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WIRC-CAA Announces Scholarship Award Winners
Bike Study in McDonough County
WIRC Offers Emergency Repair Program
Victims' Rights and Marsy's Law
Facility Sees E-Cycling Soar

WIRC-CAA Announces Scholarship Award Winners
The Western Illinois Regional Council-Community Action Agency (WIRC-CAA) recently announced the recipients of its Regionwide Scholarship.  They are Cody Locke, Hind Ali, and Sky Cross of Macomb; Austin Gardner of Industry; Adam Kerns of Colchester; and Jennifer Howard of Bushnell.  After meeting basic criteria, the chosen recipients receive a $2,000 monetary award based on scholarship potential, commitment to civic and public affairs, and career goals.

Funding for this scholarship was provided by the Community Services Block Grant Program of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. 


DIRECTIONS  - Suzan Nash, Executive Director  

WIRC staff have been busy as usual on a variety of projects. On June 2,
eighteen Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) grants were submitted to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Five of the grants are for housing rehabilitation and 13 for public facilities/infrastructure improvements. This granting process is competitive and all applications will be reviewed by the DCEO staff and then recommended for funding consideration. We do not expect to hear the final results until late fall or early winter.  Read more...



Bike Study Moves Possibility of
Bikeway Development Forward

Western Illinois Regional Council staff is currently working on a bicycle study for McDonough County.   The study is being funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation and its purpose is to gather information and analyze the perception of cyclists concerning the bicycle environment in and around McDonough County. The study will look at bicyclist travel patterns and routes and roadways in the county that are most heavily utilized.  Read more... 


WIRC Offers New Emergency Repair Program
The WIRC was recently awarded a grant from the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) to administer the Emergency Repair Program for interested families and individuals who reside in Hancock, Henderson, McDonough and Warren counties. As funds permit, the purpose of the program is to provide income eligible families and individuals the opportunity to address significant emergency repair items that their homes presently need. Participants must own their home and it must be owner occupied. 

Facility Sees Electronic Recycling Volume Soar
   *  Paint and e-cycling figures are represented in pounds
  ** July totals represent collections thru the 16th
The Tri-County Regional Collection Facility (TCRCF) started the year off in typical fashion. Collection totals were normal, perhaps even slower than normal with the unusually cold winter we had. The facility staff was able to catch their breath from the record setting 2013 season, managing to perform a much needed overhaul of the paint machine and other minor tasks that were pushed aside out of necessity. But then the weather turned in mid-March and electronic recycling volumes soared, far surpassing the multiple records that were set in the 2013 collection year.  Read more...


Victims' Rights and Marsy's Law
Historically, writings on victims' rights can be found in documents dating back thousands of years, including the Code of Hammurabi and the Magna Carta.  In modern times, the big push globally was following World War II in the late 1940s with the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Following the Civil Rights Movement and the Women's Rights Movement in our country, the modern rights movement was born.  Its impetus was to first get victim rights recognized.  Then states began to add amendments to their constitutions or state statutes to protect these rights legally.

Illinois did just that in the early 1990s, however, language was included that did not allow for victim rights to be enforced, unlike the rights of the defendant.  In fact, Illinois is the only state in the nation that gives victims rights, but bars them from being enforced!   Read more...

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