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Mo Brings Plenty and Kimberly Guerrero
The feature-length motion picture that tells the story of the work that led Wilma Mankiller to become the first modern female Chief of the Cherokee Nation, is now available on DVD or BluRay.  Starring Kimberly Guerrero as Wilma Mankiller, and Mo Brings Plenty as Charlie Soap.  A journey that tranformed a nation.
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Spirited Women on Adventure

  When my sister and I told our beautiful Hungarian stepmother that we would honor her request to wait to scatter our father's ashes until she also passed away, we didn't realize "Dad" would be sitting on the bookshelf for 17 years.  We also didn't realize that when she passed, the sense of grief would be twofold. 


Gary Ferguson at the Tattered Cover Over the years I consoled myself, joking that Dad wouldn't mind being nestled between the books he had written, and his presence had surely comforted our bereft and beloved stepmother.  And now, on the eve of casting both their ashes into the salty sea air of San Francisco, I think back to scattering our mother's ashes among the ponderosa pines nine years ago.  


A few weeks ago, Gary Ferguson and his wife, consultant Mary Clare, stayed with us while Gary was on book tour for his new book The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness. The book is about Gary's remote journeys into the wilderness to honor a promise to his wife Jane before she died - that if anything happened to her, he would scatter her ashes in the wild locations she loved the most. 

Mary Clare and Gary Ferguson


Over dinner and red wine, Gary, Mary and John and I talked about the complexity of life and love, and of death and grieving.  "I learned the importance of community," Gary said, "and of the need to honor the mystery of it all. Beauty, Joseph Campbell reminds us, is what nudges us toward a new vision of ourselves as we come out the other side of grief.  Community, mystery, and beauty - these three things formed the bridge for me."


Tomorrow, I will find beauty in seagulls wailing over the soft wash of waves on the seashore, just as I found beauty today in the snow layering the boughs of the ponderosas, the way their trunks bend to the wind without breaking, the way the earth holds their roots, and my mother's ashes.  


But perhaps the most mysterious beauty of all is found in the way the human heart can choose to heal by choosing to love again, and again, and again. 


Wishing you beauty, community, and a season of love imbued with the mysteries of the heart.


Featured Wilderness Book
THE CARRY HOME by Gary Ferguson
The Carry Home by Gary Ferguson

A haunting meditation on wilderness, conservation, and grief by the critically-acclaimed nature writer in his most intimate and riveting book yet. The Carry Home is both a moving celebration of the outdoor life shared between Gary Ferguson and his wife Jane, who died tragically in a canoeing accident in northern Ontario in 2005, and a chronicle of the mending, uplifting power of nature. 


"A sprawling, lovely, nourishing tonic for all those who dip into it." Kirkus review.

Featured Thought-Provoking Book 

The Age of Consequences

A former archaeologist and Sierra Club activist, Courtney White dropped out of the `conflict industry' in 1997 to co-found The Quivira Coalition. Today, his work with Quivira concentrates on building economic and ecological resilience on working landscapes, with a special emphasis on carbon ranching and the new agrarian movement.

In Courtney's words, his latest book The Age of Consequences "Is a book about questions and answers. We live in what sustainability pioneer Wes Jackson calls "the most important moment in human history," meaning we live at a decisive moment of action."  Courtney is one of our most important thinkers, building the bridges we will need to walk across on our way to the future. 

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