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The Sands of Peace
Photo by Glenn Jacobs. Use permission granted to Page Lambert.
I saw this photo by Glenn Jacobs for the first time this morning, and immediately thought of my Arab gelding Farside and of all the peaceful moments we had shared. I thought of the Colorado mountains that had become Farside's home, and of the rippling Arabian sands of his ancestors. 
When I trace Farside's bloodline back through the generations, I find not only foundation lines like Rose of Sharon, but I find unknown "desert bred" sires and dams. What small miracles transpired, I wonder, to bring Farside here to my world, two hundred years later? What large miracle might bring peace to the world we all share?

I immediately went to Glenn Jacobs' website for permission to use the photo, but he lives halfway across the world near Qatar, on the Arabian Peninsula. I didn't expect a response. Yet within moments, he replied. "No worries," he wrote, "my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year."

If I trace my own ancestry back through my grandmothers' DNA, on one side I find the hunter and gatherers of the Magdalenian culture of cave art, made famous by the paintings at Lascaux in southern France and northern Spain and Portugal. On the other side, I find the desert-dwelling Bedouins of Arabia and Syria. 
Without these ancient ancestors, I would not be here. My two children would not be here. My two beautiful granddaughters would not be here.

"Without light," Glenn Jacobs writes in the Introduction on his website, "you cannot produce a good photograph." The same, I believe, is true for good stories, and of course, for world peace. Light is hope, filling the darkness. Light is illumination, showing us the way.  Light is faith in the journey, even as it ends.
Page Lambert _ Farside_ Vee Bar Guest Ranch_ Wyoming

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world... as in being able to remake ourselves."  How hard is it, really, to remake ourselves? To turn around now and face the light, instead of waiting until we're on our way to those waiting ancestors? To be one grain of sand in an ocean of peace? To love one grandchild, one horse, and thus to love them all?

Many thanks to Glenn Jacobs for extending his hand. Many thanks to all of you for extending your love and friendship. Wishing you all love and light this holiday season.



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