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VACPAC Gauge and Filter Set
VAC is now offering a VACPAC filter and gauge set for the V100 and V200 positioner.  We have made it easy to order, one part number (PN400499) will
include a good quality filter regulator, a nipple to mount the filter regulator and 4 quality gauges ( 1 will be 0 to 30 psi range, and 3 will be 0 to 160 psi range).  One part number at a GREAT price.  The VACPAC will extend the life of the positioner with the filter regulator and make trouble shooting a breeze with the gauge set. Please contact (by clicking) Tammie or calling anyone at our Chelsea, AL office at 205.678.0507.
V200 Spool Valve
In the near future you will see that the V200 spool valve housing will now be made of cast aluminum.  The original material of the housing was brass and manufacturing the brass body for the spool valve was wasting a lot of material.  Unlike the V100 where very little brass is wasted in manufacturing.  The most important part of the spool valve is the internals where the air passes.  This will remain the same, it will be stainless steel inserts with the spool piece plated in gold to give it natural lubrication.  The aluminum body will allow us to coat it for better corrosion resistance while not disturbing the performance of the V200.
Aluminum Spool Valves
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As we head into the last months of 2012 we hope this message finds everyone doing well.  Especially those that were affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.  In this edition of VACPAC Newsletter we highlight parts of the V200, new gauge and filter set, and our training class.
VAC is always looking for ways to improve and the V200 has added 2 items that will make it even more distinctive to the market place.  The first improvement is the addition of Tufram® coating on the V200.  Tufram is a coating that adds additional corrosion resistance to the housing as well as makes the tensile strength stronger.  Designed for NASA, Tufram® is a "synergistic" surface enhancement for aluminum based products. Engineers worldwide have recognized the unique benefits of Tufram® in all types of manufacturing and process industries. The coating covers the product extremely well both inside and outside.  We will offer Tufram® coating that will be for acid and alkali environments such as chemical factories where a wide range of chemicals can affect the product. 
The second addition is the introduction of the V200 electroless Nickel coating. The nickel coating is primarily used in the food and beverage industry and allows for liquids to drain off quickly in the daily wash downs at facilities. 
V200 Tufram
V200 Nickel












Also with the additions of the new coatings listed above is a new brochure.  Please click HERE to view the new V200 brochure.  Please let Tammie know if you are interested in having VAC send you hard copies of the latest V200 brochure.



October 2012 Training Class
On October 16th and 17th VAC hosted its day and a half training class for customers from all over the country.  Pictured from left to right are John Hall with CVL Technical, Shannon Deese with Ferguson, Jamie Sullivan with Field Instruments and Majid Javaheri with Festo not pictured Greg Brewer with AC Controls, and Lane Medine from Fair Engineering. We want to thank everyone for attending, and if you are interested in attending or sending someone please contact any of us at VAC. The next class is March 5th and 6th, and another one May 7th and 8th. Spots will fill up fast.  Please contact Tammie if you are interested. Click here to email her. training class



Thank you for your continued support of our product line.  If you have any questions or would like to get more information such as product brochures please call us at (205) 678-0507.

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