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On the Road
Manitowoc, WI
December 1 
(10am only) Eric will address "The Postmodern Playbook: Avoiding the Trap of 21st Century Christianity" at Calvary Chapel of Manitowoc. Click here for more info

Mansfield, WA
December 15
(11am only) Eric returns to Columbia River Fellowship of Mansfield for just one service. The topic will be "Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Returning Soon" Call (509) 683-1238 or visit the website here.

Future Speaking Opportunities 
Eric is accepting invitations for meetings on select dates throughout 2014 across North America.

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New Evangelicalism: The New World Order
by Paul Smith

Like cascading dominoes, the intentional departure from believing the Bible is inerrant has plunged the church of the 21st century down the treacherous slippery slope of accommodation and compromise.

* Why have so many evangelicals identified themselves as new evangelicals?

* What is the relationship between Fuller Seminary, the Purpose Driven Church, and the Emergent Church Movement?

* How is the Emergent Church push for globalization harmonizing with the new world order in these prophetic last days?


Addressing these and many more questions with riveting case studies coupled with staggering and sobering documentation, the author unfolds the shocking progression of ideas that were birthed in a nest of aberrant church beliefs. 


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Living on Borrowed Time
  by Dr. David Reagan


This book answers many questions concerning the second coming of Jesus including fulfilled prophecy, understanding the season we are in and the signs of the times, and perhaps the most convincing sign of the Lord's soon return.


A unique feature of the book is a prophecy forum composed of 22 Bible prophecy experts who reply to 11 questions concerning the biblical signs of the times that are supposed to signal the imminent return of Jesus. Over 300 pages!

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The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent
by Dr. Erwin Lutzer


Islam is on the rise all over the West, including America. In this compelling new book, bestselling author Erwin Lutzer urges Christians to see this as both an opportunity to share the gospel and a reason for concern.
 We have now reached a tipping point--the spread of Islam is rapidly altering the way we live. These changes are cause for alarm, for they endanger our freedoms of speech and religion.


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Emergent/postmodern philosophy has invaded nearly every once-safe denomination. In this seminar DVD, Eric defines Emergent thinking and terms, concisely exposing the leaders and errors of the Emergent Church.

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Ministry Update

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the United States! I hope you have had a blessed, God-honoring day with your families, friends, and with the Lord.

I just returned home from 27 days on the road that took Melanie and I to several states and literally across the continent to North and South Carolina, Florida, and finally Missouri. This was Melanie's longest ministry trip with me in over 10 years and it was a blessing. As most of those reading know, she has been caregiving in some capacity for her parents since we moved back to the Seattle area in 2004 for just that purpose. Travel for her during that stretch has been perhaps a weekend here and there and I've missed having her by my side all these months and years. But regardless of any road rust, she fared very well on a long trip such as the one we just completed.

In the time since we moved back to the Northwest our ministry has expanded significantly making Melanie's role as office manager all the more critical to both me and to the ministry as a whole. There are many more duties and issues that need regular attention these days and I just want to acknowledge the great job our board member and computer tech person, Steve Malmquist did these last 3+ weeks in Melanie's absence. Thanks brother!

Having not written to our email subscribers in a month, I want to acknowledge that I find it increasingly more difficult to produce newsletters and email updates when traveling. I certainly reply to enough emails and phone calls each day but since I keep a fairly full travel and speaking schedule in churches and conferences and have added radio production to my already hectic life, the time to dedicate to personal communication like this is sometimes lacking.

For a season we produced the weekly "Take A Stand! Radio" program and discontinued regular production of it once I was asked to become a regular co-host with Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries on "Understanding the Times" Radio. Understanding the Times Radio now airs on over 650 stations each weekend plus across the Internet so as much as I'd like to have continued producing our Take A Stand! Radio program there was just no way to stretch my time to do so and to also maintain a high level of excellence. Besides the time use, it is a very expensive venture to produce and air media such as radio and television and stewardship is always an issue. I can tell you from personal experience that Christian radio is a labor of love and one has to to know that God has called you to it. There is a popular misconception that the voices heard in Christian broadcasting are paid large sums to appear. Though there may be some exceptions, in our case its the other was around as thousands of dollars are required each week to purchase the air time let alone maintain the other aspects of ministry. None of the folks I know are being paid large salaries. Instead, we're just trying to stretch and expand so more people will benefit and receive what the Lord gives us.

With that said, I ask that you continue to remember us in prayer. Between maintaining Take A Stand! Ministries and the growing responsibilities I have with Olive Tree and Understanding the Times I am stretched - but I really wouldn't have it any other way. God called us to go and our daily prayer is for the Lord to provide and help us to be productive each day until we see Him face to face. Please pray with me also as I continue to research and construct the slides, visuals, and notes for several new DVDs we'll be shooting in the coming months. Each of these new messages will be challenging and we believe life changing for many people.

Thanks for praying and for supporting us in the work God has called Melanie and I and our team to do. Apologetics, discernment, the cults, occult, Emergent, Islam... None of it is easy but with God leading and with your intercession and financial help, His victory is surely ours!

Watching and Waiting...
Eric Signature

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Olive Tree Video Series
What are some concerns of American Pastors? from Eric Barger

Linked below is the first of several short clips shot backstage at the "Understanding the Times" Conference in Eden Prairie, MN in October, 2013. In this clip Eric responds to the question: What are some of the concerns of the pastors and leaders he encounters while traveling across America?

Olive Tree Video Series - What are some concerns of American Pastors? from Eric Barger

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Jan Markell, Eric Barger, and Jill Martin Rische discuss the normalization of the occult today, even in the church. They target an issue of Christianity Today (magazine) where we are encouraged to reflect on monsters and other dark issues. Find Eric Barger's excellent book, Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion, here. Jan and Eric then interview American Family Association President Tim Wildmon as to why his organization was called a hate group recently. How far will the secular world go to marginalize Christians and all we stand for? Very far. The Bible predicts it Listen Here.

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Introducing Eric Barger & Take A Stand! Ministries
Introducing Eric Barger & Take A Stand! Ministries


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