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VAC PAC on a V200

Installing gauges onto our V100 or V200 will tremendously help in dealing with any sort of troubleshooting during the life span of the positioner.  The importance of the gauge on the "I" Port, by using a 0-30psi gauge, you can trouble shoot most problems with the V100 and V200 series positioners in just a few minutes. When a control signal is applied to the I/P (either an internal I/P or a remote mount I/P) the gauge should read 3psi at 4mA, and 15psi at 20mA if the gauge doesn't read these pressures (or close to them) then it is likely that your I/P needs to be replaced. If the gauge reads correctly at

these signals, then it is most likely that the problem is with the pilot

valve. Inspect and clean, or replace the pilot valve. Contact us for more information on troubleshooting or visit our website by clicking here.

It is very important that before you call VAC for an RGA that a RGA request form is filled out.  Click here for a link to the form.  Once this form is filled out we will then issue an RGA so you can get the unit back to our office for evaluations.   Once we finish with the evaluations we send you a report based on our findings.  The RGA request form is critical because it helps us focus in on a specific aspect of the positioner when we start evaluations.
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We are excited about 2015 at Valve Accessories & Controls!!  The one big thing in 2015 is the Valve World Expo that we will be displaying at in July.  We have also changed up the training classes a bit.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working hard for you in 2015.
Valve World Americas

At this years Valve World Americas trade show, Valve Accessories will be an exhibitor for the first time in our company's history.  Valve World Americas is taking place in Houston, TX at the George R Brown Convention Center on July 15th and 16th.  Our booth is 603 which is close to the front, please find a map of exhibitors here.  We hope everyone can stop into our booth and say hello. There will be more reminders as the date gets closer.

Training Class Information

Our attendees from our October 2014 training class from left to right Karl Schafer with Matheson Valve, Greg Nelson with Plastomatic, Austin Welch with CPS, Troy Matheson with Matheson Valve and Mike Tallion with John H Fehlinger.  We want to thank all the attendees for a great class and to the management at each of their respective companies for allowing them to attend the class.  
This year we will be CHANGING it up a little.  We want to try having a class specifically for sales and another class specifically for technicians. The sales class will be March 3rd and 4th, we will focus in more on competition, how to sell retrofit, and general sales approach to our line of positioners.
The class designed more for technicians will be May 12th and 13th.  In this class we will spend more time in the shop with our hands on the unit, spending more time on troubleshooting, repair, and mounting.
To sign up for either class please contact Tammie Hughes via email or by calling her at (205)678-0507.  
Thank you for your continued support of our product line.  If you have any questions or would like to get more information such as product brochures please call us at (205) 678-0507.

You may also visit our website for more information, (click Valve Accessories & Controls to be redirected) 
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