". The title is "Islam, False Prophets, & the Daze of Deception." Jack hits on major issues of the day as indicated in the title. Find a complete set of DVDs or CDs here. Other speakers included Dr. Ed Hindson, Jan Markell, and Steven Khoury. Then Eric Barger talks to science expert Jay Seegert. They discuss how we might use creation to share our faith. We use the mobile app found on the home page of


Christian Unity: Are We ALL on the Same Team? (February 21, 2015)  Jan Markell, Eric Barger, and Jill Martin Rische open with a segment responding to Pastor Rick Warren's suggestion that many religions "are on the same team." What is wrong with this and what is it heralding? Then they interview Dr. Ron Rhodes about issues relating to his new book, 40 Days Through Genesis. Find it here Why are the book ends of the Bible, Genesis and Revelation, marginalized? Hear Christianity Today magazine suggest that Adam and Eve are not the parents of us all. We use the mobile app found on the home page of


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