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Airmet Metalworks Newsletter                                February 2014

As beautiful as this season can be, some of us would like a little relief from the cold, the snow, the ice...this long winter.  That's why this issue of Classic Metal is going to Paradise!

Structural Steelwork for The Bridge in Atlantis                         

Let's go back in time to 1998.  Airmet was contracted to fabricate a structural steel project. This project turned out to be for the Atlantis Hotel and Casino on Paradise Island, Bahamas.  Airmet built the supporting structure for the Bridge that sits 16 stories high and connects the Royal Towers.  

The structural steel was designed to function as a kit of the finished product in order to facilitate transport.  The entire structure was preassembled in Airmet's shop with all the necessary welding, drilling and bolting.  Once completed, it was disassembled and packed for shipment.  Upon arrival in the Bahamas, the structure was reassembled and installed. 


What now sits upon this bridge structure is the renowned 5,000 square foot Bridge Suite.  Boasting 12-foot ceilings throughout with full length windows, this luxury suite also features an 800 square foot balcony with a 360 degree view of the water, lagoons and pools.  Known for its celebrity guests, the Bridge Suite is Atlantis' premier accommodation.


We're accustomed to featuring Airmet's projects that clearly showcase their craftsmanship and beauty.  In this and every case, the value of this project is its structural integrity.

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