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0 to 10 Volt Positioners
V100E 0-10 Volt
V200E 0-10 Volt
A very unique unit that VAC sells is our zero to ten volt positioners.
These positioners are unique because of the zero to ten volt V to P manufactured by Fairchild. These zero to ten volt transducers are available in both the V100 and V200 because of the brackets designed to make the transducer an integral part of both positioners.
The zero to ten volt units are mostly sold to the HVAC industry.
These units are on the shelf, so contact us for a quote.  Click on Tammie or Cheryl for email addresses or call (205)678-0507. For more technical information about these units just click on the pictures above to be directed to the specific web page for these units.
Technical Tip
With our V100 and V200 Fail Freeze positioners, users need to be aware that the Fairchild 6100 series Fail Freeze I/P is orientation sensitive.
This means that if the positioner is calibrated at one orientation in the shop, and installed in a complete different orientation the zero and span can shift.  
If this does occur it is a very simple process to calibrate the I/P back to it's correct parameters.
We have developed a simple calibration sheet that can be found by clicking here.   

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The VACPAC newsletter is back this month with a few points.  A video was made on how to install our Linear Mounting kit, information about training class opportunities, zero to ten volt Positioners and technical tips about our Fail Freeze Positioners.

We are excited to be displaying at the Valve World show in July 2015 which is only a year away. This will be VAC's first trade show and we are excited.  Please be on the look out for information regarding this trade show.  We hope everyone will make it to the show and say hello.

If there is anything that you would like to read about or have more detail on in the next newsletter please send me a note (click here for my email address). 
Linear Mounting Kit
Our most common linear mounting kit is our VAC Linear Kit PN 350229. With the VAC Linear Kit we can retrofit any of our VAC products to many different diaphragm actuators such as Fisher, Masoneilan, and several others. 
When mounting to linear actuators it can be a little bit more involved than mounting to a rotary actuator.  There are instructions in the VAC Linear kit but now we have made a video as well.  Click on the video and learn how to install a positioner on a linear actuator. 
VAC Linear Kit
VAC Linear Kit

Training Class Information

A special thank you to our training class participants in May.  From Right to left, Guy Adams from Dwight Prouty, Kevin Feliciano from Diversified Controls, Drew Vaughn and Earl Harless from TellTale, Manny Varela from Diversified Controls and all the way in the back is Rick Marino from Control Products.
Our next class in August is full but our class in October is still open, the dates are October 14th and 15th.  
Please contact Tammie Hughes if you are interested.  Email her at or call her at 205.678.0507

Thank you for your continued support of our product line.  If you have any questions or would like to get more information such as product brochures please call us at (205) 678-0507.

You may also visit our website for more information, (click VAC to be redirected)  Valve Accessories & Controls.



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