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Eric on the road
Gettysburg, PA

Eric is one of the featured speakers Thursday and Friday, Oct 18-19, at The East Coast Prophecy Conference of Southwest Radio Ministries to be held at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg. Please visit for more info.

Columbus, OH area
Eric returns to Peace Free Lutheran Church, 28 Elm St,
Canal Winchester, Ohio for three sessions
Sunday morning Oct 21
(8, 9:15, 10:30am)

Sunday night Oct 21 join Eric at 6pm at Grace Polaris Church
in the DeArmey Discipleship Center Room 208
8225 Worthington-Galena Road (SW corner Worthington-Galena and Lazelle Roads)
Westerville, Ohio
(Sponsored by The Columbus Prophecy Conference)

Future Speaking Opportunities Available

Oct 28 - Washington/Oregon  

Nov 4 - North or South Carolina

Dec 2 - Minnesota or W. Wisconsin

Dec 16 - Washington/Oregon

Jan 16-20 - S. California

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Who is The Rev. Dr. Derrick Harkins? (And Why It Matters)...
DNC & Evangelicals
A Common Bond
I wonder what was going through the mind of the Director of Religious Outreach for the Democratic National Committee, the Rev. Dr. Derrick Harkins, on September 5th in Charlotte. His employer and political party had played God with God, first scratching any mention of the Almighty from their national platform and then eliminating language supporting Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Though DNC leaders soon realized the blunder and sought to undo the harm they'd done, reinstating God at their convention proved for Democrats a bit like coaxing fire back into a flame thrower - once its out the damage is done and you can quickly make matters worse by messing with it! We'll likely never know what role the Rev. Dr. Harkins played in all of this (let alone what he thought), but who exactly is this man and why is it important to Evangelicals? I'll come back to this question in a moment, but first a little background.

The now-famous three-round voice vote to reverse the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee's misstep only added to the PR damage the Dems inflicted upon themselves. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles looked like the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights, attempting to preside over a party convention bent on turning its back on God. The mayor's reaction to the three obvious nay votes to amend the platform and reinstate
Teleprompter Instructions: 
"The ayes have it"
God in the party's platform was hard to watch. Plus, we now know that the Democratic brain trust used a teleprompter to instruct Villaraigosa to disregard the outcome of the voice vote and to instead declare the resolution approved. Regardless of how muddied the procedure was, the sentiment of the Democrat
delegates present in Charlotte was clear. The majority soundly rejected God and Israel's claim to Jerusalem. Befuddled and acting much like they were Congress passing a health care bill, the Democratic leadership responded by ignoring the will of the delegates, calling the vote "approved," and declaring God to be welcome once again. I wonder if whoever directed Mayor Villaraigosa to lie to the raucous crowd (and for God and all the world to see) stopped to consider how much Jehovah detests the act. A bold-faced lie is a prescription for trouble, even more so when God is the object. Perhaps DNC officials should have consulted the ninth commandment before declaring God was once more welcome in an effort to cover their own hides. Ironically, this is coming from those who have in recent days constructed a presidential campaign strategy around the word "lie."

We could expect such shenanigans - and worse - from the godless types in our culture. However, no one should perceive that I am inferring that the opposition party is somehow pristine. The Republicans surely include their fair share of reprobates as well. But according to their very platform, the Democratic Party stands for an ever-expanding, intrusive government, abortion on demand, gay rights, same-sex marriage, destruction of the traditional family, a weakened military, the hyper-environmental green agenda, socialized medicine, a nanny welfare state, untenable immigration policy and enforcement, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian policies, etc., etc. And now they have attempted to remove even the word "God" from their platform - though most observers feel fairly certain He hasn't been a main player with them for quite some time. Honestly, how can one claim to be a born-again believer - a real evangelical who actually follows the Bible - and also actively work to recruit pastors, parishioners, and entire churches in an effort to elect individuals to public office from a party with a stated platform so replete with anti-God and anti-biblical planks? Which brings me back to the question I posed earlier. Who is the Rev. Dr. Derrick Harkins?

Besides his role as a DNC director and board m
ember, and
The Rev. Dr. Harkins
presiding as the senior pastor of Nineteenth St
reet Baptist Church, one of Washington's oldest historically black  churches (where Obama and his family made an appearance just before his inauguration in 2009), the Rev. Dr. Harkins is a past board member of the ultra-left Sojourners, an organization dedicated to social justice, immigration reform, government expansion, and Emergent thought headed by Obama spiritual adviser Jim Wallis.

However, most important to this discussion is the fact that Harkins is a board member of the National Association of Evangelicals. How can this be? Is this Evangelicalism? How can a leader supposedly dedicated to upholding the Bible - and who allegedly represents born-again Christians - toil instead to further causes so diametrically opposed to Scriptural principles? This isn't just some sort of guilt by association. Harkins is responsible for promoting Democratic causes inside Christianity. He is the Director of Religious Outreach for the Democratic National Committee.

Apparently this is the new National Association of Evangelicals and everyone reading this needs to understand it. Just as the term "evangelical" no longer means what it did just 20 years ago, the face of evangelicalism - the NAE - is apparently now being led by individuals who are not what the title historically implies.

How can an NAE board member also be a major player with the Democratic National Committee? And stating this has absolutely nothing to do with politics.
Not long ago, the policies being espoused by today's DNC were in stark contrast to those held by NAE leadership. How is it that now NAE leaders appear so comfortable, even right at home, with the party platform of the DNC? Is there no longer a sharply divided contradiction in policies between the NAE and the DNC? Apparently not, and this is precisely the point. Those who disagree should reexamine paragraph three of this article if they sincerely believe that DNC's positions are in harmony with the teaching of the Bible.

Though their actions are not broadcast widely, its no secret what NAE leadership have been doing. Understand that Dr. Harkins' involvement with the DNC is just one facet of a broad problem. But I am mystified that so few voices are proclaiming warnings. Could it be that Bible believers are too distracted with other issues to notice what is happening? Will we perhaps just ambivalently ignore this growing liberal elephant in our evangelical room? Will we be pacified by yet another reassuring statement from NAE headquarters full of endearing buzz words specifically crafted to quell the fears of the faithful? When are evangelicals going to live up to righteous standards and stop making excuses for leaders who have misled us? Evangelicals have a crisis in leadership and it appears many in our ranks don't understand this. This is why I wrote Where Are Evangelicals Heading? and its 48 pages only scratch the surface concerning the depth of the problem.
This alignment with ultra-left causes is surely not the only contradiction NAE observers note today. To think that leaders we once fully trusted would allow those in favor of a growing laundry list of anti-biblical policies and doctrines to take part in leadership of an organization once dedicated to fearlessly spreading the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed heart attack material. But if we don't come to our senses and stop defending some leaders because of our past affinity for them, evangelicalism is heading for a quick execution and burial right before our eyes. How far do NAE leaders have to go before their constituents revolt? In my Take A Stand! Journal Special Report Where Are Evangelicals Heading?, I wrote of Dr. Harkins' role advocating for the DNC and six other areas of concern including:
- NAE leadership dialog with Mormon representatives as if they were "Christian"
- NAE leadership signs declarations affirming that Jehovah and Allah are the same deity
- NAE pushes global warming and green agendas

And now, as I've reported here, the NAE has attached themselves to the anti-God, anti-Israel platform of the DNC.
Where does it end if not in the demise of biblical truth and the deception of the flock?

Last year, I received an email from the church office of an NAE official. The writer suggested that I was being far too hard on the NAE and that I should stop any further expose' and be silent concerning the organization's leadership and direction. Since then, on two separate occasions I have asked for a face-to-face meeting with NAE officials. My requests have been ignored, but can they ignore all of us?

In Where Are Evangelicals Heading? I pose questions that thus far the NAE doesn't want to address. Indeed, t
he NAE owes every evangelical an explanation concerning its policies and actions. As I document in my report, Bible believers are being betrayed by leaders we once thought we could trust and I for one want answers. However, I'm not holding my breath about it. By the looks of things, there may not be an explanation forthcoming on the issues I've raised, at least not here on Earth. That may happen only when those responsible stand individually before God and give an account of their actions and policies done here in His name.
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This Week: 

 Understanding the Creation - Evolution Controversy part 3: The Origin of Life


In part three, Eric's guest, Jay Seegert, of the Creation Education Center, addresses the origin of life and species and obliterates the possibility that life came about through a process of natural selection (a mere accident). Seegert points out the incomplete and unscientific reasons that the majority of those in the scientific community have chosen evolution. Jay then adds dynamic and important insight as to why many scientists and educators have chosen natural explanations (chance) for the origin of life, while completely and purposely ignoring any suggestion of divine creation.

This is another important program to help you give answers concerning this bedrock issue.

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