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On the River of Discovery
with Women of Influence
River of Discovery
Special Guest
Cheryl Crazy Bull
President and CEO of the
American Indian College Fund
On the River of Discovery
September 21-26, 2015
Majestic Canyons
Green River, Utah

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Seminars with Page Lambert
Universal Themes
High Concepts
May 16, 2015
8:30 - 4:00
Mt Vernon Country Club
Golden, Colorado
(20 min from Denver)
Includes Continental Breakfast
Catered Luncheon 
Page Lambert Writing Seminars
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Literature & Landscape
of the Horse
Deerwood Ranch Wild Horses
June 1-6, 2015
Vee Bar Guest Ranch
Laramie, Wyoming
(2 1/2 hrs from Denver)

2015 Retreat is Full
Literature & Landscape of the Horse  

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Page Lambert Adventures

Spirited Women 
on Adventure

Looking North (prints available)

Ben Masters writes in the Introduction of Unbranded that the idea to travel 3000 miles with 3 other men and 16 just-broke mustangs across the American West, from the edge of Mexico to the border of Canada, actually started at Texas A&M University with cheap tequila and greasy enchiladas.

Read the book though, or watch the trailer, and you'll see that it began with the seed of a more noble desire: to conserve the wild places and wild horses of the West. 


Rocky Mountain Land Llibrary
Sherrie York Sketchbook
Rocky Mountain Land Library

Jeff Lee and Ann Martin, founders of the Rocky Mountain Land Library, told a reporter for The New York Times that this high mountain grassland repository filled with stories "all began with a single dream: a rural, live-in library where visitors will be able to connect with two increasingly endangered elements - the printed word and untamed nature."  


But I think it began as walks of faith through the pages of the books they love.

It's miraculous really, how inspiration becomes manifest, changing from vision to form, from concept to something real that we can touch and smell and see. Imagine yourself riding a wild horse, and voila! there you are, feeling the horse's rocking rhythm beneath you. 

Unbranded Book
Unbranded - the Book
(available now)


Imagine the spines of thousands of books standing as upright as trees rising from high mountain grasslands, and voila! there they are, each volume wrapped around the heartwood of a story.  

Well, maybe not quite voila!   Read The New York Time's article, watch the Unbroken film trailer, or purchase the book or a beautiful photograph, and you'll understand the depth of determination and years of hard work required to manifest these visions.


How easy it is to give up on our dreams, to let the immense nature of the impossible journey discourage us from taking that first step, and how much faith we must have to keep our eyes on a vision no one else can yet see.  I am indebted to visionaries like Ben and Jeff and Ann for never giving up. I know they literally climbed mountains to bring us these treasures, and each time they persevered, they also brought me closer to my dreams. Thank you. 



Four Men and Sixteen Mustangs, Three Thousand Miles across the American West   Film Festival Information

International Canadian Documentary Film Festival April 23 - May 3, 2015

Poet and Novelist Linda Hogan

Who knows where the soul lives?  

Who knows where the story lives?

Follow what the earth or the ancestors lead you to do.

Rocky Mountain Land Library 
in The New York Times 

Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books by Julie Turkewitz, April 16, 2015, New York Times  Click to read 

Congratulations Jeff Lee and Ann Martin!
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Peru with Page Lambert

Contact Page to find out more about 2016 Weaving Words & Women, an incredible 12-day adventure co-led by True Nature Journeys. Visit the Sacred Valley, Patacancha, Ollaytantambo, Cusco, Machu Picchu, and more.  

Watch the nimble fingers of the women weavers with their vibrant strands of wool. Open the pages of your journal and weave your own tapestry with words."  Read About the Trip

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