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VACPAC Gauge and Filter Set
VAC is now offering a VACPAC filter and gauge set for the V100 and V200 positioner.  We have made it easy to order, one part number (PN400499) will
include a quality filter regulator with auto drain, a nipple to mount the filter regulator and 4 quality gauges ( 1 will be 0 to 30 psi range, and 3 will be 0 to 160 psi range).  One part number at a GREAT price. We have also added a kit that will include all stainless steel gauges, filter regulator and a nipple to mount the filter regulator PN 400499SS. The VACPAC will extend the life of the positioner with the filter regulator and make trouble shooting a breeze with the gauge set. Please contact (by clicking) Tammie or calling anyone at our Chelsea, AL office at 205.678.0507.
Orientation of Positioners
At VAC we get frequent phone calls about orientation of positioners if there is a right way to mount a positioner.  The answer is no there is no specific way to mount a positioner. Many times the valve package has space constraints that could have the positioner mounted upside down.  The only thing we have to be aware of are in the analog V100 and V200 how we set our cam, and in the D400 to make sure that it's rotating in the correct quadrant.  
With the V100 and V200 the cam will need to be adjusted which means loosening the set screw on the cam nut and backing the cam nut off in order to set correctly. With the cam nut loose the positioner may be freely rotated to any position on it's mounting bracket. The correct starting point is having the silver roller set properly next to the cam tip pictured below.
Pictured above is the correct cam setting for a counter clockwise rotation of a valve package.

Pictured above would be the correct cam setting for a clockwise rotation of a valve package.

The D400 orientation is the pointer on the bottom that must be rotating between the labeled A & B sticker.

If you do have a mounting application that requires the exhaust to be facing up please use a 90 degree elbow on the exhaust to prevent any contaminants from entering the positioner. 

By making sure that the rotation is correct will allow you to mount the positioner in any desired orientation to the valve package. 

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In this addition to the VACPAC we address positioner orientation, the R300, the VACPAC filter regulator and gauge set, and the opportunities for training classes in our main office in Chelsea, AL.  If you have any questions please let us know. 
We look forward to working with you in 2013.
The R300 is a limit switch and/or a 4 to 20mA feedback stand alone switch. The R300 is different from the more popular R100, where the R100 directly couples to the V100 the R300 is designed to be a stand alone switch box.  As you can see in the picture below the mounting is very similar to the V100, the flexibility of having multiple spindles gives the customers the flexibility to mount the R300 on a wide range of valve packages.



Here are a few applications where the R300 was used.  These are not your typical switch applications, but because of the flexibility in mounting, ease of calibration, and the wide range (degrees) of switch settings, these customers looked at these applications as another way for VAC products to shine. 




VAC keeps a small stock of R300s so please send Tammie or Cheryl an email or call them at (205)678-0507 for pricing and availability.


March 2013 Training Class
On March 5th and 6th VAC hosted its day and a half training class for customers from all over the country and Canada.  Pictured from left to right are Michael Waldau with Swiss Fluid, Joey Forlini with EADS, Frank Spray with Romatec, Bill Bassett with EADS and Aaron Brown with SISCO and not pictured Bob Lang of CVL. We want to thank everyone for attending, and if you are interested in attending or sending someone please contact any of us at VAC. The next classes are May 7th and 8th, August 5th and 6th and October 15th and 16th. Spots will fill up fast.  Please contact Tammie if you are interested. Click here to email her.



Thank you for your continued support of our product line.  If you have any questions or would like to get more information such as product brochures please call us at (205) 678-0507.

You may also visit our website for more information, (click VAC to be redirected)  Valve Accessories & Controls.



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