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There were a few milestones that took place in the past year that are very noteworthy.



It is with congratulations to the following staff that celebrated special employment anniversaries in 2014:

One Year 
Elizabeth Humes (January)
Outreach/Homeless Case Manager

Joey Pursell (November)
Building and Grounds Maintenance Coordinator

Five Years 
Nathan Cobb (June)
Transit Director

Fifteen Years 
Lana Bryan (October)
DV Counselor/DAPP Co-Facilitator

Terry Amenell (November)
Data Intake Specialist/ Volunteer Coordinator

Twenty Years 
Patti Sullivan-Howd (June)
Public Relations Manager

Karen Culver (August)
Fiscal Clerk

Twenty-Five Years 
Gary Ziegler (April)
Retired but working part-time

Nancy Walker (July)
CAA Program Assistant

Thirty Years 
Teresa Cadle (November)
Clothing Center Manager/Clerical Support Staff

Thirty-Five Years 
Suzan Nash (December)
Executive Director

Staff Departures 


We are sorry to note that we had two staff departures in the 2014 year, after many years of fine service to the agency and its mission.  

Shannon Duncan (June - Planning Coordinator) left employment after 13 years of service.  Shannon accepted a position with the City of Macomb as its Community Development Coordinator.  While she will be missed, she is still close by, having moved only two blocks away to City Hall, and we expect to continue to work with her on a variety of projects in her new role.  

Lana Bryan (December - DV Counselor/DAPP Co-Facilitator) left employment after 15 years of service.  Lana is looking forward to relaxing mornings and time to be spent in Florida.  We expect that Lana will drop by for a visit every now and then and let us know how much she is enjoying her retirement.    


Volunteer Service


We are happy to recognize several volunteers who have served the WIRC and the WIRC-CAA for10 or more years, and continue to do so:


Ten Years Plus

Alice Henry (McDonough Co.)

- serving on the WIRC-CAA Board of Directors


Sue McCance (McDonough Co.) - serving on the WIRC-CAA Board of Directors


Fifteen Years Plus

David Walker (Hancock Co.)

- serving on the WIRC-CAA Board of Directors


Twenty Years Plus

Chuck Gilbert (Hancock Co.)

- serving on the WIRC Board of Directors


Mike Kirby  (Roseville)

- serving on the WIRC Board of Directors


Lowell Lueck (McDonough Co.) - serving on the WIRC Board of Directors


Thirty Years Plus

Nancy Jameson (McDonough Co.) - serving on the Quad County Coalition Against Domestic Violence Advisory Board and the WIRC-CAA Board of Directors


Jim Nightingale (Hancock Co.)

- serving on the WIRC Board of Directors 







DIRECTIONS  - Suzan Nash, Executive Director  

Suzan 30
This was another big year for our Project Santa (PS) Program!  The PS program and its small staff and band of merry elves and volunteers provided a happier holiday season to 179 families and a total of 459 children in the four Community Action Agency counties of Hancock, Henderson, McDonough and Warren.  

As in previous years, all of our donors, sponsors and volunteers came through helping us to complete the season as this program requires an intensive effort on the part of many to make the Project Santa Program happen.  In addition to the tremendous effort on the part of the staff, and the volunteers, this continues to be a substantial community undertaking.  A few of those who contributed to this project include: WIU and many of its staff, departments and organizations for fundraisers, adoptions and donations of time; Macomb Women's Club; Macomb Master Gardeners; Macomb Junior and Senior highs; Kiwanis Club; Wells Fargo Advisors; McDonough County Highway Department; the Eagles; McDonough District Hospital staff; No Place Like Home; Industry Methodist Church; St. Paul School for the coats and gifts; Family Video for the hams; McDonough Telephone Cooperative employees and the MEG Fund staff; K-Mart and Wal-Mart; the Lamoine Valley Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. for the donation as a result of the Hancock/Henderson fundraiser held in Dallas City; and many other clubs, schools, teachers, students, businesses, organizations and individuals who so generously contributed money, gifts, coats, the sponsorship of a family, child or several children, and/or time to this undertaking by wrapping or shopping.   
Important FEMA Funding Opportunities
young fireman in uniform standing in front of firetruck, he is ready for deployment
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently announced upcoming funding opportunities for its Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) and Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) grant programs. The SAFER application period is from February 9, 2015 to March 6, 2015. The FP&S application period is from March 16, 2015 to April 17, 2015. The applications are internet based and can be accessed at



Educational Scholarships Available Through the WIRC-CAA 

The WIRC-CAA will have five - $2,000 scholarships for individuals desiring to further their educational training through an Illinois community college, vocational school, college or university. Applicants should be pursuing employment in a high need field and must be a resident of Hancock, Henderson, McDonough, or Warren counties. Scholarship recipients may apply the $2,000 towards tuition and fees, textbooks and supplies, or campus room and board.  


The Tri-County Regional Collection Facility (TCRCF) has completed another record year in electronic recycling collections.  Total electronics collections for the year totaled 837,420 pounds, a 14.2% increase over 2013 collections. Additionally, the 2015 collection total is 150.5% more than the total collection of 2011, the final year before the electronics landfill ban took effect.  While electronic recycling has demanded most of the attention, the TCRCF also collects paint as part of the services provided to our partner communities.  Paint collections for 2014 totaled 152,365 pounds, off slightly from 2013, but in line with the historical trend.

The TCRCF Still Needs Your Help
In the last issue, it was reported that the massive electronic recycling volumes made weaknesses in the Illinois electronic recycling legislation apparent.  While the manufacturer's goals have reset for the 2015 program year, the experiences of 2014 have had an impact throughout the industry.  Manufacturers are paying less to processors, and processors are passing that reduction on to collectors, like the TCRCF.  The TCRCF has a tentative agreement with its processor for 2015, but at a significant reduction in revenue.  The TCRCF still needs your help.   Please let your state legislators know how valuable this program is to our area and specifically to your communities.

1 in 3 Teens
1 in 3 teens will be victims of abuse from a dating partner.  
Most will not tell anyone. 

"I met him the first day of high school." 

"We met in English class." 

"A friend introduced us." 

"At first everything was great!" 

"I liked him so-o-o much!" 

"He made me laugh." 

"I was so excited; I couldn't believe how lucky I was." 

"I don't really know when things started to change.  He began to text and 
   call me all the time." 

"He started getting really possessive." 

"I tried to make things better, so I quit hanging out with my other friends.  I
   even quit the swim team." 

"I need to talk to someone; I need help." 

"I don't know if anyone would believe me."

One in three teens will be victims of abuse from a dating partner.  Most will not tell anyone.  Just as in adult abusive intimate partner relationships, it is a pattern of coercive behaviors in order to gain control over a partner.  And, just as in adult relationships, teens are at risk for abuse regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation.

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